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Research Project Grants 2013


Dr Patti Adank
University College London
The role of speech motor resonances in spoken language processing

Dr James Adelman
University of Warwick
The easyNet system for implementing and visualising cognitive models

Dr Mete Atature
University of Cambridge
Revealing magnetic phenomena at oxide interfaces via diamond-based nano-MRI

Dr Jennifer Barclay
University of East Anglia
Timing is everything: anticipating future eruptive activity on Ascension Island

Dr Benedetta Bassetti
University of York
Effects of orthography on phonology in second language speakers of English: pronunciation, phonological awareness, speech perception and spelling

Dr Ian Bastow
Imperial College London
The building of North America: evidence from seismology

Dr Marco Beato    
University College London
The tuning of motor circuits by recurrent excitation and inhibition

Professor Kai Bongs
University of Birmingham
Understanding and exploiting quantum processes in nature

Dr Martin Booth
University of Oxford
Three-dimensional photonic engineering of diamond using adaptive optics

Dr Melanie Britton
University of Birmingham
Magnetic resonance imaging of aluminium and zinc electroplating in ionic liquids

Dr Mark Brosnan
University of Bath
Computer-delivered social stories to reduce challenging behaviour in ASD

Professor Manfred Buck
University of St Andrews
Supramolecular self-assemblies as nanotemplates for electrodeposition

Professor Larry Bull
University of the West of England
Embodied evolutionary computing design: vertical axis wind turbine case study

Professor Stephen Busby
University of Birmingham
New roles for old transcription factors

Professor Roger K Butlin
University of Sheffield
The role of natural selection in divergence between aphid host races

Dr Cristian Capelli
University of Oxford
The genetic landscape of southern Africa human populations

Dr Paola Carbone
University of Manchester
Effect of responsive copolymers on the structure of phospholipid bilayers

Dr Donatella Cassettari
University of St Andrews
Advanced atom traps for precise rotation sensing

Dr David Cassidy
University College London
Gravitational free fall experiments with positronium

Dr Adrian Chaplin
University of Warwick
Transition metal-based [2]rotaxanes for the investigation of alkane activation

Professor Deborah Charlesworth
University of Edinburgh
Evolution of suppressed recombination between the X and Y chromosomes of a plant

Dr Victor Chechik
University of York
Chemistry at cold plasma—liquid interfaces

Professor David Clary
University of Oxford
Calculation of rates of chemical reactions

Professor Hilary Downes
Birkbeck, University of London
Forming the Earth and other rocky planets

Professor John Gerard Doyle
Armagh Observatory
The contribution of jets and sporadic events to the coronal heating puzzle

Dr Ingrid Dreveny
University of Nottingham
Molecular basis of ciliary trafficking: lessons from Bardet Biedl proteins

Dr Denis Drieghe
University of Southampton
Phonological processing during Arabic reading

Dr Dorothy Duffy
University College London
Modifying semiconductors by exciting electrons

Professor Maurice Elphick
Queen Mary, University of London
Neuropeptide ‘cocktails’: is there a message in the mix?

Dr David Fermin
University of Bristol
Novel dehydrogenase-based architectures for electrocatalytic conversion of liquid fuels

Professor Vincent Fusco    
Queen’s University Belfast
Near field subwavelength resolution imaging in lossy inhomogeneous media  

Dr Elizabeth Gibson
University of Nottingham
Dye-sensitised NiO photocathodes for solar fuel generation

Dr Richard Goodey
City University London
Interaction between new and existing buried infrastructure

Dr Anjali Goswami
University College London
Walking the cat back: evolutionary mechanics and modularity of felid locomotion

Dr David Grainger
University of Birmingham
How do cells protect their genes from pervasive transcription?

Professor Murray Grant
University of Exeter
Re-engineering plant defenses to nullify phytopathogen virulence strategies

Professor Claire Grierson
University of Bristol
How plant roots cohere with soil

Dr Ramon Grima
University of Edinburgh
Pushing the frontiers of stochastic modelling in biology: intrinsic noise in non-dilute conditions

Dr Paul Harris
University of Brighton
A mathematical model of the formation and growth of cavities in the spinal cord

Professor Elisabeth Hill
Goldsmiths, University of London
The role of motor abilities in the development of typical and atypical social behaviour

Dr Richard Holland
Queen’s University Belfast
The mystery of bird migration: testing hypotheses of true navigation

Dr Zhaorong Huang
Cranfield University
Self-powered electrochemical promotion of catalysis

Professor John Hutchinson
Royal Veterinary College, University of London
The evolutionary biomechanics of sesamoid bones in vertebrate limbs: a synthesis

Professor Alan Johnston
University College London
Temporal characteristics of gaze perception

Dr Rufus Johnstone
University of Cambridge
Adaptive modelling of human infant growth

Professor Gareth Jones
University of Bristol
Ecosystem services, bats and biodiversity: an evidence-based approach in Malawi

Dr Mark W Jones
Swansea University
Advanced visualisation techniques for urban modelling/simulation

Dr Yuri Kalnishkan
Royal Holloway, University of London
Online self-tuning learning algorithms for handling historical information

Dr Aris Karastergiou
University of Oxford
Real time discovery on next generation telescopes with graphics processing units

Dr Barbara Kasprzyk-Hordern
University of Bath
Wastewater profiling for community-wide human exposure assessment from environmental endocrine-disrupting chemicals in personal care and consumer products

Dr Vitaliy Khutoryanskiy
University of Reading
Developing in vitro approaches for testing mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

Dr Dmitry Krizhanovskii
University of Sheffield
Soliton phenomena in strongly light-matter coupled microcavities and waveguides: fundamentals and applications

Dr Leonid Kulakov
Queen’s University Belfast
A phage metagenomics approach to forecast the evolution of microbial communities

Dr Pedro Lacerda
Queen’s University Belfast
A laboratory and telescopic study of the colours of icy solar system objects

Professor James Ladyman
University of Bristol
Applying homotopy type theory in logic, metaphysics and philosophy of physics

Dr Robert Leech
Imperial College London
Vocal learning and the importance of noise

Professor Tim Lenton
University of Exeter
Controls on ocean redox structure and atmospheric oxygen during the Proterozoic

Professor Philip Lightfoot
University of St Andrews
New chemical paradigms in the search for quantum spin liquids

Professor Adrian Lister
Natural History Museum
Evolutionary patterns in deer on Mediterranean islands

Dr Virpi Lummaa    
University of Sheffield
Causes and consequences of parasite infection in Myanmar timber elephants     

Professor Stefan Maier
Imperial College London
Nano-particle assisted super-resolution microscopy for live cell imaging

Dr Ilya Mandel
University of Birmingham
Testing general relativity with ground-based gravitational-wave observations

Dr Louise Martin
University College London
Prehistoric hunting strategies in Jordan: reconstructing prey behaviour and ecology

Dr Karen McComb
University of Sussex
Emotional awareness as a basis for social success in a non-human: the domestic horse 

Professor Francis McGlone
Liverpool John Moores University
Investigation of the role of 5-HT in psychological responses to affective touch

Professor Paul McGraw
University of Nottingham
The effect of abnormal visual experience early in life on cortical representation

Mr Anthony Miller
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
Conserving the flora of the Socotra Archipelago: integrating evolution into conservation

Dr Russell Minns
University of Southampton
High harmonic spectroscopy as a tool for the study of photochemical reactivity

Dr Wesley Moran
University of Huddersfield
Iodonium salts: new varieties and novel reactions

Professor Philip Mountford
University of Oxford
Synthesis and reactions of novel alkaline earth and rare earth metal-metal bonds

Dr Darren Obbard
University of Edinburgh
The phylogenetic origins of antiviral RNAi in animals

Dr Cock van Oosterhout
University of East Anglia
Testing a paradigm-shifting new theory of MHC evolution

Dr Anastasia Papavasiliou
University of Warwick
Statistical inference of complex systems through rough paths

Dr Karen Polizzi
Imperial College London
How does yeast Golgi organisation contribute to protein glycosylation?

Professor Robert Poole
University of Sheffield
Carbon monoxide (CO) and CO-releasing molecules (CO-RMs) as adjuvants to antibiotics?

Dr Emmanuel Pothos
City University London
Quantum similarity: harnessing the flexibility of human similarity judgments

Dr Matthew Powner
University College London
Phosphoro-Strecker reaction: amino acid synthesis and phosphoryl activation

Professor Alexander Premet
University of Manchester
Finite W-algebras: quantization and the Gelfand-Kirillov conjecture

Professor David Procter
University of Manchester
Asymmetric reductive desymmetrisation of feedstocks by electron transfer

Professor Kathleen Rastle
Royal Holloway, University of London
Moving beyond the monosyllable in models of skilled reading

Professor Katharine Reid
University of Nottingham
Time-resolved measurements in the molecular frame

Dr Luke Rendell
University of St Andrews
Developing a data-driven multi-agent model for studying humpback whale song

Dr James Russell
University of Cambridge
The development of episodic foresight in young children: spatiotemporal binding.

Professor David Saad
Aston University
Islands of equilibrium in a non-equilibrium world

Professor Mark S P Sansom
University of Oxford
Design of biomimetic nanopores

Professor Julie Scholes
University of Sheffield
Understanding virulence in Striga, a major parasite of African cereal crops

Professor Michael Siva-Jothy
University of Sheffield
Characterising insect haemocyte function in vivo

Professor Trevor Smart
University College London
Photo-modulation of native GABA-A receptors in the brain

Dr Marie Smith
Birkbeck, University of London
Exploration of typical and atypical development of flexible face-processing strategies

Dr Claire Spottiswoode
University of Cambridge
The role of phenotypic plasticity in driving a remarkable adaptive radiation

Dr Benjamin W Tatler
University of Dundee
Learning and representing three-dimensional environments from multiple two-dimensional dynamic views

Dr Nickolay Trendafilov
Open University
Sparse factor analysis with application to large data sets

Dr Abigail Tucker
King’s College London
Evolution of mammals: a comparative study of the developing middle ear

Dr James Tucker
University of Birmingham
Expanding the range and versatility of ferrocene nucleic acids

Dr Lyudmila Turyanska
University of Nottingham
Colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals with dual functionality

Dr Chris Venditti
University of Reading
The evolutionary paths to diversity and innovation

Dr Richard Walker
University of Oxford
Climatic, environmental and tectonic influences on prehistoric human development in Iran

Professor Michael Ward
University of Sheffield
Redox-based switching of guest uptake and release in a polyhedral cage host

Dr Meesha Warmington
University of York
Executive control, working memory and literacy skills in bilingual children

Dr Chris Wendl
University College London
Intersections in low-dimensional symplectic field theory

Dr Chris West
University of Leeds
Determining the molecular links between transcription and recombination

Dr Andrew Wilson
University of Leeds
Towards bionic proteins: tertiary structures from non-natural building blocks

Professor Stephen Wimperis
University of Glasgow
Structure and function of immobilised enzymes by solid-state NMR spectroscopy

Dr Jonathan Worrall
University of Essex
Fat(al) attraction of cytochrome c: a new approach to study protein-lipid interactions

Dr Wolfgang Wüster
Bangor University
Going with the flow? The genetic and genomic basis for snake venom evolution

Dr Johannes Zimmer
University of Bath
A novel passage from particles to PDEs far from equilibrium


Dr Nick Ashton
British Museum
Mapping Palaeolithic Britain: place, space and time

Professor Graeme Barker
University of Cambridge
How resilient were Neanderthals and modern humans in southwest Asia to climate change? Reinvestigating Shanidar Cave

Dr Silvia M Bello
Natural History Museum
Cutmark micro-morphometrics and the stage of carcass decay: a pilot study using three-dimensional microscopy

Dr Paul Botley
University of Warwick
Isaac Casaubon in England (1610–1614): a critical edition of his correspondence

Dr Andrew Burnett
British Museum
Coinage, policy and civic life in the Roman imperial provinces at the end of the Severan Age, 218–244 CE

Professor Andrew Chamberlain
University of Manchester
An investigation of ancient animal mummies using diagnostic radiographic imaging

Professor Guy Cook
King’s College London
People, products, pests and pets: the discursive representation of animals

Professor Nicholas Cronk
University of Oxford
Constructing contemporary history in the Enlightenment: Voltaire historian

Professor James Crow
University of Edinburgh
Engineering the Byzantine water supply: procurement, construction and operation

Dr S William G Davies
University of Southampton
Palaeolithic origins of ceramic technology: innovative and creative revolutions

Professor Mark Edmonds
University of York
Working stone, making communities: technology and identity in prehistoric Orkney

Professor Clive Gamble
University of Southampton
Seasonality, mobility and storage in Palaeolithic hunting societies

Professor Elizabeth Graham
University College London
The role of past human activity in structuring modern landscapes and soils

Professor Colin Haselgrove
University of Leicester
(Re)dating Danebury hillfort and later prehistoric settlements in the environs: a Bayesian approach

Dr Jules Holroyd
University of Nottingham
Bias and blame: do moral interactions modulate the expression of implicit bias?

Professor Ronald E Hutton
University of Bristol
The figure of the witch: the European witch-hunt in full cultural context

Professor Richard P Ingham
Birmingham City University
A bilingual thesaurus

Professor Adrian Johnstone
Royal Holloway, University of London
Notions and notation: Babbage’s language of thought

Professor Geoffrey Khan
University of Cambridge
Untapped manuscripts and reading traditions for a new Biblical Hebrew grammar

Dr Marion Löffler
University of Wales 
Knowledge transfer and social networks: European learning and the revolution in Welsh Victorian scholarship

Dr William Lyons
University of Bristol
Scripture, dissent and Deaf space: St Saviour’s, Oxford Street

Dr Stephen Parker
University of Worcester
Faith on the air: a religious educational broadcasting history c.1920 to present

Professor Anne Marie Rafferty
King’s College London
From microbes to matrons: infection control in British hospitals, 1870–1970

Professor Lord Colin Renfrew
University of Cambridge
Icon and centre in the Cycladic early bronze age: the implications of Keros

Professor Stephen Rippon
University of Exeter
Planning in the early Medieval landscape: technology, society and settlement

Dr Leigh Shaw-Taylor
University of Cambridge
Transport, urbanisation and economic development in England, c. 1670–1911

Professor Florian Urban
Glasgow School of Art
The New Tenement

Mr David Whitley
University of Cambridge
In living memory: the place and uses of learning poetry

Dr Abigail Williams
University of Oxford
A new history of reading and authorship in the eighteenth century

Professor Matthew Worley
University of Reading
Punk, politics and British youth culture, 1975–1985

Social Sciences

Dr Philip Boland
Queen’s University Belfast
From plantation to peace: Derry/Londonderry as the UK’s first City of Culture

Dr Lynda Boothroyd
Durham University
Impact of media access and local ecology on beauty ideals in Nicaragua

Professor Rupert Brown
University of Sussex
The indirect experience of hate crime: the victim group response

Dr Jenny Byrne
University of Southampton
A longitudinal study to explore the impact of pre-service teacher health training on early-career teachers’ roles as health promoters

Dr Mitchell Callan
University of Essex
Personal relative deprivation and status consumption

Dr Giacinta Cestone
City University London
Internal labour and capital markets in French business groups

Professor David Simon Cowan
University of Bristol
Shared ownership: crisis moments

Dr Jadunandan Dash
University of Southampton
Assessing current and future tropical cyclone vulnerability in east India

Dr Ruth Evans
University of Reading
Death in the family in urban Senegal: bereavement, care and family relations

Professor Martin Everett
University of Manchester
Collecting and analysing secondary covert social network data

Mr John Forth
National Institute of Economic and Social Research
Workplace employment relations: an Anglo–French study

Professor Barry Godfrey
University of Liverpool
After care: youth justice and its long term impacts, 1850–1945

Dr Rachel Harris
SOAS, University of London
Sounding Islam in China: a multi-sited ethnographic study

Dr Jennifer vanHeerde-Hudson
University College London
The changing socio-economic profile of PPCs and MPs in Britain, 1945–2015

Professor Carolyn Hoyle
University of Oxford
Last resorts: decisions and discretion at the Criminal Cases Review Commission

Professor Deborah James
London School of Economics and Political Science
Creative interventions: innovation in public legal services after Legal Aid

Dr Danny McGowan
Bangor University
Demand shocks and productivity: evidence from a natural experiment

Professor Michael Moore
University of Warwick
The finance microstructure approach to the economics of exchange rates

Professor Linda Mulcahy
London School of Economics and Political Science
Design and due process: facilitating participation in the justice system

Dr Fiona Nunan
University of Birmingham
Networking for fisheries co-management on Lake Victoria, East Africa

Dr Theodoros Papaioannou
Open University
Unpacking the role of industry associations in diffusion and governance of health innovations in developing countries

Dr Martyn Pickersgill
University of Edinburgh
Neuroscience and family life: the brain in policy and everyday practice

Professor Brian Rappert
University of Exeter
Beyond the digital divide: sharing research data across developing and developed countries

Professor Chris Reed
University of Dundee
Dialogue-based exploration of argument and mediation space

Dr Chris Stiff
University of Keele
Campus citizen behaviours: predicting students’ pro-social behavious

Dr Harriet Tenenbaum
University of Surrey
Children’s reasoning about peer rejection based on status

Dr Leon Watts
University of Bath
Investing care and appreciating effort in the use of personal communication technology

Dr Netta Weinstein
University of Essex
Motivational prosody: a new approach to understanding motivational communication

Professor Dirk van Zyl Smit
University of Nottingham
Life imprisonment worldwide: principles and practice

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