The Trust’s latest strategic investment in UK research

The Leverhulme Trust Board today announced the fourteen winners of its new Doctoral Scholarships Scheme. Each £1 million grant will fund fifteen PhD students working across the whole range of the sciences, humanities and social sciences, on topics as diverse as understanding maritime futures, climate justice, genetics journeys into history and mathematics for a sustainable society.

Motivated by the concern that increased indebtedness may discourage graduates from undertaking a doctorate, this new initiative aims to nurture future generations of aspiring researchers by supporting doctoral studies in UK universities. Professor Gordon Marshall, Director of the Trust, said: “It is to be hoped that this first round of awards, modest though it is in terms of overall graduate student numbers, will kick-start a solution to the still unresolved problem of how adequately to fund graduate studies in the United Kingdom”.

The sector’s commitment was demonstrated by many of the successful universities match-funding a proportion of the Doctoral Scholarships, so that the 210 Leverhulme studentships will be boosted by a further 90 scholarships pledged by the universities. The Trust’s Chairman, Niall FitzGerald, said: “We were delighted with the quality, imagination and aspiration of the bids received, so much so that we decided to offer not ten but fourteen awards. I look forward to the next round in three years’ time”.

A full list of awards made can be found here:


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