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Research Project Grants 2014


Professor Andrew Adamatzky
University of the West of England
Artificial Paramecium: intelligent distributed sensing and manipulation by ciliates

Dr Tim Albrecht 
Imperial College London 
Charge transfer processes in small metal nanoparticles 

Dr Christopher Bayliss 
University of Leicester 
Mutate and survive: how bacteria fight viruses 

Dr Elizabeth Bayne
University of Edinburgh
Regulation of RNAi-directed chromatin modification by ubiquitin and SUMO

Dr Morgan Beeby
Imperial College London
Evolutionary pathways to rotary motors: evolution and mechanism of the archaellum

Professor Simon Belt 
University of Plymouth 
Quantification of sea ice carbon within Arctic ecosystems 

Dr Alexander Belton 
University of Lancaster 
Quantum random walks and quasi-free quantum stochastic calculus 

Professor Gavin Bremner 
University of Lancaster 
Auditory-visual congruence and young infants’ perception of object persistence 

Dr Saverio Brogna 
University of Birmingham 
What are the functions of ribosomes within the nucleus? 

Dr Glenn Burley 
University of Strathclyde 
Transformable photonic circuitry: using DNA to create the next generation of molecularly active surfaces 

Professor Robert Cernik 
University of Manchester 
Using diffracted X-rays to form images with chemical and structural information 

Dr Kevin Chalut
University of Cambridge
Physical biology of early mammalian embryogenesis and acquisition of pluripotency

Professor Neil Champness 
University of Nottingham 
Structural elucidation and reactivity modification in metal-organic frameworks 

Dr Hugo Christenson 
University of Leeds 
Effects of topography on ice nucleation 

Dr Simon J Clarke 
University of Oxford 
Synthesis and control of the properties of solids using soft chemical approaches 

Professor David Clayton
Queen Mary, University of London
Neurogenomics of perception

Professor Nicola Clayton 
University of Cambridge 
Novel approaches to testing belief state attribution in children and corvids 

Dr Matthew Cook 
Queen’s University Belfast 
Synthesis and anticancer investigation of diazonamide A 

Dr Peter Culmer 
University of Leeds 
Sense and sensibility: an optimisation framework for tactile sensing 

Dr Sheila Cunningham 
University of Abertay Dundee 
The ‘me’ in memory: exploring the developing self and its influence on cognition 

Dr Judith Curran 
University of Liverpool 
Control of biological responses by isolated synthetic material variables 

Dr Hai Deng 
University of Aberdeen 
Using spectrometric and genetic techniques for new fluorometabolites discovery 

Dr Ross Denton 
University of Nottingham 
Catalytic alkylation reactions of free amines with alcohols 

Professor Stefan Doerr
Swansea University
Carbon sequestration from wildfires? Quantifying the role of pyrogenic carbon

Dr Michael Doube 
Royal Veterinary College, University of London 
Act big, get big. Bone cell activity scaling among species as a skeletal adaptation mechanism 

Dr Dominic Dwyer 
Cardiff University 
Generality and specificity in food learning: questioning the received wisdom 

Professor Ian C Eperon
University of Leicester
Is RNA splicing regulated by collisions between proteins bound to a freely-diffusing RNA chain?

Dr Heather Jane Ferguson 
University of Kent 
Imagining the self in fictional worlds: evidence from autism spectrum disorder 

Professor Matthew Charles Fisher 
Imperial College London 
The emperor’s new clothes – are chytrid fungi leaving amphibians naked? 

Dr Sonja Franke-Arnold
University of Glasgow
Quantum memory and processing of orbital angular momentum information in atomic gasses

Dr Keara Franklin 
University of Bristol 
How do plants sense temperature? 

Dr Kristian Franze 
University of Cambridge 
Forces in neuronal development and growth 

Dr Lucia Garrido 
Brunel University London 
Multisensory processing of faces and voices in person identity recognition 

Professor Andre Gerber 
University of Surrey 
Development of a novel translatome analysis method and application in aging 

Dr Duncan Gill
University of Huddersfield
Convergent synthesis of aconitine

Dr Stephen Goldup 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Mechanically chiral rotaxanes as switchable enantioselective catalysts 

Dr Anjali Goswami 
University College London 
Untangling the enigmatic origins of placental mammals with fossils and genomics 

Dr Lucie Green
University College London
Solar magnetic activity: bridging the gap between observation and theory

Professor Michaele Hardie 
University of Leeds 
Structurally dynamic cages and frameworks 

Dr Lee Haynes 
University of Liverpool 
Mapping mitotic calcium signals in mammalian cells with targeted sensors 

Professor Michael Hayward 
University of Oxford 
Topochemical reduction of 4d and 5d transition metal oxides 

Professor Ortwin Hess
Imperial College London
Extreme nonlinear chirality in THz metasurfaces

Dr Andrew Horsfield 
Imperial College London 
Novel excited electron devices: a computational investigation 

Dr Michael Hough 
University of Essex 
Enzyme catalysis in action: 3D movies of X-ray induced chemical reactions in protein crystals 

Professor Steven Howdle
University of Nottingham
A clean and versatile route to hierarchical structured functional devices

Professor Brian Huntley 
Durham University 
Modelling vegetation development during Pleistocene glacials and interglacials 

Dr Geoffrey Hyett 
University of Southampton 
A new method of nanosynthesis: chemical control of nanostructure in films 

Dr Michael Ingleson 
University of Manchester 
New routes to B,N-oligoacenes for application in oxygen reduction catalysis 

Dr Andrew Jackson
University of Liverpool
Evolutionary genomics of free-living and parasitic amoebae

Dr Andrew Jamieson 
University of Leicester 
DNA templated synthesis of de novo protein ß-motifs 

Dr Peter Jarowski
University of Surrey
Computational molecular design of type IV metallopolymers

Professor Chris Jarrold 
University of Bristol 
The development of procedural working memory 

Dr Chris Jiggins 
University of Cambridge 
Developing transgenic tests of butterfly wing patterning genes 

Professor Hugh R A Jones 
University of Hertfordshire 
PAN-Disciplinary algORithms for data Analysis 

Professor Anne Juel
University of Manchester
Multiple bubble propagation modes in elastorigid models of airway reopening

Professor Myungshik Kim
Imperial College London
Proposal for quantum optical tests of the minimum length scale

Dr Ian Lane 
Queen’s University Belfast 
Production of ultracold hydrogen by molecular fragmentation 

Professor Kurt Langfeld 
University of Plymouth 
The density of states approach for simulations of dense matter in QCD 

Dr Ai-Lan Lee 
Heriot-Watt University 
Dual catalysis: gold and photoredox catalysis for stereoselective synthesis 

Professor Huiyun Liu 
University College London 
High-efficiency GaAsP nanowire solar cells on silicon 

Professor Bradley Love
University College London
Circumventing limits in memory retrieval

Dr Stephen Lynch 
Cardiff University 
Quantum optics of mid gap chalocogen donors in single crystal silicon 

Dr Anotida Madzvamuse 
University of Sussex 
Unravelling new mathematics for 3D cell migration 

Professor Stefan Maier
Imperial College London
Dielectric nanoantennas: exploration of a new low-loss nanophotonics platform

Dr Ewan Main
Queen Mary, University of London
Using repeat proteins to create a toolkit for synthetic biology and biotechnology

Dr Douglas Mair
University of Aberdeen
Calving glaciers: long-term validation and evidence

Dr Mahesh Marina
University of Edinburgh
Application-oriented TV white space networking

Professor Jon May
University of Plymouth
In the dancer’s mind: creativity, novelty and the imagination

Dr Fernando Montealegre-Z. 
University of Lincoln 
The evolution of acoustic communication in fossil and extant insects 

Dr Ian Moore 
University of Oxford 
Thinking inside the box: how do plants build organised walls? 

Dr Karen Mullinger 
University of Nottingham 
Revealing the origin of human alpha oscillations using ultra high-field fMRI-EEG 

Dr Ryan Nichol 
University College London 
Probing the ultra-high energy universe with ANITA and ARA 

Dr Sergei Novikov 
University of Nottingham 
Molecular beam epitaxy for graphene/boron nitride electronics 

Dr Niamh Nowlan 
Imperial College London 
The importance of mechanical forces due to prenatal movements for spinal development 

Dr Nathan Patmore 
University of Huddersfield 
Electron transfer between hydrogen bonded ‘dimers of dimers’ 

Dr Mika Peck 
University of Sussex 
Rapid acoustic survey: validating acoustic methods for biodiversity assessment 

Dr Steven Penfield 
University of Exeter 
Understanding real limits to plant productivity: a macroeconomic perspective 

Mr Sergio Pineda 
Cardiff University 
Crystallographically inspired architecture: a new pathway from nanogeometry to design 

Professor Don Pollacco
University of Warwick
Homogeneous study of transiting systems

Dr Cristina C Popescu
University of Central Lancashire
Connecting the high and low energy views of the Milky Way

Dr Steven Porter 
University of Exeter 
Complex decision-making in bacteria: predicting multikinase-networks 

Dr Hugh Rabagliati 
University of Edinburgh 
Expectation-driven language learning 

Dr Ben Raymond 
Imperial College London 
Directed evolution of virulence to overcome resistance to biological insecticide 

Dr Thomas A Richards
University of Exeter
Ancestral gene repertoires at the dawn and diversification of the eukaryotes

Dr Nicholas Roberts 
University of Bristol 
Seeing the invisible – the optics of vertebrate polarisation vision 

Dr Jonathan Robbins 
University of Bristol 
Liquid crystals defects in Landau-de Gennes theory 

Dr Dmitriy Rumynin
University of Warwick
Hecke algebras and Kac-Moody groups: representations, lattices and categories

Professor Michael Ruzhansky
Imperial College London
Phase space analysis on nilpotent Lie groups

Dr Setsuko Sahara
King’s College London
A quantitative approach towards understanding the evolutionary cortical size

Professor David Salt
University of Aberdeen
Mapping radial ion-transport pathways in plant roots with cell-type specific resolution

Dr Christoph G Salzmann
University College London
Mixtures of large hydrophobes and amorphous ice: new directions in ice research

Dr Riccardo Sapienza 
King’s College London 
Bio-compatible silk random laser 

Dr Tamsin Saxton
Northumbria University
Dating, mating and relating: how parents shape offspring partner choice

Professor Dave Scanlan 
University of Warwick 
Obtaining a mechanistic understanding of viral photosynthesis 

Dr Steven Schockaert 
Cardiff University 
Approximating Markov logic theories in possibilistic logic 

Professor Walther Schwarzacher 
University of Bristol 
Nanoparticle interactions in freeze-concentrated aqueous solutions 

Professor Murray Selkirk 
Imperial College London 
Dissecting the immunoregulatory function of helminth secreted proteins 

Dr Sergey Sergeyev 
Aston University 
Combined harnessing of synchronisation in mode locked lasers 

Dr Vahid Shahrezaei 
Imperial College London 
The impact of cell growth and cell size on protein noise and phenotypic variability 

Professor Dudley E Shallcross
University of Bristol
Urban airborne particulate pollution, air ions and electric charge effects

Dr Kieran Sharkey 
University of Liverpool 
Invasion in population dynamics 

Professor Mike Shipman 
University of Warwick 
New molecular scaffolds for the assembly of libraries of chiral diamines 

Dr Nima Shokri 
University of Manchester 
Fundamental understanding of the evaporation process from saline porous media 

Professor Anvar Shukurov 
Newcastle University 
Observations and models of turbulent flows: a topological approach 

Professor S. Ravi P. Silva 
University of Surrey 
Designer “inorganics-in-organics” semiconductors for high energy radiation detection 

Dr Christopher Smart
University of Plymouth
Shelled heteropods: morphology, molecular taxonomy and global distributions

Professor (Renee) Elizabeth Sockett 
University of Nottingham 
The molecular control of bacterial biting and gliding in Bdellovibrio 

Dr Michail Stamatakis 
University College London 
Accurate and computationally efficient models for virtual catalyst design 

Dr Tokiharu Takahashi 
University of Manchester 
The evolutionary origin of the vertebrate head mesoderm 

Professor Doerthe Tetzlaff
University of Aberdeen
Plant-water interlinkages in northern uplands: mediation of climate change?

Dr Neil Andrew Thacker
University of Manchester
Quantitative use of pattern recognition in the analysis of complex data distributions

Professor Matthew Thirlwall 
Royal Holloway, University of London 
Seawater records and climate change in the Mesozoic 

Professor Jennifer Thomas 
University College London 
The path to CP violation in the neutrino sector: mega-ton water detectors 

Dr Jim A Thomas
University of Sheffield
Kinetically inert self-assembled macrocycles as sensors for bio-molecules

Dr Christopher R Thornton
University of Exeter
Development of a rapid diagnostic test for amphibian chytridiomycosis

Dr Cesare Tronci
University of Surrey
From geometry to kinetic-fluid systems (and back)

Professor George Turner 
Bangor University 
Genome-wide analysis of the evolution of new species 

Professor Simon Roy Turner 
University of Manchester 
Exploiting microbial metagenomics to alter plant cell wall composition 

Professor Chronis Tzedakis 
University College London 
Placing the earliest human occupation of Europe in a climate context 

Dr Jasper van Thor 
Imperial College London 
A novel structural probe for the light reactions of Photosystem II 

Dr Pieter Vermeesch 
University College London 
Determining erosion rates to revive the LOREX neutrino experiment (Macedonia) 

Dr Tobias von der Haar 
University of Kent 
Ribosome movement, information processing and the language of life 

Professor Paul Weaver 
University of Bristol 
Remote chemical sensing, signal transmission and control of self-actuating structures 

Professor A J Welch 
Heriot-Watt University 
An exploration of supraicosahedral non-Wadian molecular architectures 

Dr Richard Wheatley 
University of Nottingham 
A computational study of the effect of temperature and pressure on chemicals 

Dr Roger Whitehead 
University of Manchester 
New bio-catalysts for synthetically useful metabolites from available phenols 

Dr Kielan Yarrow 
City University London 
Novel neurometric measures to discriminate models of speeded decision making 

Dr Gabriel Yvon-Durocher
University of Exeter
The molecular mechanisms of thermal acclimation and adaptation in marine algae


Professor Lynn Abrams
University of Glasgow
Housing, everyday life and wellbeing over the long term in Glasgow, c. 1950–1975

Professor Ian Kenneth Bailiff 
Durham University 
Developing new approaches to dating ancient irrigation features 

Dr Jennie Batchelor
University of Kent
The Lady’s Magazine (1770–1818): understanding the emergence of a genre

Professor Michael Fulford 
University of Reading 
From Roman England to Roman Britain: rural settlement, society and economy 

Professor Chris Gosden 
University of Oxford 
European Celtic art in context: exploring Celtic art and its eastern links 

Dr Hilary Greaves
University of Oxford
Population ethics: theory and practice

Dr Anne C Haour 
University of East Anglia 
Cowrie shells: an early global commodity 

Professor Colin Haselgrove 
University of Leicester 
In the footsteps of Caesar: the archaeology of the first Roman invasions of Britain 

Dr Liz Herbert McAvoy 
Swansea University 
The enclosed garden: pleasure, contemplation and cure in the hortus conclusus, 1100–1450 

Professor Thomas A Heslop
University of East Anglia
The medieval parish churches of Norwich: city, community and architecture

Mr David Howell
University of Oxford
Painting by numbers: decoding Ferdinand Bauer’s colour code

Professor Katarzyna M Jaszczolt
University of Cambridge
Expressing the self: cultural diversity and cognitive universals

Dr Andrew Jones 
University of Southampton 
Making a mark: imagery and process in the British and Irish Neolithic 

Rev Dr David Ceri Jones
Aberystwyth University
George Whitefield (1714–1770) and trans-Atlantic Protestantism

Dr Parvathi Kumaraswami 
University of Manchester 
Beyond Havana and the nation? Peripheral identities and literary culture in Cuba 

Dr Jim Leary 
University of Reading 
Extending histories: from medieval mottes to prehistoric round mounds 

Dr Neil Loader 
Swansea University 
New tools for science-based archaeology: isotope-supported dendrochronology 

Professor Lutz Marten 
SOAS, University of London 
Morphosyntactic variation in Bantu: typology, contact and change 

Dr David Millard 
University of Southampton 
Story places: exploring the poetics of location-based narratives 

Professor Simon Newman 
University of Glasgow 
Runaway slaves in Britain: bondage, freedom and race in the eighteenth century 

Dr Jose R Oliver 
University College London 
The Cotua Island entrepôt: building a reflexive archaeology in the Orinoco basin 

Professor Matthew Rampley 
University of Birmingham 
Promoting national and imperial identities: museums in Austria-Hungary 

Professor Paula Reimer
Queen’s University Belfast
Freshwater reservoir effect on re-dating of Eurasian Steppe cultures

Professor Andrew Reynolds
University College London
Travel and communication in Anglo-Saxon England

Dr Ian Ruffell 
University of Glasgow 
Hero of Alexandria and his theatrical automata 

Professor Philip Schofield 
University College London 
The authoritative edition of Jeremy Bentham’s economic writings 

Dr Tim Shephard 
University of Sheffield 
Music in the art of Renaissance Italy, c. 1420–1540 

Dr Emma Spary 
University of Cambridge 
Selling exotic plant products in Paris, 1670–1730 

Professor Stuart Taberner 
University of Leeds 
Traumatic pasts, cosmopolitanism, and nation-building in contemporary German and South African literature 

Professor Jane Whittle 
University of Exeter 
Women’s work in rural England, 1500–1700: a new methodological approach 

Professor Jon Williamson 
University of Kent 
Grading evidence of mechanisms in physics and biology 

Professor Andrew Wood 
Durham University 
Social relations and everyday life in England, 1500–1640 

Social Sciences

Dr Nicholas Bardsley 
University of Reading 
How individual is ‘individual choice’? Exploring team reasoning in context 

Professor Alessandro Beber
City University London
Short-selling bans and bank stability: evidence from two crises

Professor Harriet Bradley
University of the West of England
Paired peers: moving on up? The impact of social class on graduate destinations

Professor Fiona Brookman 
University of South Wales 
Homicide investigation and forensic science: tracing processes, analysing practices 

Professor Chris Brooks 
University of Reading 
The first real estate bubble? Land prices and rents in medieval England, c. 1200–1550 

Dr Joanna Brück 
University of Bristol 
The social context of technology. Non-ferrous metalworking in later prehistoric northwest Europe, c. 1500-50 BCE

Dr Charlotte Burns 
University of York 
Evaluating the impact of austerity upon environmental policy in Europe 

Dr Mary Corcoran 
University of Keele 
Voluntary sector adaptation and resilience in the mixed economy of resettlement 

Dr Rob Drummond
Manchester Metropolitan University
Expressing inner city youth identity through multicultural urban British English

Dr Amanda H Goodall
City University London
Leadership, the work environment, and scientific productivity

Dr Andrew Hudson-Smith 
University College London 
Visualising inequality in community networks to enhance participatory planning 

Professor Shane D Johnson
University College London
Migrant networks, decisions, and immigration policy

Dr Julia P G Jones
Bangor University
Can payments for ecosystem services deliver environmental and livelihood benefits?

Dr Fernanda Leite Lopez de Leon
University of East Anglia
The role of conferences on academic research: evidence from a natural experiment

Dr Anna Lora-Wainwright 
University of Oxford 
Circuits of waste and value: making e-waste subjects in China and Japan 

Professor Paul Martin
University of Sheffield
How does inequality get ‘under the skin’? Epigenetics, health disparities and the making of social policy

Professor Seán McConville 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Irish political prisoners, 1960–2000 

Dr Hugh Smith
University of Liverpool
Agricultural change in Britain: modelling past impacts to predict the future

Dr Matthew Struebig
University of Kent
Tolerating tigers: do local beliefs offset human–carnivore conflicts?

Dr John Tsoukalas
University of Glasgow
Where is the news in business cycles? A new approach with novel methodologies

Dr Richard Whitaker
University of Leicester
MEPs in the 2014–19 European Parliament: the rise of Euroscepticism?

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