The Trust Board

Trust Board members are primarily recruited from the highest levels of Unilever, the descendent of Lever Brothers. This arrangement was requested by Lord Leverhulme himself, and over the following decades has ensured that the culture of decision-making at the Trust remains free from disciplinary interest, able to draw upon the wide experience brought by its trustees, and fully alert to the role of education and research in modern life. The Trust Board meets three times a year to consider applications for funding and once a year to review the Trust’s strategy for the future.

In making decisions about funding, the Trust Board seeks the advice of a range of peer reviewers and expert panels or committees who offer an assessment of the academic merit and significance of applications.

Members of the Trust Board

  • Mr N W A FitzGerald KBE FRSA (Chairman)
  • Mr D Baillie 
  • Mr A C Butler
  • Mr P J P Cescau
  • Professor K Gull CBE FRS
  • Mr R H P Markham
  • Ms L Nair
  • Mr P G J M Polman
  • Mr C Saul
  • Ms A Sourry
  • Mr S G Williams