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Major Research Fellowships 2014

Dr Natalie Adamson 
University of St Andrews 
Pierre Soulages: Radical Abstraction 

Dr Maria Alvarez 
King’s College London 
Choice in action 

Professor Mary Beard 
University of Cambridge 
The twelve Caesars 

Professor Hagit Borer 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Syntactic uniformity, syntactic diversity: syntactic building blocks and their role in determining inter- and intra- linguistic variation 

Professor Barbara E Borg 
University of Exeter 
Mapping the social history of Rome: a micro-historical approach 

Professor Andrew S Bowie 
Royal Holloway, University of London 
Aesthetic dimensions of modern philosophy 

Professor Eamonn Carrabine 
University of Essex 
The iconography of punishment: from Renaissance to Modernity 

Professor Patricia Clavin 
University of Oxford 
Security-minded: a transnational history of Europe, 1900–present 

Professor Norma Dawson 
Queen’s University Belfast 
Treasure: dream, metaphor and legal instrument 

Professor Mick Dumper 
University of Exeter 
Power, piety and people: the politics of holy cities in the twenty-first century 

Professor Nancy Edwards 
Bangor University 
Life in early medieval Wales 

Dr Nicholas Halmi 
University of Oxford 
History’s form: aesthetics and the past in the romantic age 

Professor Stephen Hart 
University College London 
A critical edition of the Apostolic Processus of Santa Rosa de Lima (1586–1617) 
Professor Robert Hollands 
Newcastle University 
Urban cultural movements and the struggle for alternative creative spaces 

Professor Tim Kendall 
University of Exeter 
Ivor Gurney’s complete literary works: a variorum edition 

Professor Susanne Kord 
University College London 
The Devil we know: crime writing v propaganda in Germany’s pre-world-war periods 
Professor Axel Körner 
University College London 
Transnational monarchy. Rethinking nationality in the Habsburg Empire, 1804–1918 

Professor Elizabeth Eva Leach 
University of Oxford 
Douce 308 and the contexts of vernacular song c.1300 

Professor David Moon 
University of York 
The Amerikan steppes: Russian influences on the Great Plains 

Professor Alan Norrie 
University of Warwick 
Criminal justice and the blaming relation 

Professor Miles Ogborn 
Queen Mary, University of London 
The freedom of speech: talk and slavery in the Caribbean 

Professor J Parry 
University of Cambridge 
Britain and the Near East, 1825–1882 

Professor Yolanda Plumley 
University of Exeter 
French music in the time of Jehan, Duke of Berry, c.1350–1415 

Professor Michael Questier 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Challoner unbound: treason, politics, religion and martyrdom c.1570–c.1745 

Professor Alexander Ryrie 
Durham University 
Becoming radical in the English Revolution 

Professor Cathy Shrank 
University of Sheffield 
Conversation and community: English dialogues, 1475–1675 

Dr Isolde Standish 
SOAS, University of London 
Ōshima Nagisa: a politics of cinema 

Professor Alexandra Walsham 
University of Cambridge 
The reformation of the generations: age, ancestry; memory in England 1500–1700 

Professor Edwin Williamson 
University of Oxford 
The making of Don Quixote: how Cervantes came to write the first modern novel 

Professor Yongjin Zhang 
University of Bristol 
International relations in Ancient China: ideas, institutions and law 

Dr Oliver Zimmer 
University of Oxford 
Losing time and temper: the battle over clocks and timetables, 1840–1914 

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