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Grant listings

Select a scheme, to find listings of current and past grant holders, their institutions and research projects.

  • Sciences

    Professor Philip A Charles
    University of Southampton
    Extreme mass transfer onto black holes and white dwarfs

    Professor Stephen R Elliott
    University of Cambridge
    Atomic structure and chemical bonding in disordered materials

    Professor David Evans
    Cardiff University
    Quantum symmetries on operator algebras

    Professor David Firth
    University of Warwick
    Compositional data analysis via statistical modelling

    Professor Elizabeth A H Hall
    University of Cambridge
    HANDI-NAT: nucleic acid amplification of microbial load in drinking water supply

    Professor Stephen Martin
    University of Salford
    Evolution of resistance in Apis honeybees towards the parasitic Varroa mite

    Professor George Mather
    University of Sussex
    The moving pupil of the eye and visual illusions of motion

    Professor Tim Palmer
    University of Oxford
    Novel computational algorithms for next-generation climate models

    Professor Gregory Seregin
    University of Oxford
    Local regularity of weak solutions to the Navier-Stokes equations

    Professor Des Thompson
    University of the Highlands and Islands
    Conservation ecology of north European waders

  • Humanities

    Professor Jeremy Aynsley
    University of Brighton
    Modernism and design in Germany

    Dr Martin Brady
    King’s College London
    Archiveology in the films of the Thorndikes and the music of Paul Dessau

    Professor Peter Gatrell
    University of Manchester
    Appointment in Geneva: refugees and UNHCR, 1951–1975

    Sir Nicholas Kenyon
    University of Cambridge
    The revival of early music in Britain

    Professor David Langslow
    University of Manchester
    The Latin Alexander of Tralles: the first critical edition

    Professor Susanne Marten-Finnis
    University of Portsmouth
    Zamość. Understanding Sephardic settlement in Poland. A geopolitical approach

    Professor Heather O’Donoghue
    University of Oxford
    The legacy of the Vikings

    Professor Susan Pearce Macmillan
    University of Leicester
    Becoming Christian in the British Midlands, 400–1100 CE

    Professor Jeremy J Smith
    University of Glasgow
    Discourses of English religion 1350–1780: lexicons of controversy and conflict

    Professor Laurie Stras
    University of Southampton
    The Biffoli-Sostegni MS and the Florentine convent of San Matteo in Arcetri

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Stephanie Barrientos
    University of Manchester
    Fairer trade in global value chains: does it work?

    Professor John Dearing
    University of Southampton
    How the science gets in: local government and climate change

  • Sciences

    Professor Trevor Benson
    University of Nottingham
    Reducing the cost of smart environmental monitoring
    Professor Grant Bigg
    University of Sheffield
    Extending the Southern Ocean marine ice record to the eighteenth century
    Professor G M Blackburn
    University of Sheffield
    From structure, experiment, and quantum chemistry to enzyme catalysis mechanisms
    Professor George P Efstathiou
    University of Cambridge
    Developing a consistent model of cosmology
    Professor Philip England
    University of Oxford
    Stress on plate interfaces: implications for earthquakes and petrology
    Professor Brian Foster
    University of Oxford
    Plasma-wave acceleration at FLASHForward and deep inelastic scattering at ZEUS
    Professor Phillip Gordon-Weeks
    King’s College London
    Testing the zipper model for cross-linking F-actin to microtubules in filopodia
    Dr Peter Lawrence
    University of Cambridge
    The distribution of Frizzled in a developing epithelium
    Professor Michael Searle
    University of Oxford
    Structural and metamorphic evolution of the Nepal Himalaya
    Professor Tim Softley
    University of Birmingham
    Chemistry near absolute zero

  • Humanities

    Professor Joan L Anim-Addo
    Goldsmiths, University of London
    Situating Black British writing: eighteenth century to the present
    Professor John Blair
    University of Oxford
    The personality of England: buildings, possessions and social identity, 400–1400
    Dr Stephanie Bunn
    University of St Andrews
    Forces in translation: craft, context and creativity in learning mathematics
    Professor Louise Elizabeth Margaret Campbell
    University of Warwick
    Reconstruction, cultural diplomacy and the artist: the Coventry tapestry
    Professor Maureen Carroll
    University of York
    Dress and identity in early Roman southwest Italy
    Professor Janet Clare
    University of Bristol
    Cosmography and the early modern literary imagination
    Professor Leslie Hannah
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    British manufacturers in international perspective 1870–1914
    Dr Cecily Hennessy
    Independent researcher
    Imperial and royal child brides in medieval Byzantium and the West
    Professor Susan Hunston
    University of Birmingham
    Conceptualising transitivity networks through pattern-based constructions
    Professor Colin Jones
    Queen Mary University of London
    Robespierre’s people: patronage, ideology and terror, 1792–94
    Dr David Lehmann
    University of Cambridge
    The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God: a worldwide motivational apparatus
    Professor Linne Mooney
    University of York
    Completing the Digital Index of Middle English Verse
    Professor Nicholas Pickwoad
    Institute of English Studies, University of London
    Bookbindings as evidence for the study of material culture, 1450–1830
    Emeritus Professor Ian Talbot
    University of Southampton
    Engaging Pakistan: British and American public diplomacy during tumultuous times
    Professor Christopher M Woolgar
    Independent researcher
    Objects and possessions in late medieval England

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Molly Andrews
    University College London
    A multidisciplinary exploration of personal narratives and scholarship
    Professor Archie Brown
    University of Oxford
    Changing perceptions of the roles and powers of the British Prime Minister
    Professor Michael Keating
    University of Aberdeen
    The Celtic imagination in politics
    Professor Robert Ladrech
    Keele University
    European centre-left parties and the challenge of climate change
    Professor Julian Roberts
    University of Oxford
    International perspectives on sentencing guidelines
    Professor Christine Wall
    University of Westminster
    ‘If I had a hammer’: feminist activism and the built environment 1975–2000
    Professor Colin Williams
    University of Cambridge
    The transformation of official language regimes

  • Sciences

    Professor Colin Brownlee
    Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom
    Physiological variability and dynamics of marine phytoplankton populations

    Professor Tim Caro
    University of Bristol
    Mammal colouration

    Professor Gerry Doyle
    Armagh Observatory and Planetarium
    New insight into the transport of mechanical energy with DKIST

    Professor Patrick Fowler
    University of Sheffield
    Modelling molecular currents, conduction and aromaticity

    Professor David Harper
    Durham University
    Early Palaeozoic Brachiopoda: insights into distribution, ecology and evolution

    Dr Harry Isaacs
    University of York
    How do FGF signals regulate gene activity and cell differentiation in embryos?

    Professor Andrew Marvin
    University of York
    Aspects of thermal noise in an electromagnetic reverberation chamber

    Professor Thomas J Millar
    Queen’s University Belfast
    Chemistry as a tool to study star death

    Professor Jane Raymond
    University of Birmingham
    Judging authenticity: a cognitive perspective

    Professor Kim Shapiro
    University of Birmingham
    Decoding the attentional blink

    Professor Dorrik Stow
    Heriot-Watt University
    Heartbeat of the Earth: deep-ocean record of tectonic pulsing

    Professor Martin Ward
    Durham University
    JWST involvement and X-ray/UV variability project 

    Professor Anthony Watts
    University of Oxford
    Completion of analysis of novel time-resolved structural data

    Professor Stephen Watts
    University of Manchester
    Information-theoretic multivariate statistics and machine learning

    Professor Stephen Wimperis
    Lancaster University
    Probing fast ion dynamics in the solid state using novel 7Li NMR methods

  • Humanities

    Professor Maggie Andrews
    University of Worcester
    Privilege, politics, pragmatism: Lady Denman and the women’s movement, 1914–1954

    Professor George Bernard
    University of Southampton
    The triumph of perpendicular: churchbuilding in late medieval England and beyond

    Professor Richard Bevins
    Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales and Aberystwyth University
    Provenancing the enigmatic Stonehenge Altar Stone: long-distance stone transport

    Ms Julie Dawson
    University of Cambridge
    Closing the lid on some enigmatic cases of Egyptian coffin technology and reuse

    Professor Anne Deighton
    University of Oxford
    Welfare and warfare?: Ernest Bevin, wartime coalition and post-war planning, 1940–1945

    Professor Anna Elizabeth Gruetzner Robins
    University of Reading
    The Valistes: art, sex and anarchy in 1890s London

    Professor Jane Humphries
    University of Oxford
    Board and lodging costs as alternative measures of historical costs of living

    Professor Elizabeth McKellar
    Open University
    A cultural biography of Sir John Summerson (1904–1992)

    Professor Mandy Merck
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    Downsizing: cinema’s miniatures

    Dr Oswyn Murray
    University of Oxford
    The muse of history, ancient and modern

    Professor Roger Parker
    King’s College London
    The songs of Gaetano Donizetti

    Professor Philip Steadman
    University College London
    Canaletto’s camera

    Professor Marcus Walsh
    University of Liverpool
    An edition of Alexander Pope’s Ethic Epistles and Satires and other poems

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Jonathan Crook
    University of Edinburgh
    Who cannot gain credit and who has too much?

    Professor Ian Gough
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Valuing what matters: from efficiency to sufficiency

    Professor Susan Leekam
    Cardiff University
    The role of cognitive flexibility in children’s repetitive behaviour 

    Professor Emerita Geraldine Van Bueren QC (Hon)
    Queen Mary, University of London
    Class, social mobility and law

    Professor Dirk van Zyl Smit
    University of Nottingham
    Developing international penology

    Professor D Michael Winter
    University of Exeter
    Agrarian change: a Devon parish over two centuries 

  • Sciences

    Dr William Bradshaw Amos
    MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
    Testing a new principle for plasmon resonance imaging

    Professor John D Barrow
    University of Cambridge
    Cosmological problems

    Professor Martin Bell
    University of Reading
    Experimental archaeology and the formation of the archaeological record

    Professor Tony Bell
    University of Oxford
    Instabilities in astrophysical and laser-produced plasmas

    Professor Sir Michael Berry
    University of Bristol
    Quantum physics, optics and related mathematics

    Professor Raymond F. Bishop
    University of Manchester
    Quantum phase-space techniques 70 years on: novel extensions and applications

    Professor Michael Delichatsios
    University of Ulster
    Fires in wind and wind (and whirls) generated by megafires

    Professor Robert Evans
    University of Bristol
    Classical meets quantum density functional theory and the structure of liquids

    Professor Simon Garrod
    University of Glasgow
    Understanding monologue

    Professor David Gilbert
    Brunel University London
    Movement and communication in multiscale/multilevel models of biological systems 

    Professor David Leach
    University of Edinburgh
    Engineering the E. coli genome for the benefit of science

    Professor Wanda Lewis
    University of Warwick
    Analytical form-finding applied to arch structures

    Professor Louis Lyons
    University of Oxford
    Improved techniques for statistical issues in particle physics analyses

    Professor Susan Marriott
    University of Bristol
    Pseudo-social behaviour of organisms in the Palaeozoic

    Professor Chris Miall
    University of Birmingham
    A novel protocol for selective stimulation of the human brain

    Professor Roger Thorpe
    Bangor University
    Reptiles of the Lesser Antilles: a biodiversity hotspot

  • Humanities

    Dr Adrian Ailes
    University of Bristol
    An edition of Elias Ashmole’s visitational church notes of Berkshire 1665–1666

    Professor Peter Austin
    SOAS, University of London
    The Diyari language of South Australia

    Professor Maxine Berg
    University of Warwick
    Nootka Sound: indigenous spaces, global trade and empire 1774–1815

    Professor Jacqueline Bratton
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    Francis Brady and his collection: memorabilia and the structure of feeling

    Professor Anne Curry
    University of Southampton
    The Norman rolls of Henry V 1417–1422

    Professor Iain Fenlon
    University of Cambridge
    The soundscapes of early modern Italy

    Professor Robert Gildea
    University of Oxford
    Class, community and family: the 1984–1985 miners’ strike in history and memory

    Professor Patrick Joyce
    University of Manchester
    Remembering peasants

    Professor Kenneth McConkey
    Northumbria University
    British artist-travellers 1880–1920

    Professor Neil Roberts
    University of Plymouth
    The Mediterranean environment after the fall of Rome

    Professor Frances Spalding
    University of Cambridge
    Art in the fells: a collection, its maker and its legacy

    Professor Kenneth D Thomas
    University College London
    After the first villages: early complex societies of north-west Pakistan

    Dr Susan Walker
    University of Oxford
    A new line from Rome to London: the letters of C.W. Wilshere to G.B. de Rossi

    Professor Ronald Woodley
    Birmingham City University
    Johannes Tinctoris, c. 1435–1511: new biographical evidence

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Terence Daintith
    Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, University of London
    UK executive government in the twenty-first century constitution

    Professor Peter Goodhew
    University of Liverpool
    The learning of undergraduate engineering without lectures

    Professor Rachel Mason
    Roehampton University
    Investigating instructional interaction between young artists and craftspeople

    Professor Alan Page
    University of Dundee
    UK executive government in the twenty-first century constitution

    Professor Julian Randall
    Heriot-Watt University
    The internal change agent role: evaluating individual and organisational outcome

    Professor Marion Roberts
    University of Westminster
    Urban design and the urban night

    Professor Nira Yuval-Davis
    University of East London
    Climate change and the politics of belonging

  • Sciences

    Professor Ranjan Banerjee
    City, University of London
    Dynamic stiffness formulations for structural elements 

    Professor Dianna Bowles
    University of York
    Understanding the ability of Herdwick sheep to thrive in harsh environments

    Professor Bill Clyne
    University of Cambridge
    Indentation plastometry for evaluation of residual stresses

    Professor Amanda Cooper-Sarkar
    University of Oxford
    Determining parton distribution functions using ATLAS data from the LHC

    Professor Hannah Gould
    King's College London
    A role for human IgD in anti-bacterial defence 

    Professor Roger Grimshaw
    University College London
    Generation of wave groups by wind

    Professor Peter Piper
    University of Sheffield
    A biomarker test system for the ecotoxicity of molybdate

    Professor Elliot Shubert
    University of Westminster
    Developing a novel model to begin elucidating the origin of multicellularity

    Professor J. Toby Stafford
    University of Manchester
    Classification of noncommutative projective surfaces, with applications

    Professor Brian Straughan
    Durham University
    Thermal convection in double porosity materials: energy renewal and desalination

    Professor Timothy Sumner
    Imperial College London
    Definition of the Charge Management System for the LISA space mission

    Professor John Wearden
    University of Keele
    The dawn of time perception: German and French research, 1860–1960

    Professor Glenn White
    Open University
    Supernova remnants and the death of stars

    Professor Sir Ian Wilmut
    University of Edinburgh
    Cell reprogramming mechanisms in early embryonic development

  • Humanities

    Dr David Berry
    Loughborough University
    An unorthodox revolutionary: the life of Daniel Guérin, 1904–1988

    Professor John Bintliff
    University of Edinburgh
    Publication preparation: Valley of the Muses and Klimmataria crusader estate 

    Dr Mark Bland
    Independent Researcher
    The world of Simon Waterson, stationer

    Professor Michelle Brown
    Senate House Library, University of London
    Catalogue of the Latin manuscripts of Saint Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai

    Professor Tony Dowmunt
    Goldsmiths, University of London
    Satellite dreaming revisited

    Professor Anthony Howe
    University of East Anglia
    Free trade: an international history, 1776–1995

    Professor Rosemary O'Day
    Open University
    A scholarly edition of selected documents from Stowe Temple Papers. Volume 2

    Dr Peter O'Hagan
    Roehampton University
    The ensemble music of Pierre Boulez

    Professor Christopher Rowe
    Durham University
    A new critical edition of Aristotle's Eudemian Ethics

    Professor Richard Sennett
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Stage and street: a study of urban culture

  • Social Sciences

    Professor John Allen
    Open University
    Finance that defies maps: when the global south turns up in the global North

    Dr Terri Apter
    University of Cambridge
    Teenage girls’ social media use: a project to facilitate positive effects

    Professor John Clarke
    Open University
    Brexit and beyond: towards a transnational conjunctural analysis of turbulent times

    Professor Paul Cloke
    University of Exeter
    The role of third sector organisations in post-disaster Christchurch, NZ

    Dr Christopher M Davis
    University of Oxford
    Elderly in Russia, China and the Koreas: changing capabilities and inequalities

    Professor Brice Dickson
    Queen's University Belfast
    The impact of state-reporting mechanisms on human rights in the UK 

    Professor Janet Dine
    Independent Researcher
    Interrogating growth. The inefficiency principle

    Professor Howard Gospel
    King's College London
    Financialisation of the labour market: pensions, inequality, training

    Professor John Hey
    University of York
    Do humans evaluate research strategies optimally?

  • Sciences

    Professor James Binney 
    University of Oxford 
    Understanding our galaxy 

    Professor Philip Brown 
    University of Kent
    Making the most of correlation: seemingly unrelated statistical modelling 

    Professor Howard Colquhoun 
    University of Reading 
    Fractal distribution of sequence information in binary copolymers

    Professor Dianne Edwards 
    Cardiff University 
    Resolution of anatomy, ontogeny and affinities of Siluro-Devonian Pachytheca

    Professor Geoffrey Holman 
    University of Bath 
    A molecular mechanism for membrane transport  

    Professor James Howie 
    Heriot-Watt University 
    Residually free groups and one-relator products 

    Professor Gareth E Jones 
    King’s College London 
    Development of a combined AFM-super-resolution microscope 

    Professor Tim Jones 
    University of Liverpool 
    Scale invariant quantum gravity, cosmology and particle physics 

    Professor Robert Marrs
    University of Liverpool 
    Vegetation change in long-term experiments in the British uplands 

    Dr John Noyes 
    Natural History Museum 
    The Encyrtidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) of Costa Rica 

    Dr Christopher Nigel Page
    University of Exeter 
    Evolution in the arborescent gymnosperms - a global study 

    Professor Brian Rogers 
    University of Oxford 
    Perception of the 3-D world 

    Professor Stephen Sparks 
    University of Bristol 
    Exploring theories for episodic volcanism 

    Professor Michiel van den Berg 
    University of Bristol 
    Brownian motion, torsion and capacity 

    Professor Anthony Watts 
    University of Oxford 
    Planetary isostasy and its implications for plate mechanics and mantle dynamics 

  • Humanities

    Dr Ann Benson 
    University of Wales 
    Cambridge colleges: a history of their gardens and designed landscapes 

    Professor Margaret Brazier 
    University of Manchester 
    Law and healing: reflecting on English medico-legal history

    Professor David Buckingham 
    Loughborough University 
    The construction of children as a media market in the United States, 1945–2000 

    Professor Gilli Bush-Bailey 
    Royal Central School of Speech and Drama 
    Under the skirts of Shakespeare 

    Professor Richard John Carwardine  
    No institution
    American religious nationalism 1787-1865 

    Professor Justin Champion 
    Royal Holloway, University of London 
    Thomas Hollis: fabricating liberty, from Rome to the Age of Revolution 

    Professor Richard Cooper 
    University of Oxford 
    Critical editions of Scève and Michel d’Amboise and of satires on the Regent 

    Sir Mark Jones 
    University of Oxford 
    The life and work of William Wyon 

    Professor Roger Kain 
    School of Advanced Study, University of London
    Cartography in the nineteenth Century 

    Professor John Kippin 
    University of Sunderland 
    Landscape, identity, community  

    Professor Rosamond McKitterick 
    University of Cambridge 
    Rome and the invention of the papacy in the early middle ages, 476–769

    Professor Charles Melville 
    University of Cambridge 
    Visualising Persian history 

    Professor Anthony Snodgrass 
    University of Cambridge 
    Leading the final stages of an archaeological field survey in Boeotia, Central G

    Dr Rose Walker  
    No institution 
    Reimagining the art of twelfth-century Iberia 

    Dr Susan Whitfield 
    No institution 
    Khotan: a forgotten silk road kingdom 

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Malcolm Dando 
    University of Bradford 
    A study of how the brain research projects are dealing with dual-use 

    Professor Roy Ellen
    University of Kent 
    Nuaulu ethnobotanical cognition and knowledge (Seram, eastern Indonesia) 

    Professor Rosemary Foot 
    University of Oxford 
    China, the United Nations, and human protection: beliefs, power and status 

    Professor Ferenc Furedi 
    University of Kent 
    Socialisation and the social construction of ‘identity crisis’ 

    Professor Liz Hamp-Lyons 
    University of Bedfordshire 
    Towards an understanding of the continuing power of written examinations  

    Professor Margaret Harris 
    Oxford Brookes University 
    Supporting early literacy development in deaf children 

    Professor Andrew Linklater 
    Aberystwyth University 
    Symbols and world politics: a long-term perspective 

    Professor Judith Pallot 
    University of Oxford 
    Ethnic identity construction among Muslim prisoners in the USSR and Russia     

    Professor Charles Tripp 
    SOAS, University of London 
    Battlefields of the republic: contentious politics in Tunisia 

  • Sciences

    Sir Michael Atiyah
    University of Edinburgh
    New geometric models in the sciences

    Professor Kenneth Brown
    University of Glasgow
    Aspects of noncommutative geometry and noncommutative algebra

    Professor Robin Crompton
    University of Liverpool
    Ecomorphology of the most complete early hominin: Australopithecus StW573

    Professor Adrian Michael Cruise
    University of Birmingham
    Measurement of electromagnetic background for ULF gravitational wave detectors

    Professor Mark Georgeson
    Aston University
    A paradox in visual perception: the motion after-effect without motion

    Professor Philip Gibbard
    University of Cambridge
    Pleistocene glaciation of Fenland, England, and its implications for evolution of the region

    Professor Michael Green
    University of Cambridge
    Scattering amplitudes in quantum field theory and string theory

    Professor Christopher Hawkesworth
    University of Bristol
    Plate tectonics and crustal evolution

    Professor Ed Jarzembowski
    Natural History Museum
    Exceptionally preserved Cretaceous insects from Burmese amber and S England

    Professor Kanti Mardia
    University of Leeds
    Modern multivariate analysis and spatial statistics

    Professor Stephen Monsell
    University of Exeter
    An investigation of task set acquisition

    Professor Byron John Treharne Morgan
    University of Kent
    Environmental modelling for moths and butterflies

    Professor Tom Mullin
    University of Oxford
    The effect of porosity on a scaffold in a rotating bioreactor

    Professor Christopher Sachrajda
    University of Southampton
    Precision flavour physics with lattice quantum chromodynamics

    Professor David Sanderson
    University of Southampton
    Analysis of fault and fracture networks

    Professor Peter John Sarre
    University of Nottingham
    Optical spectroscopy and chemistry of large interstellar molecules and dust

    Dr Richard Vane-Wright
    University of Kent
    Studies on systematics of nymphalid butterflies of Mt Kilimanjaro and Sulawesi

    Professor Lionel Wilson
    Lancaster University
    Delivery of magma to feed volcanic eruptions on silicate planets and asteroids

  • Humanities

    Professor Louise Elizabeth Margaret Campbell
    University of Warwick
    Studio lives: artists at home and at work in twentieth-century Britain

    Professor James Graham-Campbell
    University College London
    The pagan Norse graves of Scotland

    Dr Elizabeth Hallam Smith
    University of York
    The cloister and undercroft of St Stephen’s Chapel Westminster, 1348–2020

    Professor Ann Hallamore Caesar
    University of Warwick
    The rise and evolution of the modern Italian novel in eighteenth-century Venice

    Professor William Hanson
    University of Glasgow
    Archaeological aerial archive of Romania: part 2, Dobrogea

    Professor David Hayton
    University of Ulster
    Elections in Ireland, 1692–1768: the nature and limits of participatory politics

    Professor Deborah Howard
    University of Cambridge
    Technological invention and architecture in the Veneto in the early modern period

    Professor Keith Howard
    SOAS, University of London
    Songs for ‘great leaders’: creativity and ideology in North Korean music and dance

    Dr Catherine Mary MacRobert
    University of Oxford
    Unicode-compliant edition of a fourteenth-century Serbian Church Slavonic Psalter

    Professor Richard Rastall
    University of Leeds
    The sacred songs of Martin Peerson, c. 1572–1651: a critical performing edition

    Professor Daniel Szechi
    University of Manchester
    Voices from the underground: the Carnegy letters, 1697–1734

    Professor Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly
    University of Oxford
    Projecting imperial power: nineteenth-century emperors and the public sphere

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Mary Evans
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Re-making the ‘respectable’ woman: changing moral codes in the UK, 1850–2010

    Professor Eve Gregory
    Goldsmiths, University of London
    Disappearing Londoners: monolingual voices in a multilingual city

    Professor Brian Jacobs
    University of Warwick
    Offsite housing in London: innovation, knowledge and public policy

    Professor William John Morgan
    Cardiff University
    UNESCO and the cultural cold war: intellectual co-operation or ‘soft-power’?

    Professor Phil Scraton
    Queen’s University Belfast
    Justice for the 96: from campaign mantra to due process

    Professor Ruth Simpson
    Brunel University London
    ‘Placing’ the experiences of white working class men in ‘elementary’ jobs

  • Sciences 

    Professor Colin Aitken
    University of Edinburgh
    Statistics and the evaluation of evidence for forensic scientists

    Professor Paul Carling
    University of Southampton
    Meteorite impact-stratigraphy and environmental interpretation in north-east Thailand

    Professor Philip Charles
    University of Southampton
    Fundamental properties of galactic X-ray binaries

    Professor Jennifer Clack
    University of Cambridge
    The earliest tetrapods: environment, faunal associations, and terrestrialisation

    Professor Thomas Collett
    University of Sussex
    Tailoring wasp learning behaviour to different modes of locomotion

    Professor Peter Crittenden
    University of Nottingham
    Nitrogen relationships of lichens

    Professor Michael Duff
    Imperial College London
    Gravity as the square of a gauge theory

    Professor Robert Evans
    University of Bristol
    Understanding interfacial and adsorption phenomena in liquids

    Professor Douglas Gough
    University of Cambridge
    The structure and dynamics of the Sun

    Professor Leslie Morland
    University of East Anglia
    Constitutive laws for evolving fabric in ice; their influence on ice-sheet flow

    Professor Ekhard Salje
    University of Cambridge
    Multiferroic domain boundaries

    Professor Anthony Stace
    University of Nottingham
    Understanding how charged dielectric particles interact with one another

    Dr Murray Stewart
    MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
    Integration of nuclear steps in the gene expression pathway with nuclear export

    Professor Mark Swenarton
    University of Liverpool
    The housing programme of the London Borough of Camden under Sydney Cook, 1965–1973

    Dr Iain Wilkie
    University of Glasgow
    Functional characterisation of neuropeptides in a basal echinoderm – Antedon mediterranea

    Professor Wojciech Zakrzewski
    Durham University
    Quasi-integrability of soliton systems

  • Humanities 

    Professor Joseph Bergin
    University of Manchester
    Enduring passions – religion and political conflict in France, 1600–1914

    Professor Alan Bowman
    University of Oxford
    Corpus of Ptolemaic inscriptions

    Professor Robin Dennell
    University of Exeter
    From Arabia to the Pacific: how our species colonised Asia

    Professor Richard Gray
    University of Essex
    Speaking the unspeakable: major American writers and the writing of trauma

    Dr Jennifer Harris
    University of Manchester
    Material strategy – textiles as process and metaphor in visual art 1960–present

    Professor David Hawkins
    SOAS, University of London
    Corpus of Hieroglyphic Luwian inscriptions volume III

    Professor Lyn Innes
    University of Kent
    The last nawab of Bengal, and British relations

    Professor Robert Lethbridge
    University of St Andrews
    A critical edition of Emile Zola’s writings on the visual arts

    Professor Andrew McNeillie
    University of Exeter
    Quentin Bell: life and work. A biographical study

    Professor Helen Taylor
    University of Exeter
    Rooms of our own: British women’s lives in fiction

    Professor Lisa Tickner
    Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
    The London art world in the 1960s [working title]

    Dr Gus Wylie
    University of the Arts London
    The campagna romana revisited

  • Social Sciences 

    Professor Paul Blyton
    Cardiff University
    Working time, work–life balance and well-being: who’s winning and losing and why

    Professor Michael Freeden                    
    University of Nottingham                    
    Listening to silence: lack and absence in political theory                    
    Professor Paddy Hillyard                    
    Queen’s University Belfast                    
    The stalker affair: coincidence or conspiracy?                    
    Professor Linda McDowell                    
    University of Oxford                    
    Rethinking deference: the decline and rise of the deferential worker            

    Professor Paul Thompson                    
    University of Essex                    
    Pioneers of social research                    
    Professor Barbara Townley                    
    University of St Andrews                    
    Becoming homo economicus: creative labour, IP and the valuation of goods

    Professor Paul White
    University of Sheffield
    The separation of high-skilled migrant communities in European capital cities    

  • Sciences

    Professor John Allen
    University College London
    The evolutionary origin of oxygenic photosynthesis

    Sir Michael Berry
    University of Bristol
    Theoretical physics: mechanics (classical and quantum) and optics (also nature’s optics)

    Professor Raymond Bishop
    University of Manchester
    Atoms on a lattice: studies in frustration, degeneracy and novel forms of order

    Professor Brian Brown
    Cardiff University
    Direct and inverse spectral and scattering problems for canonical systems

    Professor Anne Cooke
    University of Cambridge
    Modulation of inflammation by schistosome antigens

    Professor Edward Forgan
    University of Birmingham
    International facility research at high magnetic fields and low temperatures

    Professor Roger Grimshaw
    University College London
    Internal waves in the coastal ocean

    Professor Valeri Khoze
    Durham University
    The theory of exclusive production of heavy states at proton colliders

    Professor James Rose
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    Determining the age and damage caused by a mega-tsunami in the Mediterranean

    Professor Glenn White
    Open University
    Understanding how stars are formed

    Professor Alex Wilkie
    University of Manchester
    Diophantine aspects of o-minimal structures

    Professor Philip Woodworth
    National Oceanography Centre
    Determining recent changes in extreme sea levels for the global coastline 

  • Humanities

    Professor Tom Cain
    Newcastle University
    An old-spelling edition of John Ford’s The Lovers Melancholy

    Professor Anthea Callen
    University of Nottingham
    The techniques of Impressionism, its precursors and followers

    Dr Paul Connerton
    University of Cambridge
    Timescales: the experience of time in the modern world

    Dr Graham Cummings
    University of Huddersfield
    Operatic rivalry in London: seasons of conflict and competition, 1733–1737

    Professor Marianne Elliott
    University of Liverpool
    Hearthland: mixed religion housing in Northern Ireland, 1945–2014 

    Professor Sir Richard Evans
    University of Cambridge
    A biography of Eric Hobsbawm (1917–2012)

    Professor Alan Forrest
    University of York
    The death of the French Atlantic: revolution, slavery and war, 1790–1830

    Professor Jane Maxim
    University College London
    Understanding order and disorder in conversation 

    Dr Stephen Parkinson
    University of Oxford
    Critical edition of the Cantigas de Santa Maria

    Professor Bill Wells
    University of Sheffield
    Overlapping talk in conversation: phonetics, phonology and interaction

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Terri Apter
    University of Cambridge
    Praise and blame: judgmental utterances and responses in couples

    Professor Tim Bayliss-Smith
    University of Cambridge
    Rise and fall of inland settlement, terracing and exchange in the Solomon Islands 

    Professor Ronald Martin
    University of Cambridge
    Britain’s spatially unbalanced economy: geographies of boom, bust and austerity

    Professor Alan Middleton
    Birmingham City University
    Artisans in Ecuador, 1975–2015

    Professor Jennifer Ozga
    University of Oxford
    Governing education: knowledge and policy in England and Scotland since 1988

    Professor John Peysner
    University of Lincoln
    Is the balance right between alternative dispute resolution and litigation?

    Professor Bill Rolston
    University of Ulster
    Picturing peace: murals, conflict and transition in Colombia 

    Professor John Sender
    SOAS, University of London
    Interpreting new data on female wage labour and poverty in Ethiopia and Uganda

    Professor Dame Marilyn Strathern
    University of Cambridge
    Persons and portraits in Melanesia: the comparative scope of ‘partibility’

    Professor Pnina Werbner
    University of Keele
    The changing Kgotla: the transformation of customary courts in village Botswana

  • Sciences

    Dr William Bradshaw Amos 
    MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology 
    Evaluation of the mesolens for biomedical microscopy 

    Professor Angela Danil-de-Namor 
    University of Surrey 
    Calix[4]pyrrole based receptors for monitoring/removing aqueous mercury (II) 

    Professor A. Philip Dawid 
    University of Cambridge 
    Inference from groups to individuals: causality and prediction 

    Professor Peter Henderson 
    University of Leeds 
    Novel microbial transport proteins that contribute to drug resistance 

    Professor Elliot Leader 
    Imperial College London 
    The internal structure of the nucleon 

    Professor Thomas H Lenagan 
    University of Edinburgh 
    Quantum algebras and total non-negativity 

    Professor J John Lowe 
    Royal Holloway, University of London 
    Out of tune: a more secure approach for synchronising past climate histories 

    Professor Geoffrey Moore 
    University of East Anglia 
    Characterising a pro-apoptotic form of cytochrome c 

    Professor George Pickett 
    University of Lancaster 
    Advanced facility for nanoscience experiments at microkelvin temperatures 

    Professor Derek Siveter 
    University of Oxford 
    Fossils of the Herefordshire and Chengjiang Lagerstätten 

  • Humanities

    Professor Peter Ainsworth 
    University of Sheffield 
    The ‘A’ version of Froissart’s Chronicles, Book III: completing an edition 

    Professor Dame Gillian Beer 
    University of Cambridge 
    Alice in space: contexts for Lewis Carroll 

    Professor Mark Brisbane 
    Bournemouth University 
    The archaeology of Novgorod: a medieval city state on the edge of Europe 

    Professor David George 
    University of Leeds 
    Manifestations of the commedia dell’arte in modern Spanish and Catalan theatre 

    Professor Christopher J Gill 
    University of Exeter 
    Learning to be good: stoic ethics and its modern challenge 

    Professor Jonty Harrison 
    University of Birmingham 
    Voyages: a major acousmatic work exploring travel, alienation and belonging 

    Professor Gregg Huff 
    University of Oxford 
    The economic impact of the World War II Japanese occupation of Southeast Asia 

    Professor Ann Hughes 
    University of Keele 
    Preachers and hearers in revolutionary England 

    Professor Peter Hulme 
    University of Essex 
    Tropical town: pan-American writing in New York, 1910–1925 

    Professor Yosefa Loshitzky 
    SOAS, University of London 
    Just Jews and Muslims: conversions, conflations and conflicts 

    Professor Margaret MacDonald 
    University of Glasgow 
    The paintings of James McNeill Whistler 

    Professor Marcia Pointon 
    University of Manchester 

    Professor Jim Samson 
    Royal Holloway, University of London 
    Black sea sketches: music, place and people 

    Mr Graham Shaw 
    School of Advanced Study, University of London 
    The history of the printed book in South Asia from 1556–1800 

    Professor Bill Sheils 
    University of York 
    Religion and identity in post-Reformation England; the legacy of Sir Thomas More 

    Professor Keith J Stringer 
    University of Lancaster 
    The Acts of Alexander II, King of Scots (1214–49) 

    Professor Brandon Taylor 
    University of Southampton 
    The Dannatt Bequests: collecting and philanthropy in modern British art 

    Professor Jeremy Treglown 
    Independent Researcher
    Hersey’s wars: a critical biography of John Hersey, 1914–1993 

    Professor David Walker 
    University of Sheffield 
    Albert Camus, man of the theatre 

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Judith Bara 
    Queen Mary, University of London 
    Analysing parliamentary discourse on regulation of MPs expenses, 1964–2015 

    Professor Mary Buckley 
    University of Cambridge 
    The politics of human trafficking in and out of Russia and forced labour 

    Professor Gibson Burrell 
    University of Leicester 
    W(h)ither the world’s peasantry in the study of business and management? 

    Professor Allan Cochrane 
    Open University 
    Governing a suburban growth region: living on the edge of the Greater South East 

    Professor Michael Dunford 
    University of Sussex 
    Cities, regions and the sustainable transformation of the Chinese earth 

    Professor Elizabeth Ettorre 
    University of Liverpool 
    Writing the self, the other and the social: using autoethnography as a feminist method of ‘sensitising the I’ 

    Professor Frank Furedi 
    University of Kent 
    The social construction of reading problems – a sociological history 

    Professor Sonia Jackson 
    Institute of Education, University of London 
    Comparative studies on education of youth in care 

    Dr David Lehmann 
    University of Cambridge 
    Redrawing religious boundaries and identities: Messianic Jews and Christians 

    Professor Tom Selwyn 
    SOAS, University of London 
    Anthropology of tourism and pilgrimage in Sarajevo and Bethlehem 

    Professor Roderick Stirrat 
    University of Sussex 
    Economic and social change in coastal Sri Lanka 

  • Sciences

    Professor Barbara Elizabeth Brown
    University of the Highlands and Islands
    Ageing in corals and the implications for coral reefs in the future

    Professor David Carter
    Liverpool John Moores University
    The Hubble Space Telescope/ACS survey of the Coma Cluster of galaxies

    Professor Jonathan N L Connor
    University of Manchester
    Novel theories for the dynamics of chemical reactions

    Dr Robert Henry Arnold Coutts
    Imperial College London
    Development of a gene silencing vector for Aspergillus fumigates

    Professor George Fleet
    University of Oxford
    Iminosugars as pharmacological chaperones for lysosomal storage diseases

    Professor Veronica van Heyningen
    University of Edinburgh
    Regulating gene expression in eye development and disease

    Professor Herbert Huppert
    University of Cambridge
    Violent gas flows within the Earth, both natural and unintentional

    Professor Angus J MacIntyre
    Queen Mary, University of London
    Interactions between logic, algebra, geometry and number theory

    Professor John Norton
    University of Essex
    Towards a functional connectivity map of the human post-transcriptional regulome

    Professor Anthony Parsons
    University of Sheffield
    Predicting Cs-137 contamination from the Fukushima nuclear accident using RFIDs

    Professor Jeffrey Penfold
    University of Oxford
    Manipulating surfactant adsorption using polyions and biogenic polyamines

    Professor Sir Roger Penrose
    University of Oxford
    Mathematical theory of conformal cyclic cosmology

    Professor Douglas Ross
    University of Southampton
    Investigation of the discrete BFKL pomeron and its applications

    Dr Jordan Stoyanov
    Newcastle University
    Moment analysis of probability distributions

    Professor Jeffrey Williams
    University of Dundee
    The regulation of cellular differentiation in the model organism Dictyostelium

  • Humanities

    Professor Roy Armes
    Middlesex University
    Contemporary Arab film-making (outside Egypt and the Gulf)

    Professor David Bates
    University of East Anglia
    Normandy, William the Conqueror and the empire of the Normans

    Professor Edward Cowie
    Earth Music 2/3: two major new compositions for symphony orchestra

    Professor David Ellis
    University of Kent
    Stendhal and the English

    Professor Michael Fielding
    Institute of Education, University of London
    Alex Bloom: pioneer of radical democratic education

    Professor Mike Gonzalez
    University of Glasgow
    Dialectics in action: the contribution of Jose Carlos Mariategui

    Professor Marian Hobson
    Queen Mary, University of London
    Determining and making available the music referred to in Le Neveu de Rameau

    Professor Nicholas de Lange
    University of Cambridge
    A history of the Jewish reception of Greek Bible versions in the Middle Ages

    Ms Elizabeth Lebas
    University of Glasgow
    Child welfare in post-war non-fiction cinema in Europe and Canada

    Professor Edna Longley
    Queen’s University Belfast
    Editing the selected writings on poetry by Edward Thomas 1878–1917

    Dr Margery Palmer McCulloch
    University of Glasgow
    Edwin and Willa Muir: a literary marriage and its Scottish/international context

    Professor Sir Fergus Millar
    University of Oxford
    Empire, Church and society in the Late Roman Near East

    Dr Andrew Noble
    Scottish political poetry in the age of revolution 1770–1820

    Professor Helen Watanabe-O’Kelly
    University of Oxford
    The foreign consort and cultural transfer: Maria Amalia Queen of Naples 1724–1760

  • Social Sciences

    Professor William Brown
    University of Cambridge
    The protection of labour standards in a global economy

    Professor Partha Dasgupta
    University of Cambridge
    Time and the generations

    Professor Anthony Payne
    University of Sheffield
    Steering into the great uncertainty: the G20 as global governance

  • Sciences

    Professor Janette Atkinson
    University College London
    Infant attention and attention deficits: a new automated fixation shift measure

    Dr James Barnett
    University of East Anglia
    Yeasts: eukaryotic model organisms and biotechnological applications

    Professor Sir Michael Berry
    University of Bristol
    Investigations in theoretical physics related to optics and quantum mechanics

    Professor Ian Booth
    University of Aberdeen
    Mechanosensation in bacteria: the role in cellular integrity

    Professor John Brown
    University of Glasgow
    Sun-grazing and sun-plunging comet encounters—physics and data modelling

    Professor Bland Finlay
    Queen Mary, University of London
    Cryptic biodiversity in wetland conservation

    Professor Gillian Gehring
    University of Sheffield
    Composite cobalt metal and oxide magnets for spintronics

    Professor Michael Goodfellow
    Newcastle University
    Actinobacterial diversity of the Atacama Desert: a hyper-arid environment

    Professor P J Green
    University of Bristol
    Inference and computation in complex stochastic systems

    Dr Angela Milner
    Natural History Museum
    A Cretaceous Antarctic ornithopod dinosaur and southern high latitude palaeobiogeography

    Professor Ian Roxburgh
    Queen Mary, University of London
    Model independent asteroseismic analysis and stellar evolution; CoRoT and Kepler

    Professor Andrew Scott
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    Did a comet or the first humans impact fire systems in North America?

  • Humanities

    Professor Charles Alderson
    University of Lancaster
    Diagnosing reading in a second and foreign language

    Professor Charles Barr
    University of East Anglia
    Alfred Hitchcock: lost and found

    Professor Richard Beacham
    King’s College London
    Living theatre: Roman theatricalism in the domestic sphere

    Professor Avril Horner
    Kingston University
    Living on paper: letters from Iris Murdoch 1942–1995

    Professor Sir Paul Mellars
    University of Cambridge
    The Oronsay project: economy and society at the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition

    Professor Juliet Mitchell
    Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
    War and kinship: siblings in the plays of Shakespeare

    Dr Dave Postles
    University of Leicester
    Inequality and capital accumulation in early-modern England, 1524–1650

    Professor Keith Rutter
    University of Edinburgh
    Historia Numorum: Sicily and adjacent islands

    Dr Alison Scott-Baumann
    University of Lancaster
    Ricoeur's powerful unknown work on Sartre, Kant and the negative impulse

    Professor Michael Turner
    University of Hull
    The end of manorial tenure in England, 1841–1951

    Professor Mary Wood
    Birkbeck, University of London
    Italian film noir

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Robert Bennett
    University of Cambridge
    The long-term evolution of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

    Dr Sophie Bowlby
    University of Reading
    Changing spaces of support: friendship practices among women in their fifties 

    Professor David Farrington
    University of Cambridge
    Cambridge Study in Delinquent Development

    Professor David Heald
    University of Aberdeen
    The architecture, governance and substance of UK public audit

    Professor Peter Moss
    Institute of Education, University of London
    A pedagogy of transgression: the educational work of Loris Malaguzzi

    Professor Ann Oakley
    Institute of Education, University of London
    Social science research: studying change through auto/biography

    Professor David Phillips
    University of Oxford
    Educational policy and its implementation in the British zone of occupied Germany, 1945–1949

    Professor Richard Smith
    University of Cambridge
    Clustered infant mortality in English parish family reconstitutions c. 1600–1837

    Professor Kenneth Worpole
    London Metropolitan University
    Twentieth-century landscape of post-industrial Essex

  • Sciences

    Professor Nuala Booth 
    Controlling blood clot stability: the role of the plasmin system

    Professor Harry Bryden 
    Climate changes in the Mediterranean Sea

    Dr David Chillingworth 
    Geometry and symmetry in the mathematics of liquid crystals

    Dr Brian Cox 
    Heterozygous inhibition of amyloid formation in amyloid-forming proteins

    Professor Jeffrey G Duckett 
    Fungal symbioses and stomatal function and evolution in early land plants

    Professor John M Dyke
    Completion of a study of reactive intermediates with spectroscopic methods

    Professor Robert Evans
    Statistical physics of liquids simple and complex

    Professor Angela Fawcett 
    Developmental disabilities; impact on everyday life across the lifespan

    Professor David Gubbins 
    Very fast seismic wave propagation beneath New Zealand

    Professor William G Hill
    Inference on pedigree relationship from genome sharing

    Professor Michael Hursthouse 
    Understanding crystal structures of organic molecular solid forms

    Professor William McGrew 
    Chimpanzee behaviour and modelling human evolutionary origins

    Professor John Ockendon 
    Some open problems in differential equations and their applications

    Professor Graham Ross 
    Physics beyond the standard model

    Professor Victor Snaith
    Monomial resolutions of admissible representations

    Professor Henry Wynn
    Advances in algebraic statistic 

  • Humanities

    Professor Desmond Bell 
    History and the documentary film maker: a case study of My Enemy’s Enemy

    Professor Rajeswary Brown 
    Islamic philanthropy and ethical capitalism in Bahrain and Lebanon, 1826-2006

    Professor Dame Averil Cameron 
    The dialogue form in early Christianity and Byzantium

    Professor Diana Donald 
    The art of Thomas Bewick: an interpretation

    Professor Kenneth Kitchen 
    Commentary to K.A. Kitchen, Ramesside Inscriptions

    Dr Joan-Lluís Marfany
    The Catalan ‘Renaixença’, 1790-1859 

    Professor Linda Newson 
    Apothecaries and the medicine trade in 16th and 17th century Lima, Peru

    Professor Noel Peacock
    Framing Molière on the screen 

    Professor Michael Rosenthal 
    Governor Macquarie's culture

    Professor E Joanne Shattock 
    Selected works of Margaret Oliphant

    Professor Barrie Webb
    The documentation of new and recent music for solo trombone

    Professor Sir Anthony Wrigley
    Parish-level population estimates for England and Wales prior to the 19th century

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Richard Butler 
    Adjustment to change in a remote island community over fifty years: Fair Isle

    Professor Clive Harber 
    Education and democratic political development

    Professor John B Knight
    Analysis of China surveys: happiness, and expansion of higher education

    Professor Mick Marchington 
    Analysing employee involvement and participation across Anglo-Saxon economies

    Dr Paul Ryan 
    Trainee discontent and collective action in long-term work-based training

    Mrs Rosemary Thorp 
    The sustainability of recent improvements in equity in Latin America

    Dr David Yeomans 
    Training providers: explorations of curriculum practice in work-based learning


Professor Michael Bate  PhD FRS
Sensory motor coordination in Drosophila

Professor Oliver Braddick  PhD
Processing time of infants’ visual brain responses

Professor James Cairns  PhD DSc FRSE
Nano-metal dispersions in aqueous media

Professor Alan Chadwick  PhD
Nanoparticles as agents in conservation

Professor Andrew Cliff  PhD DSc FBA
Spatial control of communicable disease spread

Professor Michael Cook PhD 
Phthalocyanines and related macrocycles

Professor Alan Cowey PhD FRS
How the brain controls conscious awareness

Professor Wendy Davies OBE PhD FBA FSA
Judgment, deals and justice: N. Iberia, 800-1000

Professor Elroy Dimson PhD
Financial market history

Professor Christopher Dyer CBE PhD FBA FSA
Peasant farming in the West Midlands, 1200-1540

Professor Malcolm Ferguson-Smith  DSc FRS FRSE
Evolution of the primate Y chromosome

Dr Andrew Foster DPhil
The dioceses of England and Wales, c.1540-1700

Professor Jean Golding PhD DSc
The history of ethical decision making in ALSPAC

Professor Rhodri Jeffreys-Jones PhD
Problems of intelligence and security in the West

Professor Margaret Kenna  PhD
Eliciting memories: photos of long-term fieldwork in Greece

Ms Sue Ledwith BSc MBA
Gender and trade union leadership

Professor Chris Miller PhD
Probability, causation and the law

Professor Rosemarie O’Day BA PhD 
Hester Temple, masterful mistress, c. 1580-1657

Dr Karalyn Patterson PhD FBA
Semantic dementia: when ‘the centre cannot hold’

Professor David Peacock PhD
Querns: technological change and subsistence

Professor Eric Priest PhD FRS FRSE
Magnetic reconnection in three dimensions

Professor Michael Pugh PhD
Peacebuilding and innovation in municipal political economies

Professor Peter Raynes PhD FRS
Residual chiral induction in organic chemistry

Professor Sir David Read KBE PhD FRS
The biology and conservation of UK wintergreens

Professor Colin Renfrew PhD ScD (Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn)
Early Cycladic figurines from Keros

Professor Roger Searle PhD
Generating oceanic lithosphere at slow cold ridges

Professor David Sherrington PhD FRS
Physics and complexity

Professor Neil Sinyard BA MA 
The films of William Wyler

Professor Peter Slater PhD DSc FRSE
Song use in duetting Central American wrens

Professor Robert Spence PhD DSc DrRCA FREng
The design of exploratory visual representations

Professor Patricia Thane PhD FBA 
Biography of Professor Peter Townsend (1928-2009)

Professor Cheryll Tickle CBE PhD FRS FRSE
Vertebrate limb development

Professor Alan Watson PhD FRS
Mass composition of the highest energy cosmic rays

Professor Bryan Webber PhD FRS
New phenomena at the Large Hadron Collider


Professor Glenda Abramson  Phd
At War: Life Writing In Hebrew On The First World War

Professor Peter Aczel  Dphil
Set-Theoretical Constructive Mathematics

Professor Stephen Bann  Cbe Phd Fba
Prints And The Visual Economy In 19th Century France

Professor Michael Bassett  Phd Dsc
Silurian Brachiopod Biofacies Of Baltoscandia

R A Batchelor  Msc 
Do Calc-Silicate Rocks Represent Altered Volcanic Ashes?

Professor Margaret Bent  Cbe Phd Fba
Veneto Musical Culture In The Early Quattrocento

Professor Clive Brasier  Phd Dsc
Emerging Hybrids Of Dutch Elm Disease Pathogen

Dr David Brown  Phd
Social History Of Eastern Liberia

Professor John Milton Brown  Phd Frs
Laser Magnetic Resonance Of Free Radicals

Dr Bob Colenutt  Phd
Community-Led Property Development

Dr Cecil Courtney  Dphil Littd
Raynal: An Edition And A Historical Bibliography

Professor Hugh Dickinson  Phd Dsc
Control Of Maize Seed Development By Small Rnas

Dr John Dudeney  Obe Phd
Cold Politics: Antarctic Science And Governance

Professor David Ellis  Phd
That Summer Of 1816: Byron On The Lake Of Geneva

Mr Michael Edwards  Mphil
Restoring Collective Interest In Urban Development

Professor Clive Emsley  Dlitt
Crime And The British Military In The 20th Century

Professor Edwards Fraenkel  Ma Frs
Navier-Stokes Solutions For Diffusing Vortices

Professor Sir Richard Gardner  Phd Frs
Embryonic Pre-Patterning In Mammals

Professor Peter Gill  Ma
An Evaluation Of Intelligence Democratisation

Professor Glyn Hockey  Phd
Human Work, Energy And Mental Fatigue

Professor William Horbury  Dd Fba
Toledoth Jeshu

Professor Patrick Joyce  Dphil
Freedom And The British Since 1945

Dr Robert Lawson-Peebles  Dphil
Jazz In Transatlantic Perspective

Professor A C Legon  Phd Dsc Frs
Structure And Bonding In Gas-Phase Metal Complexes

Professor I C M Maclennan  Cbe Phd
Antibody Secreting Cells In Inflammation

Professor Richard Marks  Phd
The Rood In Medieval England And Wales

Professor Malcolm Molyneux  Obe Md
Using Eye Changes To Improve Monitoring Of Malaria

Professor Jonathan Parry  Phd Fba
Industry And Inequality In Central India

Professor Alan Ponter  Phd
Theoretical Aspects Of A Method In Computational Mathematics

Professor Paul Racey  Phd Dsc Frse
Ecology And Conservation Biology Of Malagasy Bats

Professor John Simons  Dsc Frs
Getting Into Shape: Biomolecules In The Gas Phase

Professor Christopher Smout Cbe Phd Fba Frse
Environmental History Of The Firth Of Forth

Professor Sally Tomlinson  Msocsci Phd
Learning Difficulties In A Global Knowledge Economy

Professor David W H Walton  PhD
Cold politics: Antarctic science and governance


Professor Ewan Anderson  PhD PhD DPhil
Kurdistan/Iraq boundary delimitation

Professor John Baily  DPhil PhD
Music in Afghanistan and its Diaspora, 1985-2009

Sir Michael Berry  PhD FRS    
Continuing investigations in optics and quantum physics

Professor Sir Anthony Bottoms  PhD LLD FBA
Processes of desistance from criminality

Dr John Brown  PhD FRS    
Understanding and extending homogenous catalysis

Professor Robert Carswell  DPhil
Temperatures in high redshift galaxies

Professor Lionel Cliffe  BA
Comparative experience of land reform in Africa

Professor Anthony Cross  PhD LittD DLitt FBA
Bibliography of English-language accounts of Russia

Professor Joy DA Delhanty  PhD FRCPath FRCOG
The origins of aneuploidy in human embryos

Professor Brian Eddy  PhD DSc    
Ecological and environmental physiology of fish

Dr Inigo Everson  PhD
Lake Victoria fish: acoustic estimates since 1999

Professor Richard Fortey  PhD ScD FRS
The early Ordovician trilobites of Spitsbergen

Professor John France  PhD FRHS
Book: Perilous Glory: Understanding Western Warfare

Professor Peter Gawthrop  DPhil 
Intermittent control in humans

Professor John Goddard  OBE PhD
The university and the city

Professor Douglas Gough  PhD FRS
Internal dynamics of the Sun and other stars

Professor Jeremy Greenwood  CBE PhD DSc
The work and history of the British Trust for Ornithology

Professor Sir David Hall FRCPCH
Promoting child development - new approaches

Professor J A Hoffman  DPhil
'Quiet diplomacy' or appeasement? Understanding South African policy towards Zimbabwe

Dr Janet Huskinson  PhD
Completion of a monograph on Roman strigillated sarcophagi and their social significance

Professor Elizabeth Jeffreys  BLitt
Byzantine court poetry: Maganeios Podromos

Professor David Jeremiah  PhD
British art schools and society, 1825-1975

Dr Barry Leadbeater  PhD DSc
Choanoflagellate evolution: morphological evidence

Professor Adrian Long  OBE PhD DSC FREng
Exploiting arches/arching action in structures

Professor Richard Maber  Phil 
Analytical repertory of G. Ménage's correspondence 

Professor Roderick Martin  Phil DLitt
Developing Central and East European capitalisms

Professor Nicholas McCave  PhD DSc
Glacial Antarctic circumpolar current flow speed

Dr Phil Melling  PhD
Ernest Hemingway's Cuban experience and the influence of Cuba on Hemingway's writing

Professor Nick Stanley  PhD    
South West coast Papuan art in museums in Britain

Professor John Steeds  PhD FRS
Point defects and their complexes in 4H SiC

Professor John Tiley  CBE LLD
Developing tax law

Dr David Woodward  PhD
Construction project risk in developing countries

Professor Sir Tony Wrigley  PhD FBA
Mapping the population geography of England, 1761-1881

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