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Major Research Fellowships 2020

Professor David Andress
University of Portsmouth
How to trust? Interpersonal judgment and the French Revolution

Dr Tamara Atkin
Queen Mary, University of London
Ecologies of waste: reusing books in early modern England

Dr Agnès Bos
University of St Andrews
The French Royal Order of the Holy Spirit: art and materiality

Professor Warren Boutcher
Queen Mary, University of London
Texts and diversity in the age of Montaigne, 1530–1590

Professor Jessica Brown
University of St Andrews
Group responsibility

Professor John Coleman
University of Oxford
Eastern origins of English

Dr Katerina Dalacoura
London School of Economics and Political Science
The international thought of Turkish Islamists: history, civilisation and nation

Professor Paulo Drinot
University College London
José Carlos Mariátegui: a new biography

Professor Pauline Fairclough
University of Bristol
Shostakovich’s Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk: sexuality, Stalinism and the Cold War

Professor Lesley Gourlay
University College London
The datafied university: documentation and performativity in digitised education

Professor Sarah Hibberd
University of Bristol
Italianità abroad: the Puritani Quartet in London and Paris, 1835–1843

Professor Ed Hopkins
University of Edinburgh
Behavioural institutions

Professor Nick Hopwood
University of Cambridge
The many births of the test-tube baby

Professor Paulina Kewes
University of Oxford
Contesting the royal succession in reformation England: Latimer to Shakespeare

Professor Anthony King
University of Warwick
Urban warfare: past, present and future

Professor Uma Kothari
University of Manchester
Touring Britain in the 1950s: the adventures of postcolonial Indian travellers

Professor Genevieve LeBaron
University of Sheffield
The business of forced labour: causal pathways and transformation

Professor Matt Matravers
University of York
Criminalisation and punishment: philosophical theory and practical reality

Dr Seán Molloy
University of Kent
The attenuation of law and persistence of war

Dr Insa Nolte
University of Birmingham
Muslim men, Christian women: an African history of gender and coexistence 

Professor John Offer
University of Ulster
Spencer’s sociology: a study in retrieval and revival

Professor Mark Pearce
University of Nottingham
Invention and innovation – the origins of metallurgy in the Mediterranean basin

Professor Chris Philo
University of Glasgow
The anti-fascist geographical imagination

Professor Rhiannon Purdie
University of St Andrews
Mapping medieval Scots literature, beginnings to 1513

Professor Lyndal Roper
University of Oxford
The German peasants’ war, 1524–1525

Professor Gavin Schaffer
University of Birmingham
“The Last Jew of Merthyr”: a social and cultural history of post-war Britain

Professor Joachim Schaper
University of Aberdeen
The weight of justice and the balance of power

Professor Richard Scholar
Durham University
The inventions of utopia

Professor Robert Schuetze
Durham University
Demoicracy: constitutional structures for a “government of peoples”

Professor Adrian Smith
Queen Mary, University of London
Fields of glass: labour, techno-science and biopolitics

Professor Paul Smith
University of Warwick
Unfolding vision: Cezanne’s ‘way of seeing’

Professor Lyndsey Stonebridge
University of Birmingham
Thinking like Hannah Arendt: crisis thinking from the twentieth century for today

Professor Jim Tomlinson
University of Glasgow
Defeating Mr Churchill: the decline of liberal political economy, 1908–1929

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