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Research Fellowships 2016


Professor Jonathan Bamber
University of Bristol
Global ice mass balance and sea level (GIMBal)

Dr James Burridge
University of Portsmouth
Memory effects in culture and games

Dr Haider Butt
University of Birmingham
Morpho butterfly inspired optical applications

Professor Stefan Doerr
Swansea University
Fire and water: predicting and reducing wildfire impacts on water resources

Professor James Esler
University College London
Climate response theory in the near-equilibrium limit and beyond

Professor Martin Evans
University of Manchester
Integrating geomorphology into a conceptual model of terrestrial carbon cycling

Dr Jonathan Fraser
University of Manchester
Fractal geometry and dimension theory

Professor David Harper
Durham University
The roots of the ordovician biodiversification: the brachiopod radiation

Professor Ian Leary
University of Southampton
Cohomology and negative curvature

Dr Andrew McGonigle
University of Sheffield
How do gases drive volcanism?

Professor Jeremy Pitt
Imperial College London
Interactional justice in self-organising multi-agent systems (IJ-SOMAS)

Professor Emma Raven
University of Leicester
The regulatory role of heme in ion channel function

Dr Emma Richardson
University College London
Physical impact of storage and display environments on historic film material

Dr Ilik Saccheri
University of Liverpool
Causes and consequences of a novel sex determination mechanism in a butterfly

Professor Vincent Savolainen
Imperial College London
The evolution of species on islands: genomic approaches to non-model organisms

Dr Roger Tribe
University of Warwick
Analytic structure for the Brownian web and Brownian net


Dr Christina Alt
University of St Andrews
Modernist roots: early ecology and modernist literature in Britain, 1900–1945

Professor Pwyll ap Sion
Bangor University
Steve Reich and the paradox of modernism

Professor Michèle Barrett
Queen Mary, University of London
Virginia Woolf’s social and historical research: the author as note-taker

Dr Jennie Batchelor
University of Kent
The Lady's Magazine in romantic print culture

Professor Andrew Beresford
Durham University
Sacred skin: the legend of St Bartholomew in Spanish art and literature

Dr Anna Bernard
King's College London
International solidarity and culture

Professor Richard Billingham
University of Gloucestershire
Ray and Liz 

Dr Claudia Bolgia
University of Edinburgh
The ‘Long’ Trecento: Rome without the Popes, c. 1305–1420

Dr Stephen Bottomore
Independent researcher
The origins of screen advertising, 1890–1910

Dr Stephen Bowd
University of Edinburgh
Massacres during the Italian wars, 1494–1559

Dr Victoria Browne
Oxford Brookes University
Pregnancy without birth: the philosophy and ethics of miscarriage

Dr Rebecca Clifford
Swansea University
Child survivors of genocide: making sense of memory

Ms Fiona Crisp
Northumbria University
Material sight: re-presenting the spaces of fundamental science

Dr John Cussans
University of Oxford
The skullcracker suite: an inter-disciplinary artistic research project

Dr Anissa Daoudi
University of Birmingham
Sexual violence against women in Algeria: narratives, translations, languages

Dr Wolfgang David Cirilo de Melo
University of Oxford
Varro's De lingua Latina: edition, translation, commentary

Dr Janet DeLaine
University of Oxford
The urban development of Roman Ostia

Professor Katharine Ellis
University of Bristol
In the shadow of Paris? Music in regional France, 1830–1914

Dr Jan Fellerer
University of Oxford
Multilingualism in east-central European cities: Lviv and Lódz around 1900

Professor Paul Gilroy
King's College London
To the measure of the world: race and the re-enchantment of the human

Dr Caroline Goodson
Birkbeck, University of London
Urban gardening in early medieval Italy: cultivating the city

Professor Laura Gowing
King's College London
Women, apprenticeship and companies in seventeenth-century London

Professor Nick Groom
University of Exeter
A history of the gothic, 1688–1774

Dr Jonathan Hesk
University of St Andrews
Intellectual and deliberative virtue from Homer to Aristotle: an archaeology

Dr Claire Holleran
University of Exeter
Mapping migration in Roman Iberia

Professor Steve King
University of Leicester
Writing the lives of the poor, 1780s–1830s

Dr Mary Leng
University of York
Mathematics, morals, and the challenge to physicalism

Dr Ben Levitas
Goldsmiths, University of London
Ireland, theatre and modernity

Professor Andrew Lewis
Bangor University
Songs from afar: composing the experience of dementia

Professor Jonathan Lichtenstein
University of Essex
The journey in reverse: a work of prose-fiction with photographs

Dr Jose Lingna Nafafe
University of Bristol
Freedom and Lusophony African diaspora in the Atlantic

Dr Christina Lupton
University of Warwick
Reading codex and the making of time

Dr Gregory Lynall
University of Liverpool
Imagining solar energy: the power of the sun in literature, science and culture

Professor Javed Majeed
King's College London
Lexicography and culture: English, Urdu and senses of self in colonial India

Dr Luciana Martins
Birkbeck, University of London
Drawing together: the visual archive of expeditionary fieldwork

Professor David Maxwell
University of Cambridge
Religious entanglement and the making of the Luba-Katanga in Belgian Congo

Dr Roberta Mazza
University of Manchester
Land and power in the later Roman Empire: the Apion dynasty between Egypt and Constantinople

Professor John McLeod
University of Leeds
Global trespassers: from permitted mobility to prohibited personhood

Professor Silvina Milstein
King's College London
Musical dream forms

Dr Helen Moore
University of Oxford
John Webster: a critical and cultural life

Dr Kathryn Murphy
University of Oxford
The tottering universal: metaphysical prose in the seventeenth century

Dr Charles Orzech
University of Glasgow
World religions museums: displaying objects, shaping cultures

Dr John Parker
SOAS, University of London
In my time of dying: a history of death and the ends of life in Ghana

Professor Sarah Peverley
University of Liverpool
Mermaids of the British Isles: a cultural history, c. 450–1500

Professor Joad Raymond
Queen Mary, University of London
The book that made John Milton famous: an edition of Milton's Latin defences

Dr Tom Rice
University of St Andrews
Watching Empire dissolve: through the lens of the colonial film units

Ms Liz Rideal
University College London
Rome and the Campagna: splicing time

Dr Lloyd Ridgeon
University of Glasgow
Rethinking the Shari'ah in contemporary Iran

Dr Adam Rieger
University of Glasgow
Cardinal voting: a new paradigm in voting theory?

Professor Michael Roper
University of Essex
Children, play, and the legacies of the Great War in Britain

Professor Frederic Schwartz
University College London
German art and the culture of the 'case', 1900–1933

Professor Bill Schwarz
Queen Mary, University of London
Memories of Empire. Postcolonial England?

Professor Maria Shevtsova
Goldsmiths, University of London
Re-discovering Stanislavsky in context

Dr Kristina Spohr
London School of Economics and Political Science
A conservative revolution: 1989–1992 in global perspective

Dr Amia Srinivasan
University College London
At the depths of believing

Professor Francesca Stavrakopoulou
University of Exeter
Dissecting Yahweh: the materiality of the divine body and its biblical autopsy

Professor Tracy Strong
University of Southampton
Citizenship and conflict in the United States

Dr Ceri Sullivan
Cardiff University
Private prayer: the commoner’s creative writing, 1580–1620

Dr Giorgio Tagliaferro
University of Warwick
The great council hall cycle in the Doge’s Palace, Venice, 1577–1604

Dr Mark Thompson
University of East Anglia
Death and rebirth: Italy, 1945–1955

Dr Emma Widdis
University of Cambridge
Revolutionary bodies, Soviet minds

Dr Ross Wilson
University of Cambridge
Critical forms: genres of criticism from 1750 to the present

Professor Marcus Wood
University of Sussex
Exploding archives: slavery, Brazil, America and the limits of cultural memory

Dr Christopher Woodard
University of Nottingham
Taking utilitarianism seriously

Professor Angela Wright
University of Sheffield
Fostering romanticism: discourses of fostering and romanticism, 1755–1820

Dr Lesley Wylie
University of Leicester
The poetics of plants in Latin American literature

Dr Yue Zhuang
University of Exeter
Cultivating happiness: Sir William Temple, Confucianism, and the English landscape garden

Social Sciences

Dr Tanja Bastia
University of Manchester
Ageing and migration: the challenges of transnational caring and social inequalities

Dr Simon Bayly
Roehampton University
Acts of assembly: the psychosocial life of meetings

Professor Werner Bonefeld
University of York
Governing a stateless currency: European economic constitution and the Euro crisis

Professor Gavin Bridge
Durham University
To the ends of the Earth: new geographies of resource extraction and circulation

Dr Marc Brightman
University College London
Unequal regenerations? Migrant agricultural labour, gender and sustainability in the Sicilian archipelago

Dr Eleanor Drywood
University of Liverpool
Children and the globalisation of football: rights, participation and exploitation

Dr Jun Du
Aston University
Weak institutions and resource misallocation: novel approaches and new insights from local economic level

Professor Martin Fransman
University of Edinburgh
Innovation ecosystems – how innovation happens

Dr Lieve Gies
University of Leicester
Coverage of human rights law in European newspapers: a comparative analysis

Dr Katy Jenkins
Northumbria University
Women, mining and participatory photography in the Peruvian Andes

Professor Tsachi Keren-Paz
University of Keele
Privacy law, gender justice and end users' liability: 'revenge porn' and beyond

Professor Siddiqur Osmani
University of Ulster
Dynamics of poverty in rural Bangladesh

Dr Kimberley Peters
Aberystwyth University
Invisible infrastructure: maritime motorways and the making of global mobilities

Dr John Richardson
Loughborough University
Making ‘memory makers’: Holocaust Memorial Day since 2002

Dr Chrissie Rogers
Aston University
Care-less spaces: prisoners with learning difficulties and their families

Dr Philip Roscoe
University of St Andrews
The rise and fall of the penny-share offer: a historical sociology of the UK’s small-company markets

Dr Paul Segal
King's College London
Inequality, wages and the real incomes of the rich

Professor Farzana Shain
University of Keele
In the shadow of 9/11: Muslim girls’ narrative accounts of past, present and future lives

Professor Alex Sharpe
University of Keele
The sexual ethics of intimacy: the case of nondisclosure of gender history

Dr Ala Sirriyeh
University of Keele
Undocumented migrant young people in the USA, political activism and citizenship

Professor Ann Stewart
University of Warwick
Caring for older women in Kenya’s plural legal system

Dr Kristin Surak
SOAS, University of London
Ius Pecuniae: the crystallisation of the citizenship and residence industry

Professor Monideepa Tarafdar
University of Lancaster
Information technology's 'dark side': how does it reduce employee well-being?

Dr Nick Williams
University of Leeds
Examining the role of the diaspora in fostering entrepreneurship and institutional change

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