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Research Project Grants 2015


Dr Nicola Allison
University of St Andrews
The control of coral biomineralisation

Dr Simon Ameer-Beg
King’s College London
Super-resolved functional mapping of protein-protein interactions 

Dr Edward Anderson
University of Oxford
Sequence-based stereochemical prediction: a new tool for polyketide structure elucidation

Professor Peter Andras
University of Keele
Designing and validating novel voltage-sensitive dyes for neuroscience research

Dr Steve Atkinson
University of Nottingham
Human body lice – a missing link in plague outbreaks?

Dr Wael Bahsoun
Loughborough University
Statistical properties of dynamical systems: an interplay between randomness and determinism

Dr Michail Barkoulas
Imperial College London
Quantitative evolution of nematode gene regulatory networks

Professor Paul Barlow
University of Edinburgh
Probing regulation of the complement system by factor H on biomimetic surfaces

Professor Martin Barstow
University of Leicester
Fundamental physics from observations of white dwarf stars

Dr Ulrike Bechtold
University of Essex
Sugar signalling during drought stress; do plants suffer diabetes when stressed?

Professor Simon Belt
University of Plymouth
A novel proxy for reconstructing polar ocean temperatures

Professor Michael Benton
University of Bristol
The exceptional early Jurassic fossils of Strawberry Bank, Somerset

Professor Timothy Birkhead
University of Sheffield
Evolution of avian egg design

Professor Tim Blackburn
University College London
The phylogenetics of invasions: untangling evolutionary and human historical contexts in the introduction and spread of alien bird species

Dr Andrew Brennan
University of Dundee
Influence of plant roots on soil resistance to earthquake-induced liquefaction

Dr Marc Buehner
Cardiff University
Time and causality in cognitive development

Dr Silvana Cardoso
University of Cambridge
Precipitation reactions in environmental plumes: implication for oceanic methane releases

Professor Tracey Chapman
University of East Anglia
Evolutionary genomics of the enigmatic male sex peptide: a ‘master regulator’ of female reproduction

Professor Brian Charlesworth
University of Edinburgh
Analysing genomewide patterns of DNA sequence variation and evolution in Drosophila

Professor Daniel Charman
University of Exeter
Holocene evolution of the Southern Annular Mode using novel peat isotope proxies

Dr Dylan Childs
University of Sheffield
Individual energy budgets, life histories and population dynamics in the field

Dr Barbara Ciani
University of Sheffield
Designing recyclable self-assembled fibrous biomaterials

Professor Jonathan Clayden
University of Bristol
Dynamic communication through reorganisable hydrogen bond networks

Dr Claudia Clopath
Imperial College London
Receptive field development through synaptic plasticity

Dr Ben Collen
University College London
Predicting the dynamics of African ecosystems under multiple pressures

Dr Serena Corr
University of Glasgow
Multifunctional magnetic nanocomposites for artefact conservation

Dr Claire Cousins
University of St Andrews
Looking for life in the UV: fluorescence as a tool for planetary exploration

Professor Ian Crawford
Birkbeck, University of London
Assessing the potential of lunar geology as a window into galactic history

Dr Mark Crimmin
Imperial College London
Sigma-Bond activation with weakly-coordinated sigma-complexes of copper(I)

Professor Darren Croft 
University of Exeter
The evolution of eye salience as a signal for communication

Dr Angel Cuesta
University of Aberdeen
Electroreduction of carbon dioxide in room temperature ionic liquids

Dr Clare Cunningham
Abertay University
Effects of social and practical experience on tool manipulation skills in small apes

Professor Nicholas Dale
University of Warwick
Structural basis of the CO2 sensitivity of Cx26 and role in human physiology

Dr Silvia Dalla
University of Central Lancashire
Predicting solar energetic particle radiation at Earth and Mars

Professor Peter Davidson
University of Cambridge
Are planetary magnetic fields generated and maintained by inertial waves?

Dr Charlotte Dean
Imperial College London
Real-time imaging of murine alveolarization

Dr Alfonso De Simone
Imperial College London
Biomolecular mechanisms in heterogeneous systems: the interfacial activation of lipases

Dr Bruno Dhuime
University of Bristol
Silicate mineral inclusions and the composition of new continental crust

Professor Simone Di Giovanni
Imperial College London
The novel role of reactive oxygen species in axonal growth and regeneration

Dr Simon Doherty 
Newcastle University
Engineering high performance alkaline anion membranes for electrochemical applications  

Professor Andrew Dove
University of Warwick
Alkene-containing polymers: novel synthetic elastomers inspired by nature

Professor Judith Driscoll
University of Cambridge
Next generation electronic devices using a new thin film

Dr Christopher Duffy
Queen Mary, University of London
Carotenoids in light harvesting: a general molecular theory

Dr Bertram Düring
University of Sussex
Novel discretisations of higher-order nonlinear PDE

Dr Gregory Edgecombe
Natural History Museum
Anomalocaridids and the origin of arthropods: the view from Chengjiang

Professor Martin Eimer
Birkbeck, University of London
Neural and cognitive mechanisms of multimodal working memory

Dr Roberto Filippi
Anglia Ruskin University
An investigation of the effects of multi-language acquisition across the lifespan

Dr Sergi Garcia-Manyes
King’s College London
LINC-ing nanomechanics to gene expression: a single molecule approach

Dr Emmanuil Georgoulis
University of Leicester
Reduced complexity finite element methods

Professor Andrew Goodwin
University of Oxford
Ice-like structural disorder in transition-metal cyanides

Professor Malcolm Halcrow
Leeds University
Exploiting a spin-crossover module in materials chemistry and nanoscience

Professor Karl Hale
Queen’s University Belfast
Towards a new total synthesis of (+)-acutiphycin via O-directed hydrostannation

Dr Karen Halliday
University of Edinburgh
cpRNA proteins: novel candidates for environmental control of photosynthesis

Professor Adam Hardy
Cardiff University
The Nagara tradition of temple architecture: continuity, transformation, renewal

Professor William Harwin
University of Reading
3D learning in a rich cooperative haptic environment 

Dr Ross Hatton
University of Warwick
Engineering hybrid interface materials for thin film photovoltaics

Professor Daniel Haydon
University of Glasgow
From observation to intervention: overcoming weak data with new approaches to complex biological problems

Professor Douglas Heggie
University of Edinburgh
New science from the phase space of dense stellar systems

Professor Alistair Hetherington
University of Bristol
UVA signalling in plants

Professor Peter Hollingsworth
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Using DNA to understand bamboo and the complexity of giant panda diet

Professor Christopher Howe
University of Cambridge
Biological photovoltaic cells in ultra-small volumes

Professor Herbert Huppert
University of Cambridge
Carbon dioxide sequestration: theory, experimental and field verifications

Dr Simon Jones
University of Sheffield
Multifunctional catalysts for selective phosphoryl transfer

Dr Antonios Kanaras 
University of Southampton
Nanoparticles with synergistic roles: sensing and drug delivery

Dr Euan Kay
University of St Andrews
Switching on colloidal catalysts with rotaxane nanoparticle monolayers

Dr Kayla King
University of Oxford
Transitions to defensive mutualism: an experimental coevolution approach

Professor Ludmila Kuncheva
Bangor University
Prototype selection from streaming, drifting and partly-labelled data using classifier ensembles

Professor Tom Little
University of Edinburgh
Cross-generational epigenetic effects of age and diet restriction

Dr Karen Lander
University of Manchester
Investigating the role of movement in the recognition of identity from facial composites

Dr Jonathan Lee
University of Birmingham
Stimulating the destabilisation of fear and traumatic memories

Dr Bruno Linclau
University of Southampton
19F NMR exchange spectroscopy of polyfluorosugar transport across cell membranes

Dr Paul Lusby
University of Edinburgh
Autonomous, photochemically-fuelled molecular machines

Dr Dermot Lynott
University of Lancaster
If it looks like a duck: emergent categorical structure in the human conceptual system

Professor Phil Luthert
University College London
Nature-inspired engineering solutions for the optimisation of heat and mass transfer systems

Professor Andrei Malkov
Loughborough University
A novel approach to asymmetric synthesis of homoallylic amines

Dr Eros Mariani
University of Exeter
Quantum drum

Professor Frank Marken 
University of Bath
New materials for ionic diodes and ionic photodiodes

Dr Nathan Mayne
University of Exeter
Examining cloud induced variability in brown dwarfs

Dr Sylvia McLain
University of Oxford
Atomic scale insights into the role of water and urea in the protein folding process

Dr James McLaughlin
Northumbria University
Revealing the fundamental nature of time-dependent, wave-generating reconnection

Professor Simon McQueen-Mason
University of York
Mannitol metabolism in marine microalgae: physiology and applications

Dr Reinhold Medina
Queen’s University Belfast
Exploring a novel role for interferon signalling in cellular senescence

Professor Joanna Morgan
Imperial College London
Santorini: high-resolution imaging of an active volcano with 3D full-waveform inversion

Dr Louis Morrill
Cardiff University
The productive merger of organocatalysis and frustrated Lewis pairs

Dr Julie Morrissey
University of Leicester
Air pollution is changing the behaviour of bacteria

Professor Klaus Muller-Dethlefs
University of Manchester
Non-covalent interactions: an experimental and theoretical pathway towards exact binding energies

Dr John Mulley
Bangor University
Mapping the gerbil genome

Dr Maria Paz Munoz-Herranz
University of East Anglia
New transition-metal catalysed cascade cyclisations of tris(allenes)

Dr Naomi Nakayama
University of Edinburgh
The form and function of the dandelion fruit

Professor Kate Nation
University of Oxford
The Oxford children’s corpus: lessons for learning to read

Dr Emily Nurse
University College London
A novel technique to search for dark matter at the Large Hadron Collider

Dr Gabriela Ochoa
University of Stirling
The cartography of computational search spaces

Dr Gareth Owen
University of South Wales
Hydrogen atom storage catalysts: new reaction pathways and novel synthetic transformations

Dr Susan Perkin
University of Oxford
Electric and magnetic field effects on confined liquids

Professor Lazaros Papageorgiou
University College London
A unified framework for formulating and solving optimisation problems of multiple classes

Dr Kevin Paterson
University of Leicester
Revealing effects of ageing on parafoveal processing during reading

Professor Martin Paterson
Heriot-Watt University
The density matrix renormalisation group for inorganic photochemistry

Dr Richard Payne
University of York
Quantifying carbon accumulation and loss in afforested peatlands

Dr Deborah Pearce
Oxford Brookes University
pMMO in plants for methane detoxification and as a carbon negative biofuel

Dr Annette Plaut
University of Exeter
Controlled stress – thermally-inducing strain in graphene

Dr Simon Pope
Cardiff University
Decorated diamonds: new luminescent hybrid materials

Dr Nikola Popovic
University of Edinburgh
The nature of gene expression: model selection and parameter inference

Professor Alexander Ruban
Queen Mary, University of London
Inside the photosynthetic membrane of diatoms

Dr Shuzo Sakata
University of Strathclyde
The function of sub-second brain waves in REM sleep

Professor Manuel Salmeron-Sanchez
University of Glasgow
Living interfaces based on non-pathogenic bacteria to control stem cell differentiation

Professor Tatjana Sauka-Spengler
University of Oxford
Deciphering neural crest gene regulatory circuitry in the lamprey

Dr Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb
University of Cambridge
Breaking through the non-convexity barrier – optimisation of imaging problems

Professor Dmitry Shalashilin
University of Leeds
Understanding the mechanisms of photostability of biochemical building blocks from quantum simulation and imaging experiments

Professor Zheng-Ming Sheng
University of Strathclyde
Attosecond light pulses at unprecedented peak power

Dr Hannah Siddle
University of Southampton
Identifying peptide candidates for a vaccine against the contagious cancer, Devil Facial Tumour Disease

Dr Joy Singarayer
University of Reading
Testing the influence of lake/wetland-climate feedbacks on African hydroclimate

Professor Dmitry Skryabin
University of Bath
Solitons and frequency combs in micro-ring resonators

Dr Victoria Southgate
Birkbeck, University of London
A longitudinal investigation of the development of mimicry in infancy

Dr Imogen Sparkes
University of Exeter
Biophysical and molecular characterisation of ER-organelle interactions in plant

Professor Stephen Sparks
University of Bristol
Global explosive volcanism, their hazards and influence on climate

Dr Karen Spencer
University of St Andrews
Social networking: understanding the neuroendocrine basis of gregarious behaviour

Dr James Sprittles
University of Warwick
Skating on thin nanofilms: how liquid drops impact solids

Dr David Summers
University of Cambridge
Indole signalling and the electrical properties of the bacterial cell membrane

Dr Paul Taylor
Natural History Museum
Origin of high tropical diversity: a test using bryozoans

Professor Adrian Thomas
University of Oxford
Adaptations for low drag, downforce and eddy use in hill stream loaches

Professor Geoffrey Vallis
University of Exeter
The atmosphere, ocean and climate of Earth and other planets

Dr Baojun Wang
University of Edinburgh
Programmable single-cell biocomputers with scalable signal processing capacity

Dr Nicholas Waterfield
University of Warwick
Understanding and exploiting natural molecular syringes

Dr Allan Watson
University of Strathclyde
Can amine catalysis generate synthetically useful carbenes?

Professor Andrew Weller
University of Oxford
The coordination chemistry of light alkanes with metal centres: a homologous series of sigma–alkane complexes, C–H activation and catalysis

Professor Mark Weller
University of Bath
Rare earth element free, sustainable yellow orange phosphors

Dr Raymond Wightman
University of Cambridge
How cell wall components contribute to the function of the shoot apical meristem in plants

Professor Gregory Wildgoose
University of East Anglia
Developing metal-free electrocatalysts for renewable hydrogen production

Dr Joseph Wright
University of East Anglia
Hydrogen bonding relays for CO2 activation: taking a lead from biology

Professor Keke Zhang
University of Exeter
The non-spherical geodynamo driven by both convection and precession


Professor Paul Allain
University of Kent
Physical actor training – an online A–Z and ebook

Dr Jackson Armstrong
University of Aberdeen
Law in the Aberdeen council registers 1398–1511: concepts, practices, geographies

Professor Terry Brown
University of Manchester
The identity of the mysterious ‘new glume wheat’ of early European agriculture

Dr Fiona Edmonds
University of Cambridge
Brittany and the Atlantic archipelago: contact, myth and history, 450–1200

Professor Mark Edmonds
University of York
Sound tracks: acoustic landscapes in the past and present

Dr Joanna Evans
University College London
Luis Buñuel: a life in letters

Professor Malcolm Gaskill
University of East Anglia
Inner lives: emotions, identity, and the supernatural, 1300–1900

Professor Ian Gregory
University of Lancaster
Geospatial innovation in the digital humanities: a deep map of the Lake District

Dr Peter Gurney
University of Essex
National Service life stories: masculinity, class and the memory of conscription in Britain

Professor Carole Hough
University of Glasgow
Recovering the earliest English language in Scotland: evidence from place-names

Dr Siobhan Lambert-Hurley
Loughborough University
Veiled voyagers: Muslim women travellers from Asia and the Middle East

Professor Adam Ledgeway
University of Cambridge
Fading voices in Southern Italy: investigating language contact in Magna Graecia

Ms Frances Lennard
University of Glasgow
From the golden age to the digital age: modelling and monitoring historic tapestries

Dr Francesca Leoni
University of Oxford
Divination and art in the medieval and early modern Islamic world, 1200–1800

Professor Alan Lester
University of Sussex
Snapshots of empire: managing a diverse empire all at once

Dr Lisa Lewis
University of South Wales
Welsh and Khasi cultural dialogues: an interdisciplinary arts and performance project

Professor Donald MacRaild
University of Ulster
The Irish and British famine, 1845–1850: comparing lives lost and lives saved

Dr Albert Remijsen
University of Edinburgh
A descriptive analysis of the Shilluk language

Professor David Reynolds
University of Cambridge
Stalin’s correspondence with Churchill and Roosevelt in World War Two

Professor Neil Roberts
University of Plymouth
Changing the face of the Mediterranean: land cover and population since the advent of farming

Dr Sarah Semple
Durham University
People and place: the making of the kingdom of Northumbria, 300–800 CE

Professor Richard Sharpe
University of Oxford
The medieval books of Canterbury Cathedral

Professor Stephen Shennan
University College London
Supply and demand in prehistory? Economics of Neolithic mining in NW Europe

Dr Andrew Malcolm Taylor
University of Edinburgh
The Cantos Project

Professor Gregory Toner
Queen’s University Belfast
Dating of medieval texts through regressive analysis of the lexicon

Dr Catherine Whistler
University of Oxford
Transforming our understanding of Raphael with eloquence in drawing as a research theme

Social Sciences

Professor Miriam Bernard
University of Keele
The ageing of British gerontology: learning from the past to inform the future

Dr Mitchell Callan
University of Essex
Rejecting innocent victims: the roles of relative judgments and emotional impact

Professor Richard Disney
Institute for Fiscal Studies
Modelling heterogeneity in microeconomic investment hazards

Dr Jonathan Dean
University of Leeds
Exploring left-wing populism in an age of anti-politics

Professor Igor Goncharov
University of Lancaster
Accounting-based value: when is accounting useful in determining firm value?

Professor Geoffrey Haddock
Cardiff University
The impact of mindfulness on values and attitudes

Dr Stephen Jivraj
University College London
A life course approach to neighbourhood effects

Dr Christopher Lloyd
University of Liverpool
Mapping lineages: quantifying the evolution of maps of the British Isles

Dr Alberto Montagnoli
University of Sheffield
The impact of austerity policies on the wellbeing of individuals in Europe

Professor Ben Rampton
King’s College London
Adult language socialisation in the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora in London

Dr Olmo Silva
London School of Economics and Political Science
A randomised control trial to identify the causal effect of accelerator programmes

Professor David Thomas
University of Oxford
Landscape archaeology of the Kalahari: how did major hydrological shifts affect Stone Age mobility and landscape use in the late Quaternary?

Dr Jenny Thomson
University of Sheffield
Evaluating the effect of exposure to digital text on early literacy development

Dr Mirco Tonin
University of Southampton
The long term effects of property rights and institutional ownership on regional development

Dr Kate Weiner
University of Sheffield
Knowledge, care and the practices of self-monitoring

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