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Research Project Grants 2016


Professor Steve Armes
University of Sheffield
In situ SAXS studies of micellar nucleation during block copolymer syntheses

Dr George Bassel
University of Birmingham 
Evolution of cellular patterning in plants

Dr Andrew Bayliss
University of East Anglia
Examining the mechanisms underpinning shared attention

Dr Magnus Bebbington
Heriot-Watt University 
From hydroamination to dipolar cycloaddition through dual-mode catalysis

Dr David Belin
University of Cambridge 
Mapping the neural circuit subserving interoceptive control over behaviour 

Dr Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso
University of Leeds
Unlocking plant intercellular channels: lessons from cell wall molecular biophysics

Professor Malcolm Bennett
University of Nottingham
Watching plants drink: imaging where, when and how roots take up water

Dr Roger Benson
University of Oxford
Timing the origin of genome doubling in fossil teleosts

Dr Zara Bergstrom
University of Kent
Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying retrieval-induced updating of face memories

Dr Jacopo Bertolotti
University of Exeter
Prime factorisation using light

Professor Peter Beton
University of Nottingham 
Flexibility and curvature in two-dimensional supramolecular arrays

Professor Jeffrey Bowers
University of Bristol 
When and why do neural networks learn selective codes?

Professor Steven Bramwell
University College London
Spin ice spintronics: surface and thin film probes of emergent electromagnetism 

Dr Caroline Brennan
Queen Mary, University of London
The genetics of numeracy and the evolutionary basis of number; can fish count?

Professor Fernando Bresme
Imperial College London
Electrotunable nanoscale friction: from full stall to superlubricity

Dr Amanda Bretman
University of Leeds
How are flexible behavioural responses to rapidly changing environments coordinated at the genomic level? 

Dr Ralf Britz
Natural History Museum
Breaking the rules – development and evolution of extreme asymmetry and morphological novelty

Dr Mark Burnley
University of Kent
Emergent properties of the fatiguing neuromuscular system

Professor Michael Carpenter
University of Cambridge
Magnetoelastic coupling behaviour and multiferroicity of magnetic iron oxide and sulphide minerals

Dr Yin Chen
University of Warwick
Biochemical and structural characterisation of a unique Rieske oxygenase CntA

Dr David Chesmore
University of York
Automatic acoustic observatories: non-invasive long term monitoring of acoustic species

Dr Andy Chow
University College London
Agent-based modelling and optimisation of transport network resilience 

Professor Lesley Cohen
Imperial College London
Microwave induced Andreev bound states

Dr Georgina Cosma
Nottingham Trent University
Novel approaches for constructing optimised multimodal data spaces

Dr Claire Cousins
University of St Andrews
Frozen but not forgotten: microbial habitability and preservation in planetary fluids

Dr William Curran
Queen’s University Belfast
The importance of social context in interpreting and generating laughter

Professor Brendan Davies
University of Leeds
A new dimension for plants

Dr Ian Davies
Liverpool John Moores University 
New frontiers in lipoprotein analysis: small molecules, big questions?

Dr João Pedro de Magalhães
University of Liverpool 
Data-driven discovery of correlations between genes and ageing-related changes

Professor Andrew Ellis
University of Leicester
The building blocks of gas hydrates

Professor Maurice Elphick
Queen Mary, University of London
From starfish to sex: the origins of kisspeptin signalling

Dr Geoffrey Evatt
University of Manchester
The lost meteorites of Antarctica

Professor Norman Fenton
Queen Mary, University of London
Improved understanding of causal models in dynamic decision-making

Dr David Ferrier
University of St Andrews
Determining major general regulatory mechanisms in the ParaHox gene cluster

Professor Gavin Foster
University of Southampton 
The nature and consequences of historic and future ocean acidification; insights from boron isotopes in corals

Professor Mark Fricker
University of Oxford 
The third mode of life

Professor Lorenzo Frigerio
University of Warwick 
The cell biology of rubber biosynthesis – the endoplasmic reticulum connection

Dr Kumiko Fukumura
University of Strathclyde
The mechanisms of choosing pronouns: a cross-linguistic study

Professor Matthew Gaunt
University of Cambridge
New concepts for activity based protein profiling (ABPP)

Dr Elena Gheorghiu
University of Stirling 
Elucidating the role of colour in shape processing in human vision

Dr Nikitas Gidopoulos
Durham University 
Progress in Kohn Sham electronic structure theory from a wave function approach

Dr Andrew Gillis
University of Cambridge
Development of gill arch appendages: insights into the origin of paired fins

Dr Diego Gómez-Nicola
University of Southampton
Understanding the dynamics and diversity of microglia in the healthy and ageing brain

Professor Julie Gray
University of Sheffield
How do plants restrict stomatal entry routes following pathogen attack?

Professor Ruth Gregory
Durham University
Challenging the standard model with black holes

Dr Matthew Grubb
King’s College London 
Linking functional and epigenetic plasticity at the single-neuron level

Dr Scott Habershon
University of Warwick 
Network organisation in biological photosynthesis

Professor Patrick Haggard
University College London
Processes and precursors of volition: comparing endogenous and exogenous action decisions in the human brain

Dr Antonia Hamilton
University College London
Understanding and generating real-time face-to-face social interactions

Dr D Flemming Hansen
University College London
Exploring the conformational sampling and motions of side chains in proteins

Dr Simon Harvey
Canterbury Christ Church University 
Nematode genetic variation and protein misfolding disease

Dr Helmut Hauser
University of Bristol
Computing with spiders’ webs – an inspiration for new sensors and robots

Professor Paul Hibbard
University of Essex
Depth-cue combination in complex natural scenes

Dr Neal Hinvest
University of Bath 
Elucidating the ‘shared brain’

Dr James Hodge
University of Bristol
Optogenetic imaging and remote control of fly electrical clock

Professor Felix Hofmann
University of Oxford
Probing the invisible: characterising atomic-scale point defects with X-rays

Dr Sarah Horswell
University of Birmingham
Advanced bioelectrochemical measurements on unsupported membranes

Dr Andrew Hudson
University of Leicester
Development of a sensor to quantify cellular concentrations of heme

Dr Robert Hughes
Royal Holloway, University of London
Memory and language: a perceptual-motor approach to verbal sequence learning

Dr Wassim Jabi
Cardiff University 
Enhancing the representation of architectural space in 3D modelling environments

Dr Mateja Jamnik
University of Cambridge 
ARD: accessible reasoning with diagrams

Dr Francis Jiggins
University of Cambridge
The evolution and origins of arthropod RNAi

Dr Matthew Johnson
University of Sheffield
Organisation of photosystem I and ATP synthase in plant photosynthetic membranes

Professor Alex Kacelnik
University of Oxford
Relational concept imprinting in ducklings

Professor Anthony Kenyon
University College London
Understanding and controlling dynamic functional oxides

Dr James Kilner
University College London
The role of emotion in believable acting

Professor Hon Wai Lam
University of Nottingham
Remote functionalisation by the chain walking of allylmetal species

Dr Ellouise Leadbeater
Royal Holloway, University of London
The evolution of cognition: “intelligence” in the wild

Dr Tung Chun Lee
University College London
Mechanism of catalysis inside nanoreactors

Dr Daniele Leonori
University of Manchester
Visible-light mediated synthesis of nitrogen-centred radicals

Dr Paul Long
King’s College London 
Are endoparasitic cnidarians venomous animals? A pioneering study into an ancient lineage 

Professor Stefan Maier
Imperial College London
Topologically protected flexural waves in thin elastic plates

Dr Svetlana Makovets
University of Edinburgh
Proteolysis-dependent regulation of telomerase catalytic subunit

Dr Stephen Mansell
Heriot-Watt University
Enabling N2 and hydrocarbon activation using first row transition metals

Dr Jason McEwen
University College London
Illuminating the dark Universe with novel 3D spherical informatics methods

Professor Alistair McGregor
Oxford Brookes University
How to build a spider: regulation of segmentation in Parasteatoda tepidariorum

Dr Rebecca Melen
Cardiff University 
Main group catalysis: chiral borenium cations

Professor Jane Mellor
University of Oxford
Defining the fundamental nature of antisense transcription

Dr Patrick Mesquida
King’s College London
Are collagen fibrils ladders for cells?

Dr James Moore
Goldsmiths, University of London 
Exploring intentionality biases in the analysis of human behaviour

Professor Michael Morgan
City University London
A bayesian approach to the control of eye movements in human subjects

Dr Ian Morris
University of Surrey
Lower bounds for Lyapunov exponents

Professor Russell Morris
University of St Andrews
Metallorganic frameworks as anode materials for high performance batteries

Professor Colin Murrell
University of East Anglia 
The role of facultative methanotrophs in the cycling of natural gas

Professor Richard Napier
University of Warwick
Self-organising carbon nanosensors for imaging morphogenic gradients in plants

Dr Robert Nash
Aston University
Cognitive biases in the recipience of past- and future-oriented feedback

Professor Tim Naylor
University of Exeter
A new understanding of planet formation

Professor Hugh Nimmo
University of Glasgow
Temperature perception in plants by a splicing factor-clock transcript module

Dr Charles O’Hara
University of Strathclyde
Main group element enhancement of transition metal C-H bond activation chemistry

Dr Karen Olsson-Francis
Open University
The feasibility of contemporary life elsewhere in our Solar System

Dr Rupert Oulton
Imperial College London 
Quantum nano-plasmonics

Dr Antonio Padilla
University of Nottingham
A new approach to the cosmological constant problem: disentangling local physics from global

Professor Daniel Paulusma
Durham University
Efficient graph colouring algorithms via input restrictions

Dr Thomas Penfold
Newcastle University 
Probing femtosecond dynamics with core hole spectroscopy: a theoretical approach

Dr Andre Pires da Silva
University of Warwick 
Gamete-mediated transmission of parental experience

Professor Emmanuel Pothos
City University London 
A quantum approach to decision making in Bernoulli’s St. Petersburg’s paradox

Dr Clare Press
Birkbeck, University of London 
The paradoxical influences of prediction on perception: do actions silence perception?  

Professor David Procter
University of Manchester
Asymmetric copper-catalysed multicomponent assembly of high value amines

Professor Aleksandr Pukhlikov
University of Liverpool
Birational geometry of higher-dimensional Fano varieties of higher index

Dr David Reby
University of Sussex
Voice and sex stereotypes: a developmental perspective

Professor Neil Robertson
University of Edinburgh
Materials development to realise the organic piezoelectronic transistor

Professor David Rueda
Imperial College London
Visualising repressor-activator competition as a mechanism of Ikaros-mediated gene regulation

Professor Saverio Russo
University of Exeter
Room temperature quantum electronics

Dr Victor Sans Sangorrin
University of Nottingham
Advanced molecular materials based on 3D-printed polymeric ionic liquids

Professor Pauline Schaap
University of Dundee
Understanding the molecular mechanisms that control somatic cell specialisation

Dr Felix Schulze
University College London
Advances in contact topology via Lagrangian mean curvature flow

Professor Mark Searle
University of Nottingham 
Reading the ubiquitin barcode – new tools from next generation phage display

Dr Evelyne Sernagor
Newcastle University
A novel approach to functional classification of retinal ganglion cells

Professor Mike Shipman
University of Warwick
Oxetane enhanced macrocyclisation technology: macrocyclic peptides made easy

Professor Lucia Sivilotti
University College London
Spatially resolved optical patch clamp of single ion channels

Professor Austin Smith
University of Cambridge
Delimiting the stem cell phase boundary via time normalisation

Dr Marie Smith
Birkbeck, University of London 
The social side of face perception: insights from atypical development

Dr Howard Snelling
University of Hull
Laplacian magic windows

Professor Gyaneshwar Srivastava
University of Exeter
Tuning thermal transport in nanocomposites with size, shape and interface control

Dr Vasilios Stavros
University of Warwick 
Unravelling photoprotection pathways in plant sunscreens

Dr Richard Stephenson
University of East Anglia 
Asymmetric ‘click’-synthesis of Helicenes

Dr Tyler Stevenson
University of Aberdeen
Identification of the photoreceptor for light detection in the avian brain

Dr Anne Straube
University of Warwick
How microtubule plus tip trackers couple polymer assembly to cargo transport

Dr Naeem Syed
Canterbury Christ Church University 
Understanding the epigenetics of alternative splicing in the plant clock genes

Professor Steve Tipper
University of York 
Harnessing the power of visuomotor fluency to encourage healthy choices 

Professor John Trinick
University of Leeds 
Structure and function of 50 nm extracellular filaments in reproduction

Professor Hendrik Ulbricht
University of Southampton 
Non-interferometric test of the quantum superposition principle

Professor Patrick Unwin
University of Warwick
Lab-on-a-tip: real-time nanoscale analysis of living cells

Dr Dhanraj Vishwanath
University of St Andrews
What does it mean to ‘see in 3D’? Explaining the phenomenology of stereopsis

Professor Tim Vogels
University of Oxford
The cooperative brain: multipartite plasticity for entwined cortical functions

Professor Jemma Wadham
University of Bristol
Sub-ice weathering: a missing link in the global silicon cycle?

Dr Andrea Waeschenbach
Natural History Museum
Molecules meet fossils – an integrated approach to studying palaeodiversity

Dr Bridget Waller
University of Portsmouth
Cultural variation in the social function and expression of guilt

Dr Ben Webb
University of Nottingham 
Timescales of multisensory recalibration in natural environments 

Professor Eske Willerslev
University of Cambridge
Method for quantification of ancient plant populations using fossil pollen DNA  

Dr Kate Wilmut
Oxford Brookes University
Movement planning during reach-to-grasp tasks across the lifespan

Dr Andrew Wright
University of St Andrews 
Synthesis of real and virtual space weather data

Dr Shengfu Yang
University of Leicester
Investigation of combustion chemistry using superfluid helium nanodroplets

Dr Ozgur Yazaydin
University College London
Engineering of electric field controlled molecular gates in porous materials

Dr Liming Ying
Imperial College London 
Probing synaptic amyloid-ß aggregation by redox reaction enabled super-resolution imaging

Dr Igor Yurkevich
Aston University 
Disorder-induced superconductivity in quasi-1D strongly correlated materials

Dr Mischa Zelzer
University of Nottingham
Surfaces, the next frontier in understanding and controlling gel properties

Dr Eli Zysman-Colman
University of St Andrews 
Blue-emitting TADF materials for OLEDs based on a Lewis acid-containing acceptor


Dr Christopher Briggs
University of Cambridge
Living standards and material culture in English rural households, 1300–1600

Professor Cyprian Broodbank
University of Cambridge
Archaeological deep history and dynamics of Mediterranean Africa, c. 9600–700 BCE

Dr Chris Cummins
University of Edinburgh
Bilingualism, pragmatic enrichment and reasoning biases

Professor John Divers
University of Leeds
Thinking counterfactually. How would have been reveals what is and what must be

Professor Alison Donnell
University of Reading
Caribbean literary heritage: recovering the lost past and safeguarding the future

Dr John Gilmore
University of Warwick
Oriental poetry, Latin scholarship and the European Enlightenment: the case of William Jones

Dr Nathaniel Hansen
University of Reading
The psychology of philosophical thought experiments

Dr Rebekah Higgitt
University of Kent
Metropolitan science: places, objects and cultures of practice and knowledge in London, 1600–1800

Dr Richard Huzzey
University of Liverpool 
Re-thinking petitions, parliament and people in the long nineteenth century

Dr Richard Jones
University of Leicester 
Flood and flow: place-names and the changing hydrology of river-systems

Dr Robert Jones
University of Leeds 
The political works of Richard Brinsley Sheridan

Professor John Klapper
University of Birmingham
Inner and outer exile in fascist Germany and Spain: a comparative study

Professor Jason König
University of St Andrews
Mountains in ancient literature and culture and their post-classical reception

Dr Simon Lewis
Queen Mary, University of London 
The Breckland Palaeolithic project: culture, technology and evolving humans

Dr Jamie Medhurst
Aberystwyth University 
A decade of change: television and society in Wales in the 1970s

Professor Clive Oppenheimer
University of Cambridge
Nature and impacts of Middle Pleistocene volcanism in the Ethiopian Rift

Dr David Petts
Durham University 
Landscape archaeology of the Great Depression in northern England

Dr Jim Phillips
University of Glasgow
Employment, politics and culture in Scotland, 1955–2015

Professor Stephen Read
University of St Andrews
Theories of paradox in fourteenth-century logic: edition and translation of key texts

Professor Tim Rood
University of Oxford 
Anachronism and antiquity

Dr James Ross
University of Winchester 
Kingship, court and society at the dawn of the modern age: the chamber books of Henry VII and Henry VIII, 1485–1521

Professor Peter Alexander Rowley-Conwy
Durham University 
Maximising milk yield in early Neolithic cattle farming: stable isotopic analyses and the origins and spread of breeding cycle manipulation across Europe

Dr Lizzie Seal
University of Sussex
Race, racialisation and the death penalty in England and Wales, 1900–1965

Dr Kim Sloan
British Museum
Enlightenment architectures: Sir Hans Sloane’s catalogues of his collections

Dr George Tsoulas
University of York 
Plural mass nouns as a window to linguistic variation

Dr Sethina Watson
University of York
The register of Walter de Gray, Archbishop of York, 1215–1255

Dr Keith Wilkinson
University of Winchester 
A high-resolution chronology for early humans in the Southern Caucasus

Social Sciences

Professor Stephen Case
Loughborough University
Exploring the language barrier to engagement in youth justice assessment interview practice

Professor Richard Evershed
University of Bristol 
Peopling the green Sahara? A multi-proxy approach to reconstructing the ecological and demographic history of the Saharan Holocene

Dr Peter Flugel
SOAS, University of London
Jaina prosopography: monastic lineages, networks and patronage

Professor Robin Goodwin
University of Warwick
Psychological sequelea of the Great Miyagi Earthquake: a four-wave study

Dr Tim Jay
Sheffield Hallam University
How does game-based learning promote children’s mathematical cognition?

Professor Vera Kempe
Abertay University 
Literacy acquisition in situations of dialect exposure

Dr Alex Mesoudi
University of Exeter
The cultural evolution of social hierarchy: an experimental investigation

Professor Charles Watkins
University of Nottingham
British amateur topographical art and landscape in Northwest Italy, 1835–1915

Dr Benjamin Yong
University of Hull
Legal advice to legislatures – supporting a professionalising legislature

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