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Research Fellowships 2019


Professor Alin Achim
University of Bristol
Information fusion for heterogeneous retinal imaging (INFHER)

Dr Gabriel Barrenechea
University of Strathclyde 
Polyhedral meshes and the discrete maximum principle

Dr Nelly Bencomo
Aston University
QuantUn: quantification of uncertainty using Bayesian surprises

Professor Peter H Beton
University of Nottingham
Light emission from hybrid molecular/2D heterostructures

Dr Jaclyn Billington
University of Leeds
To see or not to see: camouflage and human processes of detection

Dr Inna Capdeboscq
University of Warwick
Classification of finite simple groups – large groups with two characteristics

Dr Alistair Fielding
Liverpool John Moores University
Understanding the radical source of the degradation of plastic waste

Dr Gillian Forrester
Birkbeck, University of London
Hand to mouth: the role of tool-use in the evolution and development of language

Professor Boris Gaensicke
University of Warwick
Mapping the shores of the solar neighbourhood

Dr Timothy Heaton
University of Sheffield
Improving the measurement of time using radiocarbon

Dr Richard Jiang
Northumbria University
Face2Gene: genetic identity behind deep facial features

Professor Malcolm Kadodwala
University of Glasgow
A nano-resonator route to colossal magnetochiral optical effects

Professor Ruth King
University of Edinburgh
Statistical ecology: modern challenges of quantity and quality

Professor Vito Latora
Queen Mary, University of London
CREATE: the network components of creativity and success

Professor Yan Lavallee
University of Liverpool
Explore the magma frontier to unlock the full potential of geothermal energy

Dr Thomas Leinster
University of Edinburgh
Magnitude and diversity

Professor Rachel Norman
University of Stirling 
Developing a theoretical understanding of non linearities in the food system

Professor Graham Shields
University College London
Evaporites and the long term carbon cycle

Professor Pietro D Spanu
Imperial College London
Interkingdom communication: the role of extracellular vesicles in plant disease

Dr Karen Spencer
University of St Andrews 
Understanding the interaction between habitat use, pollution and seabird health

Dr Tobias von der Haar
University of Kent
Plastic eating microbes: engineering options for a sustainable future


Dr Nadia Atia
Queen Mary, University of London
Iraq reimagined: representations of home in diasporic Iraqi literature 

Professor Tiffany Atkinson
University of East Anglia
O what can I say?: embarrassment, ethics and poetry 

Professor Matthew Giles Bell
King's College London
Goethe’s intellectual development and the beginnings of European conservatism

Dr Melanie Bigold
Cardiff University
Her books: women’s libraries and book ownership, 1660–1820

Dr Helena Britt
Glasgow School of Art
The cloth: exploring creative collaboration and interdisciplinarity, 1977–1987

Professor Felix Budelmann
University of Oxford
The Ancient Greek present

Dr Robert Burroughs
Leeds Beckett University 
Congo House, 1889–1911: Black lives between empire and immigration

Dr Luisa Calè
Birkbeck, University of London
The book unbound: material cultures of reading and collecting, c. 1750–1850

Dr Catrin Campbell-Moore
University of Bristol
Undermining beliefs and imprecise probabilities

Professor Shohini Chaudhuri
University of Essex
Creativity and constraint: contemporary cinema in Iran and the Arab world

Mr Stephen Coates
Independent Researcher
Over the soviet horizon

Dr Helen Coffey
Open University
Music and empire: instrumental sounds in the world of Maximilian I

Professor Matthew D Cook
Birkbeck, University of London
Historic passions: queer history making in Britain 

Dr Andrew Counter
University of Oxford
Sexual poverty and the ‘right’ to sex: a nineteenth-century French genealogy

Dr David Creese
Newcastle University
Scientific authority in Ptolemy’s ‘harmonics’: a comparative approach

Ms Katie Cuddon
Newcastle University
Rewriting clay

Dr Manishita Dass
Royal Holloway, University of London
Left luggage: cinematic legacies of the Indian People’s Theatre movement

Professor Dejan Djokić
Goldsmiths, University of London
Tito’s last soldiers: 14th Military Police Battalion and the end of Yugoslavia

Dr Merve Emre
University of Oxford
Post-discipline: literature, higher education, and the crisis of the humanities

Professor Mark Ford
University College London
Woman much missed: Thomas Hardy, Emma Hardy and poetry

Dr Craig French
University of Nottingham
The epistemic power of perception

Professor Rosalind Galt
King’s College London
Spectres of decolonisation: the cinematic imaginary of the Malay pontianak

Professor John Gardner
Anglia Ruskin University
Turning the screw: literature, technology and culture

Dr Francesco Goglia
University of Exeter
Onward migration from Italy to the UK: sociolinguistic implications

Dr Hannah Greig
University of York
Possessions of the crown: material worlds of the British court 1688–1832

Dr Sheryllynne Haggerty
University of Nottingham
Merchants and managers; sojourners and slaves: Jamaica in 1756

Professor Susan Harrow
University of Bristol
Letterworlds: epistolarity and the inter-art community in France,1848–1902

Dr Katja Haustein
University of Kent
Alone with others: a literary history of tact in the twentieth century

Dr Catherine Haworth
University of Huddersfield
Sounds criminal: scoring the 1940s crime film at RKO Radio Pictures

Dr Owen Hodkinson
University of Leeds
Philostratus’ epistles: edition with commentary, introduction, and translation

Dr David Huyssen
University of York
The socialist who created the hedge fund: a new history of capitalism

Dr Nancy Jachec
Independent Researcher
Italy and Jean-Paul Sartre

Professor Helen Johnston
University of Hull
English prisons at war: imprisonment during national crisis

Dr Tristan Kay
University of Bristol
The poet and the nation: Dante and the idea of Italy

Professor Mark Knights
University of Warwick
Corruption and the abuse of office in Britain and its empire, c. 1600–c. 1850

Dr Katherine Lebow
University of Oxford
The people write! Polish everyman autobiography, 1921–1948

Dr Colin Lever
Durham University
Olfactory contributions to social identity and interaction in rodents and humans

Dr Jan Machielsen
Cardiff University
Witches, children, and refugees: terror in the French Basque country, 1600–1620

Dr Michael Mack
Durham University
Disappointment: the destructive element from Spinoza to contemporary literature 

Dr Sarah McCleave
Queen’s University Belfast
Fame and the female dancer: the development of a profession

Dr James McConnel
Northumbria University
The fighting race? Contested images of Irish soldiers in the First World War

Professor Tony McEnery
Lancaster University
English language learning and spoken interaction

Dr Emily McTernan
University College London
On the ethics of taking offence

Dr Chana Morgenstern
University of Cambridge
A literature for all its citizens: cultures of co-existence in Israel/Palestine

Dr Beate Müller
Newcastle University
West German student essays on the Nazi era: war children's voices from the 1950s

Dr Mark Newman
University of Edinburgh
Reconciling the mystical body: Louisiana Catholics and desegregation, 1945–1976

Professor Harold Noonan
University of Nottingham
Identity investigations

Dr Niall O’ Flaherty
King's College London
Malthus and the discovery of poverty 

Dr Stephanie O’Rourke
University of St Andrews
Natural histories in early nineteenth-century European landscape painting

Dr Alexander Paseau
University of Oxford
Structuralism within a theory of structure

Dr Amanda Power
University of Oxford
Medieval histories of the Anthropocene

Dr Kitt Price
Queen Mary, University of London 
Tomorrow’s news

Dr Petra Rau
University of East Anglia
Only what you can carry: nine working-class women and German cultural memory

Dr Rebecca Reich
University of Cambridge
True and false: the journalistic turn in post-Stalinist literature

Professor Irit Rogoff
Goldsmiths, University of London
Becoming research

Dr Anna Katharina Schaffner
University of Kent
Self-improvement: a history

Dr Allison Stielau
University College London
Meltdown and transformation in post-war German art

Dr Ilse Sturkenboom
University of St Andrews
Fifteenth-century Persian manuscripts on ‘Chinese’ painted paper

Professor Peter Swaab
University College London
Sylvia Townsend warner and the possibilities of freedom

Professor Joan Taylor
King’s College London 
Babatha’s sisters in the Christmas cave: an ‘engendered’ archaeology approach

Dr Rebecca Tierney-Hynes
University of Edinburgh
Laughing matters: comedy, sympathy and the ethical spectator, 1660–1750

Dr David Tollerton
University of Exeter
Holocaust remembrance and the socio-religious landscape of twenty-first century Britain

Dr Anne Toner
University of Cambridge
Free direct discourse and the framing of dialogue in English fiction

Dr Marion Turner
University of Oxford
The wife of Bath: a biography

Dr Nadia Valman
Queen Mary, University of London
Literary East London

Dr Colin Veach
University of Hull
England’s first colony: state-building on the Irish frontier, 1199–1265

Dr Belén Vidal
King’s College London
Love belated. Cinephilic films and ephemeral film cultures in Spain,1945–2015

Mr Jelmer Vos
University of Glasgow
Coffee and colonialism in Angola, 1820–1960

Dr Benjamin Walton
University of Cambridge
The beginnings of global opera

Professor Samantha Warren
University of Portsmouth
In the key of she: women, technology and cultural production

Dr Edward Wilson-Lee
University of Cambridge
A world of secrets: Portuguese archives and the beginnings of global history

Dr Ute Wölfel
University of Reading
Tradition, trauma, treason: screening war beyond the nation in East German film

Dr Reza Zia-Ebrahimi
King’s College London
Jews, Muslims and conspiratorial racism, 1860–today

Social Sciences

Dr Judi Atkins
Aston University
Envisioning Britain and Britishness: the Queen’s Christmas message

Dr Andre Barrinha
University of Bath
Cyber-diplomacy: foreign policy in the digital age

Dr Kathryn Cassidy
Northumbria University
Dis/b/ordering: disrupting everyday welfare bordering in the UK

Dr Silvia Casini
University of Aberdeen
From where do we see? Centre-periphery in biomedical visualisation

Professor Sarah Childs
Birkbeck, University of London
Building feminist institutions: parliaments, institutionalism and change

Professor Graham Crow
University of Edinburgh
Managing career endings and the transition to retirement: the case of academics

Dr Deirdre Duffy
Manchester Metropolitan University
Feminist outlaws: abortion trail activism and evolution of abortion politics 

Dr Madeleine Fagan
University of Warwick
Contending cultures of the Anthropocene: prospects for political mobilisation

Professor Karin Fierke
University of St Andrews
Agency and strategy in non-Western political thought

Professor Gino Gancia
Queen Mary, University of London
Political structure and its discontents in a globalised world

Professor Mathew Humphrey
University of Nottingham
Riders’ rights: freedom, identity, authenticity in grassroots activism

Professor Aseem Inam
Cardiff University
Frontstage / backstage: relationality of inequality in the contemporary city

Professor Paula Jarzabkowski
City, University of London
A paradox lens on grand challenges: addressing the protection gap for disasters

Dr Daniel Kato
Queen Mary, University of London
The politics racism makes: racial politics from slavery to mass incarceration

Dr Tom Lavers
University of Manchester
The politics of distribution in Ethiopia’s ‘developmental state’

Dr Kirsten McConnachie
University of East Anglia
Utopia or bust? A socio-legal analysis of community land ownership in Scotland

Dr Kathryn McNeilly
Queen’s University Belfast
Time and ‘things’ in the practice of international human rights law

Dr Rose Meleady
University of East Anglia
Normative social influences on intergroup contact engagement

Dr Catherine Mitchell
University of Birmingham
Rescuing English contract law (from irrelevance)

Dr Jonathan Monten
University College London
Freedom by force: why foreign-imposed democracies succeed or fail

Professor Amanda Perry-Kessaris
University of Kent
Doing sociolegal research in design mode

Professor Teela Sanders
University of Leicester
Revisiting the brothels: capturing change and continuity over two decades

Dr Sanjay Sharma
Brunel University London
The ecology of digital racism

Dr Richard Shorten
University of Birmingham
The ideology of political reactionaries

Professor Alison Stenning
Newcastle University
Potential space and playing out: exploring play, neighbours and streets

Dr Luke Ulas
University of Sheffield
Human nature and the prospects for cosmopolitics

Dr Alice Wilson
University of Sussex
Defeated revolutionaries, lasting legacies: Dhufar’s afterlife of revolution

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