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Research Fellowships 2017


Dr Ruth Baker
University of Oxford
Efficient computational methods for testing biological hypotheses
Professor Paul Bates
University of Bristol
Development of the next generation of global flood inundation models
Professor Caucher Birkar
University of Cambridge
Higher dimensional algebraic geometry
Dr Codina Cotar
University College London
Long-memory reinforcement mechanisms with applications in physics and biology
Professor Richard Craster
Imperial College London
Elastic metamaterials and metasurfaces
Dr Arwyn Edwards
Aberystwyth University
From cryo to bryo: could fungi from ‘snowball Earth’ colonise land?
Dr Ik Siong Heng
University of Glasgow
Exploring new frontiers in gravitational wave astronomy
Dr Marc Holderied
University of Bristol
Discovery of a novel ultrasound hearing organ in Neuropterans
Professor Sotaro Kita
University of Warwick
Impact of audience on imperative pointing gestures by infants
Dr Ranko Lazic
University of Warwick
Petri net reachability conjecture
Professor Colin Macpherson
Durham University
Fingerprinting interaction of magma and carbonate
Dr Felix Ng
University of Sheffield
Unravelling self-organising polar ice-stream networks
Professor Amalia Patane
University of Nottingham
Probing spin- and charge-quanta in novel two-dimensional van der Waals crystals
Dr Malgorzata Pilot
University of Lincoln
Consequences of alien sex: investigating the adaptive value of hybridisation
Dr Alison Ramage
University of Strathclyde
Preconditioning for novel data assimilation problems
Dr Bob Schroeder
University College London
Conducting polymer fibres for thermoelectric fabrics
Professor Alexander Scott
University of Oxford
Interactions between local and global graph structure
Professor Douglas Yu
University of East Anglia
Connecting Earth observation to biodiversity and ecosystem services


Professor Sanja Bahun
University of Essex
Home and modernism
Dr Teresa Bejan
University of Oxford
Acknowledging equality
Mr Julian Bell
Independent scholar
The natures of nature: four seventeenth-century approaches to the outward world
Professor Bettina Bildhauer
University of St Andrews
The untold stories of medieval things
Dr Mark Bowden
Royal Holloway, University of London
A new opera commission
Ms Siân Bowen
Northumbria University
Sensing and presencing rare plants through contemporary drawing practice
Professor Peter Boxall
University of Sussex
The prosthetic imagination: a history of the novel as artificial life
Dr Erica Buurman
Canterbury Christ Church University
Viennese social dance music, 1790–1830
Dr Claire Chambers
University of York
Muslim representations of Britain: 1988–present
Dr Georg Christ
University of Manchester
The sea-born state: Venetian and Mamluk maritime policies in the fourteenth century
Dr Aaron Cotnoir
University of St Andrews
Wholes: more than just the sum of their parts
Professor Pamela Davidson
University College London
Prophecy and power in the Russian literary tradition,1680–1930

Professor Gavin D’Costa
University of Bristol
Catholic doctrines about Judaism after the second Vatican council, 1965–2015

Professor Ilaria Favretto
Kingston University
Marching with donkeys. Protest tactics and industrial conflict in twentieth-century Italy

Dr Salvatore Florio
University of Birmingham
The many and the one: a philosophical study

Professor Sebastian Gardner
University College London
Freedom, nature, and the pursuit of the whole: the legacy of Kant’s third critique

Dr Cornelia Gräbner
Lancaster University
Acquiescent imaginaries: snapshots from the cultures of low-intensity democracy

Dr Sarah Haggarty
University of Cambridge
Making time: religious writing, pre-modernity, and the temporality of action

Professor Daniel Harbour
Queen Mary, University of London
The grammatical ecology of writing system evolution

Dr Tatiana Heise
University of Glasgow
Memories of the dictatorship

Dr David Hemsoll
University of Birmingham
Emulating antiquity: renaissance buildings from Brunelleschi to Michelangelo

Professor Helen Hills
University of York
Silver: surface and substance

Dr Jonathan Howlett
University of York
Decolonisation and China: imperialism and revolution in socialist Shanghai

Dr Alejandra Irigoin
London School of Economics and Political Science
How America shaped the early modern world. A global history of the silver peso

Professor Susan Jones
University of Oxford
Samuel Beckett and choreography

Dr Thomas Jones
University of Buckingham
Liberty’s refuge: a history of asylum in Britain, 1650–1920

Dr Anna Kemp
Queen Mary, University of London
Oulipography: life as creative constraint

Professor Peter Kitson
University of East Anglia
Writing opium: travel, trade, war and Sino-British culture, 1800–1842

Professor Vicky Lebeau
University of Sussex
Feeling poor: psychoanalysis and the humanities

Dr Mark Levene
University of Southampton
Genocide, the Cold War, and the origins of the contemporary disorder, 1948–1989

Dr Ita Mac Carthy
University of Birmingham
The grace of the Italian Renaissance

Professor Ian Mackenzie
Newcastle University
Failed and successful change: the case of Old Spanish

Dr Hettie Malcomson
University of Southampton
Violence, youth and hip-hop in Mexico

Professor Clare McManus
Roehampton University
Early modern women’s performance and the dramatic canon

Professor Don Paterson
University of St Andrews
The stuff of the spirit

Dr Nicholas Perkins
University of Oxford
The gift of narrative in medieval England

Professor Richard Pettigrew
University of Bristol
Choosing for changing selves

Dr Vike Plock
University of Exeter
Broadcasting to the enemy: the BBC German Service in the Second World War

Dr Julia Prest
University of St Andrews
Master, slave and free: theatre and citizenship in Saint-Domingue,1764–1804

Dr Charles Prior
University of Hull
Conquest and the ‘right to hold’: territorial sovereignty and the American Revolution

Dr Heather Pulliam
University of Edinburgh
From 2D to 4D: Ireland’s medieval crosses in time, motion and environment

Professor Adam Roberts
Royal Holloway, University of London
Latin’s Coleridge

Dr Mark Roodhouse
University of York
Disorganised crime: illegal markets and the London underworld, c. 1920–1970

Dr Natasha Ruiz-Gomez
University of Essex
The scientific artworks of Doctor Jean-Martin Charcot and the Salpêtrière School

Professor Simon Saunders
University of Oxford
Indistinguishables: from quantum fields to ordinary things

Dr Michael Scott
University of Warwick
The meaning and impact of luxuries across the ancient world 100 BCE–300 CE

Professor Helen Small
University of Oxford
The function of cynicism at the present time

Professor Jeremy Smith
University of Glasgow
Textual evolution: the pragmatics of Anglophone textual transmission in Britain and Ireland, 600–1820 CE

Professor Lindsay Smith
University of Sussex
Fugitive stones: the Acropolis of Athens in photographs 1839–1879

Dr Catherine Spencer
University of St Andrews
Counter cultures: performance art’s sociological imagination

Dr Judith Spicksley
University of Hull
Redrawing slavery: debt, law, and the market in the process of enslavement

Dr Dionysios Stathakopoulos
King’s College London
Wealth, consumption and inequality in the late Byzantine world, 1200–1453

Professor Rebecca Stott
University of East Anglia
Dark earth: the rewilding of derelict Londinium 400–600 CE

Professor Alessandra Tanesini
Cardiff University
The mismeasure of the self: a study in vice epistemology

Dr Maria Tavares
Queen’s University Belfast
Revolutionary women/women of the revolution: of heroes and antiheroes

Professor Barbara Taylor
Queen Mary, University of London
The perils of solitude: perceptions of solitude in Britain, 1660–1820

Dr Louise Tillin
King’s College London
Welfare and capitalism in India: a political history

Dr Elisabeth van Kessel
University of St Andrews
Stolen ships and globalisation: Asian material culture in Europe c.1600
Dr Maude Vanhaelen
University of Warwick
Plato and his readers in sixteenth-century Italy
Professor Peter Waldron
University of East Anglia
Russia’s first world war: the advance of the public sphere
Dr Sophie Weeks
University of York
Francis Bacon’s science of magic
Professor Richard Whatmore
University of St Andrews
The end of enlightenment. Death and the future for the philosophers, 1776–1809

Social Sciences

Dr Lori Allen
SOAS, University of London
A genealogy of political proof: making facts through investigative commissions in Palestine, 1919–2009
Dr Felix Berenskoetter
SOAS, University of London
Friendship in international relations
Dr Barnali Choudhury
University College London
International investment law and non-economic rights
Dr Rebecca Coleman
Goldsmiths, University of London
Mediating presents: producing ‘the now’ in contemporary digital culture
Professor Richard Collier
Newcastle University
Wellbeing, law and society: politics, policy and practice – a socio-legal study
Dr Thomas Cornelissen
University of York
The role of co-workers in determining workers’ long-term labour market success
Professor Jane Davison
Royal Holloway, University of London
Emile Zola: property bubbles, banking crises and the role of money in society
Dr Nadine El-Enany
Birkbeck, University of London
From love to justice: the role of family in death in custody cases

Dr Sara Farris
Goldsmiths, University of London
Corporate care and migrant workers in times of crisis and austerity
Dr Adam Fish
Lancaster University
Opening the dronecode: the privatisation of urban airspace in the United Kingdom
Dr Catherine Gegout
University of Nottingham
The European Union and the developing world: protectionism and exploitation?
Professor Maia Green
University of Manchester
Do social cash transfers change attitudes towards the poor in Tanzania?
Dr Timothy Hicks
University College London
A popular paradox of thrift: the mass politics of austerity
Professor Rhys Jones
Aberystwyth University
Translating behaviour change: theories, policies and practices
Dr Sarah Keenan
Birkbeck, University of London
Making land liquid: the temporality of title registration
Dr Hagar Kotef
SOAS, University of London
Home: the violence of political belonging (or: mobility and stability in Israel/Palestine)
Dr Charlotte Lemanski
University of Cambridge
Infrastructural citizenship in South Africa’s mega-human settlements
Dr Yipeng Liu
Newcastle University
Cultivating entrepreneurial ecosystems: the meanings of risk for migrant entrepreneurs
Dr John Nagle
University of Aberdeen
Gender equality and LGBT rights after conflict: non-sectarian social movements and consociationalism in Northern Ireland and Lebanon
Dr Melanie Richter-Montpetit
University of Sheffield
Beyond the erotics of orientalism: queer and feminist investments in liberal war
Dr Mark Riley
University of Liverpool
Death of the family farm? Using return farm life histories to explore the family farm ‘crisis’
Professor James Shields
Aston University
How extremists govern: lessons from France

Dr Lisa Stampnitzky
University of Sheffield
How torture became speakable

Dr Dallal Stevens
University of Warwick
Access to refugee protection in the Middle East

Dr Karen Throsby
University of Leeds
Sugar rush: science, obesity and the social life of sugar

Dr Zsuzsanna Vargha
University of Leicester
The personalised economy: conversation and data in the era of algorithms

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