Research Project Grants provide research staff costs for those working directly on the research project and associated research costs.

Research staff costs

  • At least 75% of the resources requested must be used to provide funding for research staff (research assistants, doctoral students) who will each work specifically on the project with the applicant, and at least one research assistant, local researcher or PhD student must spend at least 50% of their time on the project – of all the time. Research assistants should have a research degree or equivalent research experience.
  • Where appropriate, it is possible to employ a local researcher, if the relevant research takes place outside the UK and it is more suitable to employ personnel local to the area than a UK-based person paid to travel to the region.
  • The costs of one or more consultants (for a limited number of hours only over the period of the grant) may also be included if such specialist expertise is critical.
  • The tuition fees and maintenance costs of one or more PhD studentships may be included, provided they are set at the base rate for research council awards for UK students. PhD students registered overseas are not permitted.
  • Support for an overseas student registered in the UK is allowable, but requires explicit justification, addressing how their specific skills contribute to the project.
  • If support is requested for doctoral students, a detailed justification should be given as to why this arrangement is most appropriate for the research proposed. The Trust does not provide partial funding to continue or complete theses which have been initiated independently of a Trust-funded project.
  • The Principal Investigator and UK-based co-applicants may apply for the costs of teaching replacement. To be eligible for these, applicants must be currently employed on a continuing basis by their eligible institution. A maximum of one year’s (33%) teaching replacement per grant over the course of a three-year grant may be awarded, pro rata for grants of different lengths, or for those with less than full-time contracts. For example, up to eight months teaching replacement is available on a two-year grant, 16 months on a four-year grant, and so on. The replacement should not be someone currently studying for a research degree. The staff replacement should normally start at the most junior point of the lecturer scale of the institution concerned.
  • Awards are not made to cover the salary costs of the applicant, or those of the co-applicants.

Associated research costs

These can be included up to a maximum of 25% of the total budget. This percentage is a maximum and not a target. These costs must be directly related to the research activity. The following are some examples of such eligible associated costs:

  • Necessary travel and subsistence costs. These can include conference attendance provided that such attendance can be shown to make a direct contribution to the research project
  • Consumable costs connected with necessary laboratory work
  • Technical or computing costs or services.

Please ensure that applications do not include any ineligible costs.

Continuation funding

Applications for continuation of funding for an existing Leverhulme Research Project Grant are not eligible. Requests for the continuation of funding for a research assistant currently active on an existing Leverhulme Research Project Grant will not normally be considered.