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Research Project Grants 2018


Professor Dave Adams
University of Glasgow
Gel-based photoelectrodes for clean fuels

Professor Simon Aldridge
University of Oxford
Turning aluminium chemistry on its head: aluminyl nucleophiles 

Dr Alessio Alexiadis
University of Birmingham
Martian geopolymers: from building materials to water-recycling membranes

Dr Andrew Armour
University of Nottingham
Circuit quantum electrodynamics through the looking glass

Professor Emilio Artacho
University of Cambridge
The non-equilibrium electronic steady state for nuclei shooting through solids

Dr Maria Arantzazu Barrios Lafuente
University College London
The influence of sex on learned odour preferences

Dr Cedric Beaume
University of Leeds
Melt fracture: a finite amplitude instability

Dr James Bendle
University of Birmingham
Unlocking the toolbox of soil bacterial biomarkers

Dr Martin Birkett
Northumbria University
Super hard biocompatible coatings of beta Ti3Au

Dr Anthony Bishopp
University of Nottingham
To root or not to root: an investigation into structural reduction in duckweeds

Dr Bela Bode
University of St Andrews
Understanding sensitivity gains in pulse EPR on multimeric membrane proteins

Professor Christopher Bowen
University of Bath
Pyroelectric water splitting and water treatment using ferroelectric materials

Professor Ross Boyle
University of Hull
Photo-activated surface coatings to combat bacterial contamination

Professor Lee Brammer
University of Glasgow
Stellated molecular clusters: porous materials by designed packing inefficiency

Professor Fernando Bresme
Imperial College London
Active nano-heaters: new approaches to rectify hyperthermia

Dr Heidi Burdett
Heriot-Watt University
Elucidating the light harvesting strategy of the deepest living marine algae

Professor Glenn Burley
University of Strathclyde
Macromolecular construction of DNA networks directed by the fluorous effect

Professor Tracey Chapman
University of East Anglia
MicroRNAs as agents of sexual conflict and cooperation

Dr Ewan Clark
University of Kent
Phosphenium cations: phospha-Friedel-Crafts intermediates for modern synthesis

Professor Simon J Clarke
University of Oxford
Chemical tuning of topological materials

Dr Marco Conte
University of Sheffield
Valorisation of recycled glass: from waste to a catalytic resource

Dr Kokou Dadzie
Heriot-Watt University
New continuum paradigm for fluid flows in micro- and nano-scale structures 

Dr Johnathan Dalzell
Queen’s University Belfast
Understanding the molecular basis of aggression in nematodes

Professor Anuj Dawar
University of Cambridge
Logical fractals

Dr Urška Demšar
University of St Andrews
Uncovering the mechanisms of migratory bird navigation with big data analytics

Dr Antony Dodd
University of Bristol
The adaptive significance of circadian gating

Professor Maurice Elphick
Queen Mary, University of London
Stomach turning: neural mechanisms of extra-oral feeding

Professor Neil Wyn Evans
University of Cambridge
Dark matter astrophysics with the Gaia satellite

Professor Susan Evans
University College London
The early history and evolution of salamanders

Dr Tijmen Euser
University of Cambridge
Optofluidic microreactors for advanced photocatalysis

Professor Michael Farber
Queen Mary, University of London
Probabilistic and deterministic topology

Dr João Faria Martins
University of Leeds
Emergent physics from lattice models of higher gauge theory

Dr Marc Fivaz
University of Greenwich
Bioelectric signalling in stem cell models of human cortical development

Dr William Fletcher
University of Manchester
Holocene glacier dynamics and environmental change in the High Atlas, Morocco

Professor Tom Freeman
Cardiff University
Active audiovisual perception: listening and looking while moving

Dr Matthew Fuchter
Imperial College London
Absolute symmetric synthesis using spin polarised electronchemistry

Dr Matteo Fumagalli
Imperial College London
A deep learning approach to quantify natural selection in Latin Americans

Professor Beverley Glover
University of Cambridge
TTG1, a multifunctional plant protein, has a novel role in circadian regulation

Professor David Glover
University of Cambridge
The necessity of centrosomes and mechanism for centriole loss during invertebrate oogenesis 

Professor David Grainger
University of Birmingham
Prokaryotic transcription: a new direction?

Dr John Griffin
Lancaster University
Development of solid-state solar thermal fuels

Professor Gregory Gutin
Royal Holloway, University of London
Analysing security-aware workflows 

Dr Lydia Hallis
University of Glasgow
Martian fluid compositions: the habitability of two ancient environments

Dr Mick Hanley
University of Plymouth
Geographical patterns in seedling defence and herbivore interactions

Professor Kevin Graham Hardwick
University of Edinburgh
Quantitating and manipulating aneuploidy in Cryptococcus neoformans

Dr Jill Harrison
University of Bristol
The innovation of branching in plants

Professor Miles R C Hewstone
University of Oxford
Antagonistic secondary transfer effects of intergroup contact

Professor Atsushi Higuchi
University of York
Euclidean and in-in formalisms in static spacetimes with Killing horizons

Dr Richard Hill
University of Nottingham
Inflation and collapse of drops and bubbles levitated by a superconducting coil

Dr Paul Hodgkinson
Durham University
Making sense of disorder in molecular solids

Professor Michael Holdsworth
University of Nottingham
Discovering the molecular mechanism of plant adaptation to altitude

Professor Neil Hunt
University of York
Sharpening the ‘[NiFe]’: revealing the secrets of biological H2 conversion

Professor Gáspár Jékely
University of Exeter
Reconstruction of the pre-bilaterian ancestry of neuropeptide signalling

Dr Kim Jelfs
Imperial College London
Computational prediction of large organic polyhedra

Professor Joseph Keddie
University of Surrey
BioCoatings: painting bacteria on surfaces for sustainable processes

Dr Stefan Kepinski
University of Leeds
Towards the formulation of a general theory of root gravitropism

Professor Rebecca Kilner
University of Cambridge
Stimulation of female fecundity by males: causes and evolutionary consequences

Professor Peter Knowles
Cardiff University
Reaction orbitals: a new paradigm for chemical reaction mechanisms

Dr Igor Krasovsky
Imperial College London
Gaps in the spectrum of random and quasiperiodic matrices

Dr Jessica Kwok
University of Leeds 
Biopolymer physics defines perineuronal net morphology and synapse formation

Dr Eli Lazarus
University of Southampton
Unnatural dynamics of flood deposits in built environments

Professor Martin Lee
University of Glasgow
Were hypervelocity impact structures cradles of life?

Professor Graham J Leggett
University of Sheffield
Synthetic biological control of quantum optics

Professor Tim Lenton
University of Exeter
Quantifying the changing resilience of the climate system and ecosystems

Professor Igor Lesanovsky
University of Nottingham
Open quantum cellular automata

Professor Philip Lightfoot
University of St Andrews
A new family of layered perovskite materials with diverse functionality

Dr Derek MacMillan
University College London
A combined activation/tethering strategy to lariat peptides

Dr Patrick Mahoney
University of Kent
Biorhythm of childhood growth 

Professor John Maltby
University of Leicester
Resilience in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics learning

Professor Sanjay Manohar
University of Oxford
Predicting neural activity during working memory and attention

Professor Anna Marmodoro
Durham University
Part-whole relations within the fundamental potentialities in nature

Professor Alfonso Martinez Arias
University of Cambridge
An in vitro study of mechanochemical signalling during mammalian gastrulation

Dr Armando Martino
University of Southampton
The Lipschitz metric and the conjugacy problem for automorphisms of free groups

Professor Stephen Matthews
Imperial College London
Inspiration for a new phosphatidic acid imaging probe from Apicomplexans

Professor Sven Mattys
University of York
Cognitive listening: speech perception in noise within a cognitive framework

Professor Angelos Michaelides
University College London
New paradigms in catalyst design: efficient CH4 conversion by single atom alloys

Dr Emad Moeendarbary
University College London
The mechanobiology of ageing neurons, memory formation and cognitive resilience

Dr Nicola Morley
University of Sheffield
High entropy alloy thin films: the next big thing in soft magnetic materials?

Professor Otto Muskens
University of Southampton
Extraordinary nonlinearities of light in complex systems

Professor Anatoly Neishtadt
Loughborough University
Adiabatic invariance in two-frequency dynamical systems with separatrix crossing

Professor Adam Nelson
University of Leeds
Phenotype-directed emergence of unnatural products

Dr David Nelson
University of Strathclyde
Defining, quantifying, and understanding selectivity paradigms in iridium-catalysed C–H activation reaction

Dr Darren Obbard
University of Edinburgh
A laboratory model for antiviral immunity in molluscs

Dr Emanuele Paci
University of Leeds
Rational design of dynamic molecules for enhanced multivalent binding

Professor Mauro Paternostro
Queen's University Belfast
Ultracold quantum thermo-machine

Dr Alessandro Patti
University of Manchester
Macromolecular diffusion in crowded colloidal suspensions

Dr Robert Phipps
University of Cambridge
Catalytic enantioselective radical chemistry

Professor Martin Pickering
University of Edinburgh
Prediction during comprehension: do people predict from their own perspective? 

Professor Oleg Pikhurko
University of Warwick
Measurable combinatorics

Dr Marco Polin
University of Warwick
Unravelling phototaxis-photosynthesis connections in a model microalga

Dr Steve Portugal
Royal Holloway, University of London
Spots, stars or stripes? The evolution of eggshell surface topography

Dr Filippo Prischi
University of Essex
Flipping the switch; regulating protein synthesis in response to stress

Dr Christopher Richards
University of East Anglia
Stereochemical evolution for catalyst discovery

Dr Stylianos Rigopoulos
Imperial College London
Towards a theory for population balance in turbulent flow

Dr Maxie Magdalena Roessler
Queen Mary, University of London
Film-electrochemical EPR: a new method to investigate redox-based catalysis

Dr James Rosindell
Imperial College London
Predicting global biodiversity with mechanistic simulation models

Dr Katherine Roucoux
University of St Andrews
Valuing intact tropical peatlands: an interdisciplinary challenge

Professor Alexander Ruban
Queen Mary, University of London
The role of the minor light harvesting antenna in photoprotection

Dr Ben Russell
University of Edinburgh
Earthen empire: earth and turf building in the Roman North-West

Dr Christian Saemann
Heriot-Watt University
The mathematics of M5-branes

Dr Abhishek Saha
Queen Mary, University of London
New investigations in automorphic forms: analytic and arithmetic interfaces

Dr Paul Saines
University of Kent
Low dimensional order in magnetic metal-organic frameworks and their analogues

Dr Karuna Sampath
University of Warwick
Understanding the basis of sex bias

Professor Guido Sanguinetti
University of Edinburgh
Stochastic reactions in crowded cells: theories, inference and implications

Professor Erin Saupe
University of Oxford
Constraining the frequency and tempo of niche evolution on long time scale

Dr Andreas Schmitt
University of Southampton
Dense nuclear and quark matter in neutron stars from holography

Dr Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
University of Cambridge
Unveiling the invisible: mathematics for conservation in arts and humanities

Professor Mark Sephton
Imperial College London
What lies beneath? Using plume chemistry to reveal nature of solar system bodies

Dr Alexey Sergeev
University of Liverpool
Arene functionalisations through metal-mediated scission of aromatic rings

Professor Neal Skipper
University College London
Uncovering hidden phases of metal-amine solutions: glasses to superconductors

Dr Valeriy Slastikov
University of Bristol
Nonlocality and topological structures in magnetic materials

Professor Chris Soulsby
University of Aberdeen
Isotopes in ecohydrological models to manage land use change impacts (ISO-LAND)

Professor Peter Swain
University of Edinburgh
Quantifying and modelling cellular decision making at the single-cell level

Professor Nicholas Talbot
The Sainsbury Laboratory
Determining the molecular basis of the lichen symbiosis

Professor Maximilian Telford
University College London
Deep homology of spiral cleavage in lophotrochozoan embryology

Dr Colin Torney
University of Glasgow
Multiscale inference for understanding collective animal movement

Dr Amaury Triaud
University of Birmingham
Empirical evidence and theoretical investigations on circumbinary planets

Professor Sergei Turitsyn
Aston University
Riemann-Hilbert problem and geometrical approach in optical communications

Dr Pedro Vale
University of Edinburgh
Mitochondrial genetic effects on innate immunity in Drosophila

Dr Mario Vallejo-Marin
University of Stirling
Buzz pollination: integrating bee behaviour and floral evolution
Professor Jasper van Thor
Imperial College London
Molecular movies: accessing electronic dynamics of photosynthesis

Professor Richard Walker
University of Oxford
Neotectonics, earthquakes, palaeoseismology and tsunami in the Eastern Mediterranean

Professor Richard Walker
University of Oxford
The earthquake ruptures of Iran and Central Asia

Dr Sam Wass
University of East London
New insights into how the infant brain subserves dynamic social interactions

Dr Allan Watson
University of St Andrews
Must reductive elimination be the product-determining event?

Dr Edze Westra
University of Exeter
Sexual selection: studying the evolution of female choosiness in bacteria

Professor Philip Woodman
University of Manchester
Environmental control of membrane expansion: from yeast to nervous systems

Professor Simon Woodward
University of Nottingham
Viable cycloacenes via a designed approach

Professor Klaas Wynne
University of Glasgow
Delocalised phonon-like modes in organic and bio-molecules

Professor Martin Richard Yeomans
University of Sussex
Why some foods smell sweet: the neural basis of odour-taste associations

Dr Yulia Yuzenkova
Newcastle University
Non-canonical capping of RNA in bacteria and mitochondria

Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz
University of Cambridge
The timing mechanism of the early mammalian embryo


Dr Patti Adank
University College London
Mechanisms governing imitation of speech

Dr Theodora Alexopoulou
University of Cambridge
Linguistic typology and learnability in second language

Dr Richard Breheny
University College London
Alternatives in the foundations of a theory of implicit meaning

Professor Jagjit Chadha
National Institute of Economic and Social Research
Sticky prices and interwar economic fluctuations

Ms Isobel Clouter
British Library
True Echoes: reconnecting cultures with recordings from the beginning of sound

Dr Chantal Conneller
Newcastle University
Unmasking Masks: rethinking concepts of personhood in Europe 40,000–4,000 BCE

Dr Jacob Copeman
University of Edinburgh
Gurus, anti-gurus, and media in north India 

Dr Ian Cunnings
University of Reading
Similarity-based interference in native and non-native sentence comprehension

Dr Aidan Feeney
Queen’s University Belfast
The nature and function of relief

Professor Ralph Fyfe
University of Plymouth
Long term biodiversity and human land-use change

Dr Hajnalka Herold
University of Exeter
Glass networks: tracing early medieval long-distance trade, c. 800–1000 CE

Professor Julia Hillner
University of Sheffield
Women, conflict and peace: gendered networks in early medieval narratives

Dr Emma Hunter
University of Edinburgh
Another world? East Africa and the Global 1960s

Dr Helen Jacobsen
The Wallace Collection
Royal French furniture: Jean-Henri Riesener and his legacy 

Professor Colin Kidd
University of St Andrews
After the Enlightenment: Scottish intellectual life, 1790–1843

Professor Clark Lawlor
Northumbria University
Writing doctors: representation and medical personality, c. 1660–¬¬¬1832 ¬

Dr John Lowe
University of Oxford
Uncovering Sanskrit syntax

Professor Jessica Malay
University of Huddersfield
Autobiographical acts in seventeenth-century England, Scotland, Wales and New England

Professor Chloë Marshall
University College London
Breaking into sign language: the role of input and individual differences

Professor Andrew Mason
University of Warwick
Appearance, discrimination and disadvantage

Professor Sonia Massai
King's College London
Wartime Shakespeare: the fashioning of public opinion through performance

Dr Jérôme Micheletta
University of Portsmouth
Rethinking complexity in facial communication systems

Professor Andrew Nevins
University College London
Agreement mismatches in experimental syntax: from Slavic to Bantu

Dr Michael Niblett
University of Warwick
World literature and commodity frontiers: the ecology of the ‘long’ twentieth century

Professor Stephen Parker
Cardiff University
Double agent: Heinrich Simon’s constitutional mission in neoabsolutist Prussia

Professor Ad Putter
University of Bristol
The literary heritage of Anglo-Dutch relations, c. 1050–1550

Professor David Saad
Aston University
The futility of being selfish

Dr Alexandra Sapoznik
King’s College London
Bees in the medieval world: economic, environmental and cultural perspectives

Dr James Smith
Durham University
The Political Warfare Executive, covert propaganda and British culture

Professor Robbie Sutton
University of Kent
Moral memory bias about the sentience of animals

Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones
University of York
Urban ecology and transitions in the Zanzibar Archipelago

Social Sciences

Dr Paolo Campana
University of Cambridge
Organised crime and illegal governance in local communities in Britain

Dr Glenys Caswell
University of Nottingham
Exploring the social management of lone deaths

Professor Sarah Louise Holloway
Loughborough University
Tutored childhoods: parenting cultures, youth transitions and social mobility

Dr Andrew Robert Holmes
Queen’s University Belfast
Fundamentalism as an Ulster phenomenon? Popular Protestantism, 1859–1939

Dr Kelly Kollman
University of Glasgow
Responsible lobbyists? Corporate social responsibility and public policy

Dr Rebecca Larkin
Nottingham Trent University
Orthographic awareness and spelling strategies in children with SLI

Dr Covadonga Meseguer
London School of Economics and Political Science
Agents of change? Emigrants and the state in contemporary Mexico

Dr Lauge Poulsen
University College London
Left behind: protecting British capital abroad, 1945–1989

Professor John Turner
Queen’s University Belfast
The rise of corporate titans: CEOs in the UK, 1900–2016

Professor Vron Ware
Kingston University
The military in our midst: war preparation and community on Salisbury Plain

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