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Research Fellowships 2020


Professor Sarah Bate
Bournemouth University
Individual differences in face learning

Professor Paul Blackwell
University of Sheffield
Wildlife movement modelling and piecewise deterministic Markov chain Monte Carlo

Dr Angela Busse
University of Glasgow
Rough-wall turbulence: the Lagrangian view

Professor Anna Corrias
University of Kent
Super-hydrophobic aerogels for environmental applications

Dr Sarah Croke
University of Glasgow
Revisiting Wigner’s theorem: novel symmetry transformations in quantum theory

Professor David Dritschel
University of St Andrews
A fundamental re-assessment of shallow-water fluid dynamics

Dr Laura Edwards
Liverpool John Moores University
Drone and satellite investigations of glacial meltwater plumes

Dr The Anh Han
Teesside University
Incentives for commitment compliance

Professor Nicholas A Hill
University of Glasgow
Coupling circulation models to the micro-circulation

Dr Andrew Jackson
University of Liverpool
Different actors, same story? Determinism and contingency in parasite evolution

Dr Rob Jenkins
University of York
Systematic review of weekday effects

Dr Sev Kender
University of Exeter
Assessing the long term stability of retreating Antarctic Peninsula glaciers

Professor Biagio Lucini
Swansea University
A machine learning approach to statistical mechanics and quantum field theory

Professor Tom Marsh
University of Warwick
Tomographic imaging of white dwarf binary systems

Professor Abbie C Mclaughlin
University of Aberdeen
Novel ionic conductors for application in ceramic fuel cells

Dr Min Pan
University of Bath
Soft Muscles with Inherent Sensing, Locomotion and Self-Healing Capabilities

Dr Samraat Pawar
Imperial College London
A novel modelling framework for microbiome functional stability

Dr Tamsin Saxton
Northumbria University
Smellbound: how do natural infant odours enchant parents?

Professor Elizabeth Smythe
University of Sheffield
Regulation of cell surface area by macropinocytosis

Dr Emma Ward
Middlesex University
Does implicit memory decline in normal aging? Providing conclusive evidence

Dr Konstantinos Zygalakis
University of Edinburgh
Synergies in stochastics and optimisation for Bayesian computation


Professor Peter Ackema
University of Edinburgh
Complex heads in syntax and morphology

Dr Juliette Atkinson
University College London
The Oxford History of Life-Writing: Volume 5. The Nineteenth Century

Dr Sascha Auerbach
University of Nottingham
Race, labour and the ‘overseer state’ in the British Empire, 1838–1917

Mr Alastair Brotchie
Independent Researcher
Pataphysics and its college: an anthology

Mr Paul Croft
Aberystwyth University
The history of British lithography: the role of collaboration in practice

Professor Gowan Dawson
University of Leicester
Grotesque procession to march of progress: a secret history of evolution’s icon

Dr Renate Dohmen
Open University
Colonial art in British India: power, gender and race under the Raj 

Dr David Dwan
University of Oxford
Intellectuals in Ireland, 1900–2000

Professor Briony Fer
University College London
Louise Bourgeois and a visual imaginary

Dr Molly Flynn
Birkbeck, University of London
Performing revolution: Ukrainian theatre after Euromaidan

Dr Helen Gittos
University of Oxford
English: the forgotten language of the pre-reformation church

Professor Azzedine Haddour
University College London
Frantz Fanon: gender, torture and the biopolitics of colonialism

Dr Stefan Halikowski Smith
Swansea University
Allegories of civic government: the seventeenth-century Sala Czerwona decorations

Dr Rachel Herrmann
Cardiff University
Water, hunger and borders in the early modern Atlantic

Dr Margaret Hillenbrand
University of Oxford
Precarity and cultural form in contemporary China

Dr Michael Hrebeniak
University of Cambridge
The cultural history and documentary poetics of BBC Arena, 1975–present

Dr Stephen Jacobs
University of Wolverhampton
How green is your valley? Everyday life at the centre for alternative technology

Professor David James
University of Birmingham
Sentimental activism

Dr Felicity James
University of Leicester
The collaborative children’s writing of Charles and Mary Lamb 

Dr Innes Keighren
Royal Holloway, University of London
Global revolution: William Macintosh and the geography of radical politics

Dr Catriona Kennedy
University of York
Master and servant in eighteenth-century Ireland

Dr Alexandra Kokoli
Middlesex University
Art and visual activism at Greenham Common 

Dr Nikita Lalwani
Royal Holloway, University of London
So Beloved – a novel 

Dr Avi Lifschitz
University of Oxford
The last philosopher-king? Frederick II of Prussia as thinker and public author

Professor Peter Marshall
University of Warwick
Culture and belief in Orkney, 1468–1800

Dr Rachel Morley
University College London
Forms of female subjectivity in contemporary Russian women’s cinema

Professor Sinéad Morrissey
Newcastle University
Seeing red: an anatomy of an Irish communist childhood 

Dr Harry Munt
University of York
Universalism and regionalism in the early Islamic world

Professor Ad Neeleman
University College London
Complex heads in syntax and morphology

Professor Laudan Nooshin
City, University of London
Listening to the sonic city: Tehran’s contemporary and historical soundspaces

Dr Will Norman
University of Kent
Complicity in post-1945 American literature

Professor Edward Nye
University of Oxford
Deburau: mime in theatre, the arts and society

Dr Paul Oldfield
University of Manchester
Hidden histories: documenting the past in medieval Puglia, 1130–1250

Dr Halle O’Neal
University of Edinburgh
Writing against death: reuse and recycling in Japanese Buddhist manuscripts

Dr Donncha O’Rourke
University of Edinburgh
Erring willingly: agency, akrasia and free will in Roman elegy 

Professor David Owens
King’s College London
Obligation and convention

Dr Joanna Pawlik
University of Sussex
Figuring fascism in American art, 1945–1980

Dr Mara Polgovsky Ezcurra
Birkbeck, University of London
The new life: a cultural history of cybernetics in Latin America

Dr Nigel Pollard
Swansea University
Soldiers as ‘cultural tourists’ in wartime Italy, 1943–1945

Dr Raquel Ribeiro
University of Edinburgh
Remembering Angola: the cultural memory of the Cubans in the Angolan civil war

Dr Annie Ring
University College London
AI in experimental film from the German-speaking context

Dr John Roberts
Brunel University London
The spatial governance of free speech at Hyde Park, 1945–2017

Professor Helena Louise Sanson
University of Cambridge
Women and linguistic culture in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Italy

Dr Helmut Schmitz
University of Warwick
Resonances: love and intimacy in contemporary German language literature

Dr Yasmine Shamma
University of Reading
When we talk about home: testimonies, oral histories and poetry of migration

Professor Arlene Sierra
Cardiff University
Orchestral ecologies

Dr Clare Siviter
University of Bristol
Surveilling the stage: censorship and subjectivity in the age of the revolution

Professor Adam Sutcliffe
King’s College London
Who cares? Empathy, equity and the uses of history

Professor Richard Terry
Northumbria University
A sense of an ending: life assurance and the English novel, 1700–1900

Dr Dario Tessicini
Durham University
The early modern invention of cosmology

Dr Patrick Tomlin
University of Warwick
Violence in proportion

Professor Stephen Tuck
University of Oxford
The meditations of Francis Grimke: faith and protest in the segregation era 

Dr Imaobong Umoren
London School of Economics and Political Science
‘Iron Lady of the Caribbean’: the life and politics of Dame Eugenia Charles

Dr Yair Wallach
SOAS, University of London
The Arab Ashkenazi: Jewish migration to the Middle East beyond the Zionist prism

Dr Christopher Warnes
University of Cambridge
Culture and change in South Africa, 1994–2017

Dr Heather Webb
University of Cambridge
Gestural Dante

Dr Christian Weikop
University of Edinburgh
‘The History Boys’ of post-1945 German art: Beuys, Richter, Baselitz and Kiefer

Dr Ulrike Elisabeth Weiss
University of St Andrews
‘Fair Amazons’: female equestrians and the performance of gender, 1770–1820

Professor Joanna Woodall
Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
Contemplating the unspeakable in seventeenth-century Netherlandish art 

Social Sciences

Professor Leah Bassel
Roehampton University
Listening for change

Dr Paul Bou-Habib
University of Essex
The brain drain: a moral assessment

Dr Adam Bower
University of St Andrews
Contesting the heavens: power, norms and law in space security governance

Dr Megan Bowman
King’s College London
Regulatory leadership for a climate finance transition

Dr Dorigen Caldwell
Birkbeck, University of London
Piety, patronage and politics in early modern Rome

Professor Felicity Callard
Birkbeck, University of London
2018: the year that shook UK universities 

Professor Subir Chattopadhyay
University of York
Optimal allocation with exhaustible resources when there is generational overlap

Dr Carlo Corradini
University of Birmingham
Exploring the geography of the intangible dimension of innovation

Professor Michael Cullinane
Roehampton University
Political networks of the ‘progressive era’ United States, 1901–1920

Dr Sacha Darke
University of Westminster
Inmate governance in Brazilian community prisons

Ms Mairead Enright
University of Birmingham
Law’s inheritances: legal agency and Ireland’s reckoning with the past

Dr Michelle Farrell
University of Liverpool
The political theology of torture

Professor Luna Filipovic
University of East Anglia
Confession to make: confessing through misunderstanding in police interviews

Dr Carrie Friese
London School of Economics and Political Science
(Human)itarianism and the laboratory animal: hierarchy and care in Britain

Dr Tom Geue
University of St Andrews
Major corrections: the materialist philology of Sebastiano Timpanaro

Dr Raul Gomez
University of Liverpool
Explaining the electoral decline of the mainstream right in Western Europe

Dr Jasper Heinzen
University of York
In search of civilised war: prisoners of war and military honour, 1789–1918 

Professor Andrew Hindmoor
University of Sheffield
Fractured: a history of Britain in the first quarter century

Dr Jeffrey Howard
University College London
Battling dangerous speech

Dr Mark Jamieson
University of East London
The impact of cocaine money on social processes on Nicaragua’s Caribbean coast

Dr Sara Kendall
University of Kent
Humanitarian complicity in the global legal order

Dr Christel Koop
King’s College London
Regulators and central banks under pressure: analysing communicative responses

Dr Hugo Lam
University of Liverpool
Stock market reaction to slavery issues in supply chains: the role of regulation

Dr Hannah Lambie-Mumford
University of Sheffield
Charity begins in the boardroom? Food corporations and food charity

Dr Laura Lammasniemi
University of Warwick
Narratives of sexual consent in criminal courts, 1870–1950

Dr Kate Lewis
Newcastle University
Workaday bravery: reconceptualising workplace courage

Professor Fraser MacBride
University of Manchester
Beyond particular and universal

Dr Emese Nagy
University of Dundee
Music and musical communication: a trial with young infants

Professor Sarah Nettleton
University of York
Making architecture for care: a sociology of design and construction

Dr Tom O’Grady
University College London
The transformation of British welfare provision: political beliefs and motives

Dr Carolyn Pedwell
University of Kent
Digital media and the human: the social life of software, AI and algorithms

Dr Gurleen Popli
University of Sheffield
Racial differences in the school-to-work transition: exploring the long-term implications

Professor Massimo Renzo
King’s College London
Manipulation: a philosophical account

Dr Dina Rezk
University of Reading
Virtue, violence and virility: making Egypt’s presidents

Dr Emily Rose
University of Strathclyde
The law of immaterial labour

Dr Catherine Rottenberg
University of Nottingham
Rethinking feminist solidarity as theory and praxis

Dr Tom Scott-Smith
University of Oxford
From conservatism to idealism: the life of Lord John Boyd Orr

Dr Asaf Siniver
University of Birmingham
From mediation to arbitration: conflict resolution and territorial disputes

Professor Crawford Spence
King’s College London
Audit in the age of machines

Professor Kriszta Eszter Szendroi
University College London
Contemporary Hasidic Yiddish – a case study in rapid, pervasive language change

Dr Mathias Thaler
University of Edinburgh
Utopias in the Anthropocene: ways of imagining a climate-changed world

Professor Dmitri Vinogradov
University of Glasgow
Formation of expectations and beliefs: exploring the impact of news and media

Dr Katy Wells
University of Warwick
Renting: justice and limited sovereignty

Dr Joe Wills
University of Leicester
The legal status of nonhuman animals in Britain: a social relations perspective

Dr Yang Zu
University of Nottingham
Detecting stock market bubbles: a new approach with applications

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