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Research Project Grants 2011


Dr Christophe Aissa
University of Liverpool
Molecular hybrids to determine the binding mode of extracellular actin on the surface of cells

Dr Ben Ambridge
University of Liverpool
The formation and restriction of linguistic generalisations: integrating experimental and computer-modelling approaches

Dr Clare Baker
University of Cambridge
Mechanisms underlying vertebrate electroreceptor development: a ‘sixth sense’

Dr Matthew Balme
Open University
Wet, moist, or dry? Using digital terrain models to determine the amount of water that has shaped the surfaces of Earth, Mars and the Moon

Dr Daniela Barilla
University of York
A minimalist mitotic spindle driving chromosome segregation in archaea

Professor David Beerling
University of Sheffield
Ecosystem CO2 starvation and Earth’s minimum CO2 concentration: an experimental assessment

Dr Philip Biggin
University of Oxford
Investigating receptor dynamics with molecular simulation

Professor Mark Blamire
University of Cambridge
Oxide superconductor / ferromagnet Josephson junctions

Professor Manfred Bochmann
University of East Anglia
Controlling nanoscale assemblies: fundamentals, methodology and materials design

Professor Jeffrey Bowers
University of Bristol
The role of local and symbolic representations in mind and brain

Professor Eleanor Campbell
University of Edinburgh
Probing the exotic electronic structure and dynamics of hollow nanomaterials

Dr Tobias Capwell
The Wallace Collection
Core collections research: Eastern European, Islamic, and Asian arms and armour

Professor Iain Coldham
University of Sheffield
Selective metallation and reactions of organonitrile compounds

Dr Ian Crawford
Birkbeck, University of London
Exploring the Moon with MoonZoo: lunar science from public participation

Dr Darren Croft
University of Exeter
The evolution of cooperation in structured animal societies

Dr Darren Crook
University of Hertfordshire
An investigation into the sustainability of Suranga technology in South Karnataka and North Kerala states of India

Dr Susan Crosthwaite
University of Manchester
New insights into the function of non-protein-coding antisense RNA

Dr Richard J Curry
University of Surrey
Direct magnetic measurement of excitonic induced magnetisation in colloidal nanocrystals

Professor Maggie Cusack
University of Glasgow
Biomineralisation: protein and mineral response to ocean acidification

Professor Hugh Gordon Dickinson
University of Oxford
Epigenetic control of meiotic recombination frequency and location

Dr Steven Dunn
Queen Mary, University of London
Ferroelectric materials as alternative surfaces for artificial photosynthesis

Dr Michelle Ellefson
University of Cambridge
Young children’s reasoning about everyday chemistry

Dr Robert G Endres
Imperial College London
Learning and kinetic proofreading for chemical sensing beyond the physical limit

Dr Jonathan Erichsen
Cardiff University
Magnetoreception in homing pigeons: a novel approach

Dr Heather Jane Ferguson
University of Kent
Understanding the minds of others: a cognitive approach to theory of mind

Dr Andrew Fletcher
Newcastle University
Quantitative morphology of interstellar gas in the Milky Way

Dr Tina van de Flierdt
Imperial College London
Deciphering glacial/interglacial climate secrets with Southern Ocean deep-sea corals

Dr Gareth Fraser
University of Sheffield
Evolution and development of continuous vertebrate tooth replacement mechanisms

Dr Lorenzo Frigerio
University of Warwick
Studying the biogenesis of protein storage vacuoles by reprogramming leaf development

Dr Matthew Gibson
University of Warwick
Ice growth inhibition by synthetic macromolecules: experiments and modelling

Professor Philip Gilmartin
Durham University
Plant sex determination: isolation of the hermaphrodite gene from silene dioica

Dr David John Gower
Natural History Museum
Insights from snakes into vertebrate visual evolution

Dr Anne Green
University of Nottingham
Towards unambiguous dark matter detection and characterisation

Dr Michael Hanley
University of Plymouth
Signalling intent: do seedling volatiles influence attack by mollusc herbivores?

Dr Katherine Haxton
University of Keele
Hybrid dendrimer-zeolite nanomaterials as tandem homogeneous catalysts

Dr Ligang He
University of Warwick
Predicting performance for applications running under authorisation mechanisms

Dr Nicola Holden
Scottish Crop Research Institute
Defining the interactions between plant cell walls and bacterial surface factors

Dr Paul Hoskisson
University of Strathclyde
New tools for biomolecular characterisation: ultrafast 2D infrared spectroscopy

Dr Stefan Howorka
University College London
Sizing forensic nucleotide repeat sequences with nanopores

Professor Graham Hutchings
Cardiff University
Investigation of gold heterogeneous catalysts for carbon dioxide utilisation

Dr Michael Ingleson
University of Manchester
Regeneration of amine-borane hydrogen storage materials using H2 as reductant

Dr Iain Jackson
University of Liverpool
The architecture of Maxwell Fry and Drew: modernism, collaborations and the tropics

Dr Benjamin Jones
Brunel University
Determination of chronological context of latent fingerprints on porous surfaces

Dr Gabriele Jordan
Newcastle University
An investigation into the critical factors determining tetrachromacy

Professor Jonathan Keating
University of Bristol
Arithmetical correlations from random matrix theory

Dr Matt King
Newcastle University
GPS time series homogenisation for sea level studies

Dr Paul Knox
University of Liverpool
Comparison of saccades across cultures

Dr Anatoly Konechny
Heriot-Watt University
Geometry of renormalisation group flows of twodimensional quantum field theories

Professor Igor Lerner
University of Birmingham
Kinetics of entangled-photon generation with high- and low-intensity sources

Dr Brendon Lovett
Heriot-Watt University
Quantum coherence in natural and artificial energy harvesting

Dr Duncan Mackay
University of St Andrews
Simulating large scale solar magnetic fields: application to space weather

Dr Yassir Makkawi
Aston University
Wet and dry particle flow at the intermediate regime

Professor Marco Marletta
Cardiff University
Dissipative spectral theory 

Professor Paul F McMillan
University College London
Survival and adaptability of organisms at GigaPascal pressures

Professor Alexander Mikhailov
University of Leeds
Reductions and inverse spectral transform for discrete integrable systems

Professor Eleanor J Milner-Gulland
Imperial College London
Exclusion vs mobility: limits to ideal free distributions in pastoralist systems

Dr Stephen Moggach
University of Edinburgh
Pressure tuning flexible porous metal organic frameworks (MOFs)

Dr Wolfgang Muller
Royal Holloway, University of London
Spatially-resolved Ca isotope systematics in vertebrates by LA-MC-ICPMS

Dr Kianoush Nazarpour
Newcastle University
Imaging and optimisation techniques for co-adaptively myoelectric prosthetics

Dr K Anne-Isola Nekaris
Oxford Brookes University
The only poisonous primates: ecological context and function of slow loris venom

Professor Richard E Palmer
University of Birmingham
A new kind of cluster beam source for physics, chemistry, biology and engineering

Dr Kevin Paterson
University of Leicester
Improving secondary school students’ science text comprehension

Dr Martin Paterson
Heriot-Watt University
Electronic energy quenching via non-adiabatic pathways

Professor Guy Poppy
University of Southampton
Does diesel pollution compromise an insect’s ability to smell a flower's scent?

Dr Anna Pratoussevitch
University of Liverpool
Real forms of higher spin bundles

Professor David J Procter
University of Manchester
Asymmetric copper-catalysis in the first total synthesis of the taedolidols

Dr Jim Provan
Queen's University Belfast
Can a dual refugial hypothesis explain the distribution of Lusitanian species?

Dr John Pryce
Cardiff University
Widening application of structural analysis for differential-algebraic equations

Dr John Quinn
University of Oxford
The evolutionary ecology of learning ability in a wild population of birds

Dr Tim Rakow
University of Essex
Broadening the applications for experience-based choice

Dr Iain Ridgway
Bangor University
Accurate demographic analysis of the Ocean Quahog, the longest lived animal

Professor Daniel Robert
University of Bristol
The influence of electrostatic fields on plant pollinator interactions

Dr Jennifer Rodd
University College London
How do listeners understand speech? Brain imaging studies of semantic ambiguity

Dr Ben Rowson
National Museum of Wales
Slugs of the British Isles: a guide to species and a screening of the fauna

Dr Daniela Schmidt
University of Bristol
Ocean acidification and responses of the marine benthos in the Southern Ocean

Dr Guy Schumann
University of Bristol
Understanding the hydrodynamics of the Congo

Dr Robert W Scotland
University of Oxford
Exploring ways to accelerate taxonomy: foundation monographs and the world flora

Dr Veronique Seidel
University of Strathclyde
Bioactive chemicals in African bee glue

Professor Mark Sephton
Imperial College London
Investigating the relationships between minerals and molecules

Professor Helen Sharp
Open University
Novice interaction designers' behaviour in different cultures

Dr Holly A Shiels
University of Manchester
Anoxia tolerance of turtle hearts

Professor Neil Spooner
University of Sheffield
Neutron identification from tracks

Dr Lauren Stewart
Goldsmith's, University of London
Investigating involuntary cognition via spontaneous musical imagery

Dr Lee Sweetlove
University of Oxford
Exploring the use of bacterial enzymes to detoxify cyanogenic plants

Professor Richard Szabo
Heriot-Watt University
AGT conjecture: relations between moduli spaces, Lie algebras and string theory

Professor Emanuele Trucco
University of Dundee
Discovery of retinal biomarkers for genetics with large cross-linked datasets

Dr David Tsiklauri
Queen Mary, University of London
Advanced model of solar radio bursts via plasma kinetic simulation

Dr Dmitry Turaev
Imperial College London
Arnold diffusion and fermi acceleration

Dr Paul Upchurch
University College London
Testing the relationships between latitude and biodiversity in the Cretaceous

Professor Robert Upstill-Goddard
Newcastle University
The denitrification paradox: is denitrification a source or sink of nitrous oxide in marine sediments?

Dr Jan Verlet
Durham University
Spectroscopy, dynamics and reactivity of hydrated electrons at interfaces

Dr Gaelle Villejoubert
Kingston University
Rethinking the role of intuition in probability judgements

Professor Paolo Vineis
Imperial College London
Causes, health impacts and mitigation of saline intrusion in Bangladesh

Dr Simon Wagstaff
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine
Understanding the presence and prolonged stability of mRNA in snake venoms

Dr Christopher Watson
Queen's University Belfast
Towards detecting Earth-like alien worlds

Professor Stephen Wiggins
University of Bristol
Theory, modelling, and simulation in nanoscience: dynamics in complex systems

Professor Martin Wills
University of Warwick
Oxidation reactions assisted by energy from sunlight


Dr Roger Bland
British Museum
The Portable Antiquities Scheme database as a tool for archaeological research

Professor Richard Bowring
University of Cambridge
Culture and time: a history of the calendar in Japan before 1900

Professor Chris Brooks
University of Reading
Medieval foreign exchange c.1300-1500

Dr John Drew
University of Buckingham
Enriching Dickens Journals Online: attributions, accessibility, and innovation

Professor Margot Finn
University of Warwick
The East India Company at home, 1757-1857 

Dr Charles French
University of Cambridge
Changes in ancient land and water-use along the Río Ica, South-Central Andes

Professor Michael Fulford
University of Reading
Evaluation of PPG16, 'grey' literature and the rural settlement of Roman Britain

Professor Edmund Herzig
University of Oxford
Exploration, maps and silk road history from Balkh, Northern Afghanistan

Professor Simon Hillson
University College London
Do larger molars and robust jaws in early hominins represent dietary adaptation?

Dr Louise Jackson
University of Edinburgh
Police and community in 20th century Scotland: a social history

Professor Peter Kornicki
University of Cambridge
Translation and vernacularisation in pre-modern East Asia

Dr Alan Ross MacDonald
University of Dundee
Climate change in early modern Scotland as revealed in church records

Professor Martin Maiden
University of Oxford
The romance noun: a comparative-historical study of plural formation

Professor Jonathan Mee
University of Warwick
Networks of improvement: British literary clubs and societies c.1760-1840

Professor John Morrill
University of Cambridge
A new critical edition of all the writings and speeches of Oliver Cromwell

Dr Sian Nicholas
Aberystwyth University
A social and cultural history of the British press in World War II

Dr Sean O'Connell
Queen's University Belfast
The politics of consumer credit in the UK, 1938-1992

Professor Alan M Pollard
University of Oxford
Mass migration and apartheid in Anglo-Saxon Britain?: an ancient DNA re-evaluation

Dr Sarah Prescott
Aberystwyth University
Women's poetry 1400-1800 in English, Gaelic, Scots, Scots Gaelic and Welsh

Dr Eleanor Robson
University of Cambridge
Assyrian-Babylonian scholarly literacy: identifying individual spelling habits

Dr James Russell
De Montfort University
Hollywood and the baby boom: a social history 

Dr John Scally
University of Edinburgh
Carmichael in context: the material worlds of a Celtic collector

Dr Erik Schleef
University of Manchester
Regional language variation and the indexical field

Dr Paul Seaward
History of Parliament Trust
Proceedings in Parliament in 1624: an edition of the parliamentary record

Professor Sacha Stern
University College London
Medieval Christian and Jewish calendar texts from England and Franco-Germany

Dr Jane Stuart-Smith
University of Glasgow
Fine phonetic variation and sound change: a real-time study of Glaswegian

Dr Susan Townsend
University of Nottingham
Automobility and the urban environment in Nagoya and Birmingham c.1955-1973

Dr Michael Willis
British Museum
Politics, ritual and religion: cultural formation in early medieval India

Professor Crispin Wright
University of Aberdeen
Relativism and the nature of rational tolerance

Professor Andrei Zorin
University of Oxford
The creation of a Europeanised élite in Russia: public role and subjective self

Social Sciences

Dr Gavin Brown
University of Leicester
Non-stop against apartheid: the spaces of transnational solidarity activism

Professor Francesco Caselli
London School of Economics and Political Science
Trade as a source of macroeconomic diversification

Dr Thalia Eley
Institute of Psychiatry
Familial transmission of emotional development: a children of twins approach

Professor Orla Gough
University of Westminster
locating poverty in retirement among women of the Asian Diaspora in Britain

Professor Roger Ingham
University of Southampton
Early sexual socialisation and sexuality education; parental perspectives

Professor Jane Lewis
London School of Economics and Political Science
Renegotiating parenthood: parents and children

Professor Xiaohui Liu
Loughborough University
CEO compensation, subnational institutions and firm internationalisation

Miss Debra Morris
University of Liverpool
Charities and equality legislation: a perfect match or strange bedfellows?

Dr Claudio Piga
Loughborough University
Price discrimination and competition: new evidence from European airlines

Dr Gwendolyn Sasse
University of Oxford
Political remittances: understanding the political impacts of migration

Dr Max-Stephan Schulze
London School of Economics and Political Science
Integration and growth: capital and goods markets in 14th to 18th century Europe

Professor David Thomas
University of Oxford
Climatic hazards in the Gobi Desert 

Professor Peter Wade
University of Manchester
Public engagement with genomic research and race in Latin America

Professor Leif Wenar
King's College London
Clean trade: the resource curse and consumer demand for oil, gas, and minerals

Dr Dariusz Wojcik
University of Oxford
The end of investment bank capitalism? Mapping the global securities industry

Professor Clare Wood
Coventry University
Evaluating the potential of speech rhythm-based reading intervention

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