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Major Research Fellowships 2019

Professor David James Adger
Queen Mary, University of London
Simplifying and restricting syntax

Professor Tim Bale
Queen Mary, University of London
Party on the edge of a nervous breakdown: the Conservatives

Professor Bridget Bennett
University of Leeds
The dissenting Atlantic: archives and unquiet libraries, 1776–1865

Professor Celeste-Marie Bernier
University of Edinburgh
Sacrifice is survival: Black families fight for freedom in the USA and Canada

Professor Rosalind Blakesley
University of Cambridge
Russia, Empire, and the Baltic imagination

Professor Emma Borg
University of Reading
Who’s in control? Re-examining agency in a world of bias

Professor Rebecca Cassidy
Goldsmiths, University of London
Fruitful lives: an anthropology of apples

Professor Alison Cooley
University of Warwick
The evolution of Tiberian political discourse 

Dr John Creighton
University of Reading
Money and the rise of inequality and the market in Northern Europe

Professor Anthony Crowley
University of Leeds
The uses of the past: history and social memory in Northern Ireland, 1980–2020

Professor Brian Cummings
University of York
Erasmus and the invention of literature

Professor Patrick Finglass
University of Bristol
Sappho and Alcaeus: a new critical edition

Professor Helen Fulton
University of Bristol
Medieval Welsh political poetry

Professor Abigail Green
University of Oxford
Children of 1848: liberalism and the Jews from the revolutions to human rights

Professor Kirsty Hooper
University of Warwick
Hispanic London: culture, commerce and community in the nineteenth-century city

Professor Peter Jaffey
University of Leicester
Private law: a way forward 

Professor Stuart Jones
University of Manchester
Liberal worlds: an intellectual biography of James Bryce

Dr Chandrika Kaul
University of St Andrews
The BBC and India

Professor Elisabeth Kelan
University of Essex
Shaping the future of work – digitalisation and gender

Dr Elaine Kelly
University of Edinburgh
Musical diplomacy at the peripheries: East Germany and the postcolonial world

Professor Alison Liebling
University of Cambridge
Moral rules, social science and forms of order in prison

Professor Robert John Mayhew
University of Bristol
Alien nation: an intellectual history of British migration

Dr Susan Milner
University of Bath
Feminist policy-making at work? The Women and Work Commission, 2004–2009

Professor Stana Nenadic
University of Edinburgh
The business of art in Scotland, c. 1700–1900

Dr Elizabeth Anne New
Aberystwyth University
Identity, interaction and exchange in medieval England

Professor Thomas Otte
University of East Anglia
Fits of absentmindedness?: in search of a grand strategy, 1650–2020

Professor Shaun David Pattinson
Durham University
Law at the frontiers of biomedicine

Professor Barbara Penner
University College London
Subject to design: social science in the home

Dr Tom Perchard
Goldsmiths, University of London
Popular music in the British home, 1945–1990: technology, experience, daily life

Professor Aurora Plomer
University of Bristol
Intellectual property and the human rights of companies in Europe

Professor Anthony GM Sinclair
University of Liverpool
The atlas of archaeology: a scientometric analysis of disciplinary growth

Professor Julie-Marie Strange
Durham University
Love in the time of capitalism: emotion and making the British working class

Professor Julian Weiss
King's College London
In the tracks of Josephus: translating Judaism across Iberian worlds, 1492–1687

Dr Beth Williamson
University of Bristol
Describing devotion

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