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Peter Bossaerts awarded Leverhulme International Professorship

The Leverhulme Trust Board are pleased to announce the second of four winners of its 2020 Leverhulme International Professorships award. Professor Peter Bossaerts will be joining the University of Cambridge Faculty of Economics in Autumn 2022.

Professor Bossaerts’ unique work has studied how the brain makes decisions, in part by using brain scanners to examine what is going through a person’s mind when they are presented with complex decisions, thereby helping establish the novel fields of neuroeconomics and decision neuroscience.

The Leverhulme International Professorship will fully fund his move to the University of Cambridge, where he will continue his pioneering work into controlled experimentation in the study of financial markets, the use of decision and game theory in cognitive neuroscience, and computer science to investigate human and market behaviour in complex situations, where there is uncertainty of both strategic risks, and what are called ‘risks created by nature’, over which the decision-maker has no control, even if the person making that choice believes otherwise.

“I am delighted to take up this position within the Faculty of Economics,” says Professor Bossaerts. “It is a wonderful opportunity to be at such a venerable seat of learning. I am looking forward to the extraordinary opportunities that I am presented with, by combining the enormous strengths of economics, neuroscience and computer science at Cambridge, in order to carry on my research into human decision-making.”

Professor Bossaerts’ research has been published in top neuroscience and general science journals and he pioneered the publication of ‘decision neuroscience in finance’ in the Journal of Finance. His appointment and the grant funding will give him access to the brain scanners at Addenbrooke’s internationally renowned teaching hospital and research centre.

Read the University of Cambridge’s full media release.

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