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Research Project Grants 2012


Dr Andrey Abramov
University College London
Novel properties of phylogenetically ancient molecule in the mammalian cells

Professor Nabeel Affara
University of Cambridge
Control of offspring sex ratio by spermatid genes that evade transcript sharing 

Dr Suzanne Aigrain
University of Oxford
A robust toolbox for exoplanet data analysis    

Dr Tim Albrecht
Imperial College London    
Ringtronics: single-molecule circuitry for electronics and spintronics

Professor David Andrews
University of East Anglia
Electrodynamics of optically coupled and activated nanoparticles

Dr Alexandre Anesio
University of Bristol    
Are viruses major ecological and evolutionary drivers of microbial community change in low temperature habitats?

Professor Judith Armitage
University of Oxford    
Spatio-temporal positioning of proteins through bacterial cell cycle

Dr Heike Arnolds
University of Liverpool
Ultrafast spectroscopy of molecular electronic junctions    

Professor Alison Baker
University of Leeds
Synthetic organelles: manipulating peroxisome protein import to create designer compartments    

Professor Eric Barnard
University of Cambridge
Assemblies and migrations of native P2Y ATP-receptors in developing brain 

Dr Gabriel Barrenechea
University of Strathclyde
Minimal stabilisation procedures on anisotropic meshes and nonlinear schemes

Dr Tomas Bellamy
University of Nottingham    
Analysis of cell signalling networks using dynamic inputs

Professor Isabel Bermudez
Oxford Brookes University
Characterising the functional spectrum of the mosquito GABA receptor    

Dr Jan-Willem Bos
Heriot-Watt University
Reduced titanium and niobium oxide thermoelectrics    

Professor Simon Bottrell
University of Leeds
Validating models for microbial colonisation and function in the subsurface
Dr Neil Bowles
University of Oxford    
Thermal emission spectroscopy to support remote sensing of asteroids

Dr Jason Braithwaite
University of Birmingham
Cortical hyperexcitability and the out-of-body experience (OBE)

Dr Will Branford
Imperial College London
Imaging low temperature phases in artificial spin ice    

Professor Zdzislaw Brzezniak
University of York
Quasi-geostrophic and related stochastic partial differential equations    £93,155

Professor Martin Buck
Imperial College London    Quantitative live cell imaging of enhancer dependent gene expression

Professor Franco Cacialli
University College London
Complementary zinc-oxide optoelectronics    

Dr Colin Campbell
University of Edinburgh
Mapping local steady state redox potentials with subcellular resolution    

Dr John Carr
University of Cambridge
Payback: do plant viruses compensate their hosts by helping attract pollinators?    

Dr Steven Cobb
Durham University
The development of 19F-NMR as a tool for analysing steroid degradation in active urine samples

Professor Colyn Crane-Robinson
University of Portsmouth
Linker histones and the structure of the chromatosome

Dr Peter Crittenden
University of Nottingham
The ecology of mat-forming lichens—new vision using X-ray computed tomography    

Professor Darren Crowdy
Imperial College London
Holey optical fibre (MOF) fabrication: towards a mathematical model

Dr Colin Crump
University of Cambridge    
Developing super-resolution microscopy for the analysis of virus replication

Professor Jamie Davies
University of Edinburgh
Building a synthetic cell patterning mechanism to test a biological model    

Dr Alfonso De Simone
Imperial College London
Combining carbon-detected NMR and simulations to study intractable proteins    

Professor Fred Diamond
King’s College London
Langlands correspondences for GL(2) in finite characteristic

Professor Jens Eggers
University of Bristol
Geometrical description of free-surface singularities and cusp universality    

Professor Andrew Ellis
University of Leicester    Freezing complexes in helium nanodroplets: a unique tool for chemical dynamics

Dr Thomas Ellis
Imperial College London
Organised natural structures using synthetic biology    

Dr Karen Faulds
University of Strathclyde
Assembly of nanoparticles for optimisation of enhanced Raman scattering

Dr Matt Friedman
University of Oxford
Reconciling ichthyology and palaeontology with exceptionally preserved fossils    

Dr Matthew Fuchter
Imperial College London
Asymmetric photochemical synthesis with circularly polarised light    

Dr Todor Gerdjikov
University of Leicester
Optogenetic analysis of reward mechanisms in the brain: contributions of the PPN-VTA circuit    

Dr Fiona Gill
University of Leeds
Investigating biogeochemical evidence for chemosymbiosis at fossil cold seeps    

Professor Gerard Gilmore
University of Cambridge
The Gaia-ESO survey: quantifying the formation and evolution of the Milky Way    

Professor John Goodby
University of York
Microsponges derived from plant spores in novel materials applications

Dr Jelena Grbic
University of Manchester
The homotopy theory of toric spaces    

Dr Chris Greenwell
Durham University
Archean earth peptide formation: setting geochemical constraints on the origin of proteins    

Dr Kay Grünewald
University of Oxford
Polysomes in cells – the society of ribosomes

Dr Chris Hamilton
University of East Anglia
Methods for analysing ‘invisible’ cellular disulfides

Dr Robert Harrison
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Has defence dictated the evolution of venom composition in spitting cobras?    

Dr Natalie Hempel de Ibarra
University of Exeter
How insects learn: the fixed and variable components of bumblebee learning flights    

Dr Katharine Hendry
Cardiff University
Southern Ocean sponges: the link between biogeography and geochemistry    

Dr Joseph Jackson
Aberystwyth University
Thermal variation and immunity in ectothermic vertebrates    

Dr MS Jackson
Newcastle University
Mechanisms and impact of post transcriptional exon shuffling (PTES) in mammals

Professor Marcel Jaspars
University of Aberdeen
Natural product nanotechnology: engineering natural products for new uses

Dr Mikko Juusola
University of Sheffield
From wiring to brain function in Drosophila; the role of intrinsic activity    

Dr Malcolm Kadodwala
University of Glasgow
Ultrasensitive characterisation of biological structure with supertwisted light    

Dr Terence Kee
University of Leeds
A novel chemoton model for the emergence of self-maintaining systems

Dr Heather Knight
Durham University
Control of specificity in gene expression    

Professor Michael Krom
University of Leeds
Understanding the delivery of phosphorus nutrient to the oceans

Dr Nick Lane
University College London
A far-from-equilibrium reactor to investigate the origin of life

Dr Richard Layfield
University of Manchester
Selective functionalisation of pentadienylsilanes

Dr Isaac Kuo-Kang Liu
University of Warwick    
Multiscale biomechanical investigation of engineered tissue

Dr Sylvain Ladame
Imperial College London
G-quadruplexes in gene promoters and untranslated regions: myth or reality?    

Professor Stephen Matthews
Imperial College London    
Investigating chaperone-usher pili for assembling new biosynthetic materials

Professor Peter Meyer
University of Leeds
Dissecting an ancient, but hitherto cryptic function of DNA methyltransferases    

Professor Carmen Molina-Paris
University of Leeds    
Vascular receptor-ligand programming: stochastic modelling of cellular fate

Professor William Motherwell
University College London
Studies of non-covalent Interactions of functional groups with pi systems    

Dr Robert Nudds
University of Manchester    
Reconstructing the flight capabilities of feathered fossils

Dr Neil Oldham
University of Nottingham
Trans-polyketide synthases and their products: making the connection    

Professor Chris Oliver
University of Birmingham    
Social-cognition and its relation to social development in neurodevelopmental disorders

Dr Hannah O’Regan
Liverpool John Moores University
Quantifying the mosaic: testing modern analogues for African palaeoenvironments

Dr Iain Oswald
University of Strathclyde
Pressure-induced synthesis of doped polymers—a greener route to functional polymers    

Dr Mark Paine
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Molecular characterisation of Anopheles gambiae heme oxygenase    

Dr Rosie Parnell
University of Sheffield
Children transforming spatial design: creative encounters with children    £231,059

Professor Roy Quinlan
Durham University
Development of a multiscale model of the eye lens to inform evolution and tissue morphogenesis    £251,138

Professor Ferruccio Renzoni
University College London
Exploring stochastic thermodynamics with optical traps

Professor David Ritchie
University of Cambridge
Developing thermodynamic probes to study two-dimensional electron systems    

Dr Jonathan Rossiter
University of Bristol
A robot that decomposes: towards biodegradable robotic organisms

Dr Jennifer Rowson
University of Sheffield    A novel methodology for modelling complex biomechanical systems using Bayesian uncertainty analysis

Professor Alexander Ruban
Queen Mary, University of London
Photosynthetic light harvesting in natural and artificial membranes

Professor Ian Russell
University of Brighton    Exploiting acoustic distortion by mosquitoes to listen on the wing

Dr Jonathan Sadler
University of Birmingham
Integrating ecology and social science in conservation: orchards, beetles, and agroecology    £256,552

Professor Ekhard Salje
University of Cambridge
Domain boundaries as active elements in multiferroic materials and in minerals    

Professor Pauline Schaap
University of Dundee    
Regulation of eukaryote sessility by diguanylate cyclise

Professor Mark Sephton
Imperial College London    The Moon as a recorder of organic matter in the Solar System

Dr Joanna Setchell
Durham University    
Stress, life history, and dental development in primates

Dr James Sharp
University of Nottingham
Oscillations of sessile droplets    

Dr Nadia Sidorova
University College London
Localisation for branching Bouchaud random walks    

Dr Radostin Simitev
University of Glasgow
Two-layer thermo-compositional dynamo models of the geomagnetic field    

Dr Dmitry Skryabin
University of Bath
Nonlinear photonics of microcavity polaritons in periodic structures

Dr Jason Smith
University of Oxford
Tunable microcavities for sensing in the physical and biological sciences

Dr Binod Sreenivasan
Coventry University
Experimental simulation of magnetoconvection in the Earth’s tangent cylinder

Dr Junwang Tang
University College London
Feasibility of nanomaterial fabrication by microwave-promoted microreactor    

Dr Richard Tipping
University of Stirling    Landscape dynamics and Bannockburn 1314: scientific answers to historical problems

Dr Tchavdar Todorov
Queen’s University Belfast
Dynamics of irradiation in materials and biological systems    

Dr Dave Townsend
Heriot-Watt University    
A novel LIAD source for the enhanced study of molecular dynamics

Dr Sophia Tsoka
King’s College London
Community structure detection in complex networks     

Dr Tobias Uller
University of Oxford
Epigenetics in context: how ecology shapes the epigenome in wild animals    

Professor Robert Upstill-Goddard
Newcastle University
What is the surfactant control of air-sea gas exchange across contrasting biogeochemical regimes?

Professor Paul Valdes
University of Bristol
Assessing the tropical climate over the last glacial/interglacial    

Dr Giovanni Verri
University College London    
Photoluminescence imaging and spectroscopy of painting and conservation material

Professor Robin Walker
Royal Holloway, University of London    
The role of the human midbrain in response preparation

Dr Darren Walsh
University of Nottingham
Fuel cells inspired by nature: thin film catalysts from renewable materials    

Dr Jonathan Wilden
University College London
Development of novel sulfonamide-based peptidomimetics    

Dr Gregory Wildgoose
University of East Anglia
Calixarene-modified electrodes: enzyme mimics for heterogeneous chiral synthesis    

Dr Mark Williams
University of Leicester
Pioneer ostracod zooplankton    

Dr James Wilton-Ely
Imperial College London
Gold nanoparticles functionalised with transition metal units    

Professor Dek Woolfson
University of Bristol
The design, assembly and functionalisation of peptide nanotubes

Dr Geraldine Wright
Newcastle University
The molecular logic of gustation in bees    

Dr Aidong Yang
University of Surrey
Engineering localised synergetic production networks based on renewable resources    

Dr Shengfu Yang
University of Leicester
Synthesis of neutral helium compounds in superfluid helium nanodroplets    

Dr Xiangbing Zeng
University of Sheffield
Liquid quasicrystals and their approximants    

Dr Shuang Zhang
University of Birmingham    
Controlling Casimir force using optical metamaterials


Dr Eleni Asouti
University of Liverpool
‘Unfamiliar landscapes’: from foraging to farming in central Anatolia, Turkey

Dr Tim Ayers
University of York
The building accounts for St Stephen’s Chapel, Palace of Westminster, 1292–1366    

Professor Peter Barry
Aberystwyth University
Devolved voices: Welsh poetry in English since 1997

Professor Neil Bermel
University of Sheffield
Acceptability and forced-choice judgments in the study of linguistic variation

Professor Dauvit Broun
University of Glasgow
The transformation of Gaelic Scotland in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries    

Dr Pratik Chakrabarti
University of Kent
An antique land; geology, philology and the making of the Indian subcontinent, 1830–1920    

Dr Oliver Creighton
University of Exeter
Anarchy? War and status in twelfth-century landscapes of conflict    

Professor Anne Curry
University of Southampton
‘Old wine in new bottles’. English Gascony (1360–1453) for the digital future    

Professor Jim Davis
University of Warwick
British-Australian cultural exchange: live performance 1880–1960

Dr Cecile De Cat
University of Leeds
Referential communication and executive function skills in bilingual children    

Dr Peter Flugel
SOAS, University of London
Johannes Klatt’s Jaina-onomasticon    

Dr Peter Garrard
St George’s, University of London
A ‘semantic space’ to analyse content and coherence in eighteenth-century writing

Professor Thomas Higham
University of Oxford
Modern human colonisation of Europe: chrono-cultural comparison of east and west    

Professor Hugh Kennedy
SOAS, University of London
Bridging religious difference in a multicultural Eastern Mediterranean society

Dr Clark Lawlor
Northumbria University
Fashionable diseases: medicine, literature and culture, c. 1660–1832    

Dr Stana Nenadic
University of Edinburgh
Artisans and the craft economy in Scotland c. 1780-1914    

Dr Jeff Oliver
University of Aberdeen
European migrant landscapes and intercultural relations in western Canada    

Professor Ben Rampton
King’s College London
Crossing languages and borders: intercultural language education in a conflict-ridden context    

Dr Richard Reid
SOAS, University of London
Endangered histories: the role of the deep past in the making of modern Uganda

Professor Sarah Street
University of Bristol
Colour in the 1920s: cinema and its intermedial contexts

Dr Kasia Szpakowska
Swansea University
Ancient Egyptian demonology project: second millennium BC    

Professor Martin Thomas
University of Exeter
The rhetoric of empire: managing imperial conflict between Britain and France     

Professor Philip Torr
Oxford Brookes University
Structured models for natural language description of scenes

Professor Janet Watson
University of Salford
Documentation and ethnolinguistic analysis of the modern South Arabian languages    

Professor Christopher Wickham
University of Oxford
The South Oxfordshire project: perceptions of landscape, settlement and society c. 500–1650

Social Sciences

Professor Stephen Ball
Institute of Education, University of London
New philanthropy, education policy and governance    

Dr Barbara Bompani
University of Edinburgh
‘I have cursed you all’: sexuality, religion and politics in Africa

Dr Romola Davenport
University of Cambridge
Mortality and epidemiological change in Manchester, 1750–1850    

Professor David Deacon
Loughborough University
Changes in British election news reporting (1918–2010)    

Dr Shira Elqayam
De Montfort University
Generative capacity of norms: a theory of inference from ‘is’ to ‘ought’    

Professor Harriet Evans
University of Westminster
Conflicts in cultural value: localities and heritage in Southwestern China    

Professor John Gaffney
Aston University
The nature and process of the construction of contemporary leadership discourse and persona    

Professor Christopher Harding
Aberystwyth University
Explaining and understanding business cartel collusion    

Dr Mark Harris
University of St Andrews
Past lessons for future challenges in the Brazilian Amazon    

Professor Glyn Humphreys
University of Oxford
Group modulation of perception    

Professor Hazel Johnson
Open University
Understanding rural co-operative resilience in Uganda: a pilot study

Dr Patricia Justino
Institute of Development Studies
Community cooperation in post-conflict Bosnia: coping strategies and violence    £64,635

Professor Vera Kempe
University of Abertay Dundee
When do dialects become languages? Let the human cognitive system decide

Professor Sushanta Mallick
Queen Mary, University of London
Social alienation and uncertain growth: a pre- and post-reform analysis in India    

Professor Sam McKinstry
University of the West of Scotland    
Scott and Glasgow University: the management and aesthetic direction of Europe’s largest architectural practice

Professor Anthony Musson
University of Exeter
Law and arms: the English medieval Court of Chivalry    

Dr Kimberly Quinn
University of Birmingham
Witnessing virtue versus vice: comparing moral praise and moral condemnation    

Dr David Ryves
Loughborough University
Stories of subsistence: people and coast over the last six thousand years in the Limfjord, Denmark    

Dr Susie Scott
University of Sussex
A qualitative exploration of asexual identities and practices of intimacy    

Professor Matthew Smallman-Raynor
University of Nottingham
Humanitarian crises, population displacement and epidemic diseases, 1901–2010    

Professor Miri Song
University of Kent
Mixed race parents' racial classification of their children    

Dr Mark Tarrant
University of Exeter    
Using social identity to promote psychological well-being and reduce maladaptive eating amongst morbidly obese people

Professor Jonathan Tonge
University of Liverpool
A membership survey of the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland

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