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Mr Jamie Kane
Piet Zwart Institute
Study Abroad Studentship

Masters in Fine Art

birdfeeder with tongues
Untitled (birdfeeder with tongues), Jamie Kane 2019.

My work as an artist stems from and is situated in the relationships between time, environments and each other. I try to establish a means of production where form, content and material guide, intersect and inform each other. Leading to artworks made in a variety of media including sculpture, writing, audio and video. Since starting at the Piet Zwart Institute I have begun to understand that I approach my work as an artist, less as someone who seeks to attain mastery of a particular material, technique or field of study. But rather as someone who values what is produced in the interstice between different forms of knowledge and how in a modest way something new can be formed in the gaps. When making my work I try to take an empathic and intersubjective approach to the materials and subjects I work with, in order to subtly form reciprocal relationships between them.

So far, during the course I have produced a video installation called The Pump, which centres around the story of a house subsiding into a disused mine outside Edinburgh in 1986. The work related this event with a premonition, that has emerged at different points in the oral history within the area I grew up; that of the landscape, economy and way of life drastically altering due to flooding. I made this work as a means to reflect on how our changing natural environment, as well as our relationships to attachment and property, are rooted in time and place. Whilst considering how the ideological shifts during the 1980’s continue to affect and resonate in our present.

Since making The Pump, I have chosen to unpick my artistic practice through experimentation. This has generated a new set of questions that I feel is making my work as an artist richer. Going into my second year of the course, I see myself drawing from this hugely productive period to form works that have a greater sense of depth, precision and clarity, without sacrificing the importance of experimentation. This period of time is leading me in numerous directions but a prominent thread that is emerging is research into the design of children’s playground, the real and symbolic figure of the child within society and politics and considering what is at stake within the creation of proposals.

The Pump-Installation View, Jamie Kane 2019
The Pump-Installation View, Jamie Kane 2019

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