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Research Fellowships 2018


Professor Alexandre Anesio
University of Bristol
A-CORE: AnthropogeniC impact On EuRopean glaciErs

Professor David Borchers
University of St Andrews
Statistical models for digital wildlife surveys

Dr Christina Cobbold
University of Glasgow
Insect abundance and climate variability: novel insights from homogenisation

Dr Maria Dornelas
University of St Andrews
Multi-scale prediction of reef coral diversity

Professor Andrew Gilbert
University of Exeter
Vortices and waves in complex fluid flows

Dr Tristram Irvine-Fynn
Aberystwyth University
How does autumn rainfall ‘reset’ glacier surfaces in a wetter Arctic?

Dr Eun-jin Kim
University of Sheffield
Variability and self-organisation in stellar evolution

Professor Simon Poulton
University of Leeds
Dynamics of the Great Oxidation Event

Professor Alastair Rucklidge
University of Leeds
Complex and disordered patterns

Dr Marco Schlichting
University of Warwick
Higher K-theory of forms

Dr Francesco Shankar
University of Southampton
Cutting-edge semi-empirical models for supermassive black hole-galaxy evolution

Dr Matthias Soller
University of Birmingham
Understanding the role of mRNA methylation in fine-tuning gene expression

Professor Einar Steingrimsson
University of Strathclyde
Connecting physics models via permutations

Professor Steven Tobias
University of Leeds
The origin of the eleven-year solar activity cycle

Dr Floriana Tuna
University of Manchester
Two-dimensional HYSCORE spectroscopy of actinide complexes

Dr Elizabeth Wanner
Aston University
Lyapunov design of success-based adaptation rules


Dr Arif Ahmed
University of Cambridge
The value of the future

Dr Nadia Ali
Independent researcher
Reconstructing the visual cultures of pre-Islamic Arabia

Professor Marc David Baer
London School of Economics and Political Science
Guided by Goethe: German-Jewish gay Muslim writer Hugo Marcus, 1880–1966

Professor Paul Betts
University of Oxford
The re-civilisation of Europe after 1945

Dr Kasia Boddy
University of Cambridge
Zero years: American literature and the census

Professor Rosalind Brown-Grant
University of Leeds
Visualising power and justice in late medieval French Romance manuscripts

Dr Luciano Cardellicchio
University of Kent
Our future heritage: conservation issues of contemporary architecture in Rome

Dr Ting Chang
University of Nottingham
Playing empire in the nineteenth century: games, spectacles and colonial subjects

Dr Anne Desler
University of Edinburgh
Opera performed: Nicola Grimaldi, ‘Nicolini’ – singer, actor, director, promoter

Dr David Doddington
Cardiff University
Old age and American slavery

Dr Gillian Dow
University of Southampton
Women writers and the romantic-period novel in Britain and France

Professor Martin Evans
University of Sussex
Comparing and connecting postcolonial globalisation: Paris and London, 1962–89

Professor Karin Friedrich
University of Aberdeen
Dynastic identity in early modern Poland: Boguslaw Radziwill and his world

Dr Robert Gillett
Queen Mary, University of London
Representing Rosmer: Elsa Bernstein as writer and salonnière

Professor Hilary Greaves
University of Oxford
Towards a theory of rational philanthropy

Professor Helen Hackett
University College London
The Elizabethan mind: a reader’s guide

Professor Thomas Harrison
University of St Andrews
Belief in Greek religion

Dr Irena Hayter
University of Leeds
Spectacular subjects: modernism, gender and visuality in interwar Japan

Dr Naomi Head
University of Glasgow
Empathy under fire: ‘hearts and minds’ and the politics of empathy

Professor Piers Hellawell
Queen’s University Belfast
Extending music’s compositional strategies through a fusion of two new works

Professor Mark Hewitson
University College London
The violence of war: Germany, 1888–1968

Dr Suzanne Hobson
Queen Mary, University of London
Unbelief: interwar cultures of doubt

Dr Claudia Hopkins
University of Edinburgh
Rethinking orientalism: identity in Spanish art, c. 1830–1956

Professor Richard Kirkland
King’s College London
A cultural history of Irish London, 1880–1916

Dr Inna Kupreeva
University of Edinburgh
Alexander of Aphrodisias and Aristotle’s De anima

Dr Charlie Louth
University of Oxford
What happens when we read a poem? Reading Rilke

Dr Xiaoning Lu
SOAS, University of London
Transnational practices: film culture and politics in China, 1949–1989

Professor Kate Marsh
University of Liverpool
Policing French colonial metropolises, 1918–1962

Professor David Maw
University of Oxford
Guillaume de Machaut: inventor of absolute music

Dr Briony McDonagh
University of Hull
Gendering the commons

Professor Jeff McMahan
University of Oxford
Killing, saving, and causing to exist

Professor Lynda Mugglestone
University of Oxford
Words in war time: searching for meaning in WW1

Professor Daniel Ogden
University of Exeter
The werewolf in the Greek and Roman world: a folkloric study

Dr Sheldon Penn
University of Leicester
Mexican time and identity: Bergson and Bergsonism in literature and film

Professor Clare Pettitt
King’s College London
Revolutionary seriality: 1848 in Britain, Europe and America

Dr Alistair Rider
University of St Andrews
The lifelong work: long-term artists’ projects since 1960

Dr Matthew Robinson
University of Oxford
At the edge of poetry: acrostic and telestics in Latin poetry

Dr Miriam Ronzoni
University of Manchester
Constructing justice

Professor Phillip Rothwell
University of Oxford
A rebellious mirror to their nation: women writing in Angola

Dr Anita Rupprecht
University of Brighton
Indenturing ‘re-captured Africans’ in the British Caribbean, 1807–1828

Dr David Russell
University of Oxford
Facing reality: sage writers on human flourishing

Dr John Sabapathy
University College London
The institutionalisation of Europe in the thirteenth century

Dr Len Scales
Durham University
The Kaiser myth: medieval emperors and German memory, CE 900–2000

Dr Samiksha Sehrawat
Newcastle University
Decolonising the history of biomedicine: patients and hospitals in India

Professor Peter Sells
University of York
Verb and verb phrase topicalisation in languages of Eurasia

Dr Hugo Service
University of York
Nazis, communists and the fate of central Europe’s Jews, 1939–1949

Dr William Short
University of Exeter
Most erected spirits: a cultural semantics of Roman courage and cowardice

Dr Alex Silk
University of Birmingham
Context-sensitivity in normative language and discourse

Professor Gurharpal Singh
SOAS, University of London
A world turned upside down: Sikhs and the partition of India

Dr Paulina Sliwa
University of Cambridge
Telling right from wrong: moral testimony and moral knowledge

Dr Axel Stähler
University of Kent
Jerusalem destroyed: literature, art, and music in nineteenth
century Europe

Dr Adrian Streete
University of Glasgow
Polemical laughter in English literary culture, c. 1500–1700

Dr Simona Valeriani
Victoria and Albert Museum
Designing the future: innovation and the construction of the Royal Albert Hall

Dr Saskia Vermeylen
University of Strathclyde
Utopian literatures and space law

Dr Caroline Warman
University of Oxford
The atheist’s bible: Diderot’s Eléments de physiologie, its importance and reach

Dr Paul White
University of Leeds
Elegia renascens: Latin love elegy collections from antiquity to the Renaissance

Dr Heather Wiebe
King’s College London
Mobilising music in wartime British film

Dr Susannah Wilson
University of Warwick
Morphine and the cultural imagination in France, 1870–1930

Dr Gillian Woods
Birkbeck, University of London
Representational dynamics in Renaissance theatre

Dr Ramona Wray
Queen’s University Belfast
A literary biography of Elizabeth Cary, Lady Tanfield (1585/6–1639)

Social Sciences

Dr Jutta Bakonyi
Durham University
The art of governing without a state: experiences from Somalia

Dr Anna Ball
Nottingham Trent University
Moving women, moving stories: rethinking representations of forced migration

Dr Tendayi Bloom
Open University
Noncitizenship and the global compact for migration

Dr Morgan Clarke
University of Oxford
A new anthropology of rules

Dr Angharad Closs Stephens
Swansea University
National affects: towards a cultural politics of atmospheres

Dr Daniel Conway
University of Westminster
The global politics of Pride: LGBTQ+ activism, assimilation and resistance

Dr Simon Cottee
University of Kent
Atrocity porn: a qualitative study of death and gore enthusiasts

Dr Helen Cowie
University of York
Fashion victims: animal commodities in Britain, 1800–1914

Dr Jamie Doucette
University of Manchester
Korea’s Candlelight Revolution and the post-developmental state

Dr Alexander Easton
Durham University
Developing a language-free test of episodic memory in children

Dr Fabienne Emmerich
University of Keele
‘Swimming against the current’: women, prison reform and resistance

Dr Crispian Fuller
Cardiff University
Brexit, foreign corporations and regional development

Professor Caroline Gatrell
University of Liverpool
The paternal body: a lens for articulating fathers’ involvement in childcare

Dr Virginie Grzelczy
Aston University
No child’s play: politics of toys in conflict and post-conflict spaces

Dr Helen Haugh
University of Cambridge
Community entrepreneurship: history, institutions and networks

Dr Christina Hellmich
University of Reading
Suffering silently: miscarriage in professional women in the UK

Dr Aggie Hirst
King’s College London
Producing soldiers in a digital age: total immersion training in the US army

Dr Ben Hunter
University of Greenwich
Corporate criminal careers: environmental offending by organisations

Dr Rico Isaacs
Oxford Brookes University
Sustaining authoritarianism: parliaments and personalism in central Asia

Dr Julie Jones
University of Sheffield
A historical perspective on Antarctic climate change

Professor Aristotle Kallis
University of Keele
Housing as practical utopia: a critical reappraisal of the ‘minimum dwelling’

Professor Peter Kraftl
University of Birmingham
Plastic childhoods

Dr Monika Krause
London School of Economics and Political Science
Ideosyncratic ties: mission agencies and the future of transnational relations

Dr Patricia Lewis
University of Kent
Post-feminism in the City: feminine leadership as lived experience

Professor Katie Lloyd Thomas
Newcastle University
The architect as shopper: building products and the proprietary turn in the UK

Dr Elizabeth Mavroudi
Loughborough University
Children’s politicisation in diaspora: a comparative exploration

Dr Gearoid Millar
University of Aberdeen
Ambition and ambivalence: peace studies in a changing world

Dr Jonathan Oldfield
University of Birmingham
The development of environmental monitoring capacities in the USSR and Russia

Dr Dimitris Papadopoulos
University of Leicester
Benign by design: the emergence of ecologically sustainable chemical innovation

Dr Lena Rethel
University of Warwick
Markets as spectacles? Principles, practices and governance of Islamic economies

Dr Amanda Rogers
Swansea University
Dance in contemporary Cambodia: nation, geopolitics, identity

Dr Pollyanna Ruiz
University of Sussex
Remembering and forgetting; media, memory, activism

Dr Minoli Salgado
University of Sussex
The other side of violence: terror and trauma in contemporary exilic literature

Dr Mohammad Shahabuddin
University of Birmingham
Postcolonial statehood and international law: the Rohingya crisis and beyond

Professor Maria Tamboukou
University of East London
Revisiting the nomadic subject

Dr Weipin Tsai
Royal Holloway, University of London
Couriers for the common folk: the private firms that joined up China

Professor Dimitris Tziovas
University of Birmingham
Crisis Greece: culture, identity and the West

Dr Han van Wietmarschen
University College London
A theory of social hierarchy

Professor Vron Ware
Kingston University
One village, one world

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