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Major Research Fellowships 2018

Professor Catherine Alexander
Durham University
Forms and Fears of Failure

Professor Amalia Arvaniti
University of Kent
Politics and linguistic variation in a post-diglossic speech community

Professor David Brown
University of Southampton
‘The aristocratic tradition at its best’? Shaftesbury, philanthropy and reform

Dr Sam Coleman
University of Hertfordshire
Consciousness as Bystander: Exploring the Mostly Unconscious Mind

Professor Derek Duncan
University of St Andrews
Loose Ends: minor transnational Italian cultures

Professor Lindsay Farmer
University of Glasgow
Rethinking the Relationship between Markets and Criminal Law

Professor Chris Gosden
University of Oxford
Becoming Human: a new world history

Dr Rick Knecht
University of Aberdeen
Yup'ik Culture Before Contact

Professor Ismene Lada-Richards
King's College London
Poetics in the flesh: dance and poetry in first-century BCE Rome

Professor Kate McLoughlin
University of Oxford
Silence: A Literary History

Professor Rana Mitter
University of Oxford
The Chinese postwar and the making of Asian order, 1945–55

Professor James Craig Muldrew
University of Cambridge
New Abstract Financial Value and Society in the Early Eighteenth Century

Professor Joy Porter
University of Hull
What Would Nixon Do?:The Forgotten Republican Roots of American Environmentalism

Dr Yossef Rapoport
Queen Mary, University of London
Tribal identity and Conversion to Islam in Rural Egypt and Syria, 1000–1500

Dr Alice Rio
King's College London
Early medieval legal cultures

Professor Katie Scott
Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
Open City: Paris and the arts in the eighteenth century

Professor Martin Stokes
King's College London
Urban Song of the Upper Euphrates (Turkey)

Professor Jeremy Tanner
University College London
The Axial Age and the Institution of Art in Ancient Greece and China

Professor Martin Thomas
University of Exeter
Globalising decolonisation: connecting processes of global transformation

Professor Jan Toporowski
SOAS, University of London
The intellectual biography of Oskar Lange

Professor David Treece
King's College London
Music and anti-racism in contemporary Brazil

Professor Laura Tunbridge
University of Oxford
A social and sonic history of the string quartet

Professor Renata Tyszczuk
University of Sheffield
Collective Scenarios: rehearsing, predicting, and speculating on climate futures

Professor Neil Walker
University of Edinburgh
Law, Community and Utopia

Professor Janet C E Watson
University of Leeds
The phonetics and phonology of Modern South Arabian: Mehri and Shehret

Professor Gary Watt
University of Warwick
Rhetorical Performance in Courts of Law and Popular Opinion

Professor Clive Webb
University of Sussex
Mob Violence against Foreign Nationals in the United States, 1850–1950

Professor Björn Weiler
Aberystwyth University
Unity, diversity and the past in Europe, c. 1100–1300

Professor David Wootton
University of York
Voltaire: Made in England

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