The European Youth Orchestra: uniting talented musicians from across the EU

Founded in 1976, the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) brings together the most talented young musicians from all of the EU’s member states. United by a shared sense of European heritage, innovation and the constant pursuit of excellence, the EUYO is acclaimed as one of the world's pre-eminent symphony orchestras. 

Credit: Peter Adamik

Vito Zagarrio, Italian film director and professor of film, at the University of Kent

Dr Alex Marlow-Mann, lecturer in Italian at Kent, writes:

I first met Prof. Vito Zagarrio a little over a decade ago while I was still a PhD student, during a conference at the University of Oxford, and since then each of us has contributed an essay to a book the other was editing, but there had been few other opportunities for direct contact. 

The Political Warfare Executive, covert propaganda, and British culture

Psychological warfare: Dr James Smith and team are investigating the means by which Britain disinformed its enemies during the Second World War

While ‘fake news’ is an urgent political topic at the moment, state-backed disinformation is a practice with a long and controversial history. This research project will explore the Political Warfare Executive (PWE), a secret service created by Britain during the Second World War with the mission of spreading propaganda to the enemy. 


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