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  • Sciences

    Dr Mohammad Al-Amin
    University of Warwick
    Sustainable, low cost charging base stations for three-wheelers in Bangladesh

    Professor Jenny Morton
    University of Cambridge
    Comparing canid cognition: dogs, dingoes and African painted dogs

    Dr Jamie Tallent
    University of Essex
    Corticospinal responses to different modes of resistance training in the elderly

    Professor Richard Walker
    University of Oxford
    Building earthquake resilience through improved scientific understanding

  • Humanities

    Dr Melissa Dickson
    University of Birmingham
    Understanding Victorians: theories of mind in literature and science

    Dr Elise Hugueny-Léger
    University of St Andrews
    Beyond the writing impulse: crafting creative writing research in French

    Professor Sanjay Seth
    Goldsmiths, University of London
    The public and political life of history in colonised and coloniser countries

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Mark Brown
    University of Sheffield
    Can Himalayan Buddhist pasts help reform punishment and rehabilitation today?

    Dr Frederik Dahlmann
    University of Warwick
    Purpose-driven innovation ecosystems and sustainability transformations

    Dr Marta Fernandez de Arroyabe
    University of Essex
    Evaluating the effects of research and development tax credits on the market for corporate control

    Dr Sally Jones
    Manchester Metropolitan University
    Exploring gender and the STEM entrepreneurial ecosystem

  • Sciences

    Professor Michael Cant
    University of Exeter
    Rallying calls and battle cries: vocal communication in mammalian warfare 

    Dr Jose Nunez-Yanez
    University of Bristol
    High-performance video analytics with parallel heterogeneous neural networks

    Professor Eric Palmiere
    University of Sheffield
    The effect of dilute Nb additions in structural steels

    Dr Elias Symeonakis
    Manchester Metropolitan University
    SCALE: disentangling the climate change-land degradation nexus

  • Humanities

    Dr Víctor Acedo-Matellán
    University of Oxford
    Being red vs blushing: the morphosyntax of permanent and transient properties

    Professor Dunstan Brown
    University of York
    Enhancing comparability: modelling linguistic systems to advance typology

    Professor Richard Drayton
    King’s College London
    Europe’s hinterlands and its ‘Blue Water’ empires

    Dr Alfred Hirt
    University of Liverpool
    Roman mining and economic integration on the Iberian peninsula

    Dr Laura Moretti
    University of St Andrews
    Object history and museum display. The adventurous life of the Berlin Adorante

    Professor Leslie Topp
    Birkbeck, University of London
    Disrupted lives: a new reading of spaces of confinement

    Dr Bruno Tribout
    University of Aberdeen
    A history of early modern French life-writing

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Sarah Amsler
    University of Nottingham
    Learning to heal the nature-culture divide: exploring educational approaches

    Dr Rebecca Askew
    Manchester Metropolitan University
    Advancing research and participation in global drug policy: a values led approach

    Dr Josephine Borghi
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    Applying a complex adaptive systems lens to the global health system

    Professor Nigel Copsey
    Teesside University
    Responding to hate in Canada’s multicultural mosaic

    Dr Gareth Edwards
    University of East Anglia
    Just coal? Examining how climate justice is mobilised in support of coal

    Dr Anirban Mitra
    University of Kent
    The (local) political economy of a global pandemic: lessons from India

  • Sciences

    Dr Jan-Willem Bos
    Heriot-Watt University
    Metastable nanomaterials for energy applications

    Dr Iroise Dumontheil
    Birkbeck, University of London
    Can cognitive control training be used to change habits of thinking?

    Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar
    Cardiff University
    Control systems model for cross-cultural physical activity intervention design

    Professor Stephen Fairhurst
    Cardiff University
    Understanding gravitational wave observations and their Implications

    Dr Niamh Nowlan
    Imperial College London
    Biomechanics and mechanobiology of articular cartilage development

    Professor Shan Zhong
    University of Manchester
    Bio-inspired passive control of near-wall turbulence and energy harvesting devices

  • Humanities

    Dr Maud Anne Bracke
    University of Glasgow
    Towards ‘reproductive rights’: sex, bodies and population in Europe, 1945–1995

    Dr Emma Meehan
    Coventry University
    Dancing dialogue: embodying diversity in Indonesia

    Dr Elinor Payne
    University of Oxford
    Indian English on the move: language contact and change in new urban diasporas

    Professor Yolanda Plumley
    University of Exeter
    Shining new light on late medieval music: a multi-disciplinary approach

    Dr Bruce Routledge
    University of Liverpool
    Reusing and rethinking archaeological data

    Professor Richard Williams
    University of Edinburgh
    The city after the automobile? Rethinking São Paulo’s urban highways

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Rachel Murray
    University of Bristol
    Exploring interdisciplinary approaches to implementing human rights decisions

    Dr Simone Tholens
    Cardiff University
    Knowledge, networks and practices of security assistance

  • Sciences

    Dr Stephane De Brito
    University of Birmingham
    Personality trait of impulsivity in Japan: measurement and brain correlates

    Dr Tony Gutierrez
    Heriot-Watt University
    Application of RNA-based stable isotope probing in the deep sea

    Dr Fumiya Iida
    University of Cambridge
    Collaborative exploration of next generations of soft robot integration

    Dr Apala Majumdar
    University of Bath
    Nematic shells: mathematics and experiments for new advances

    Dr Luca Sapienza
    University of Southampton
    Investigating quantum properties of biomolecules on a chip

    Professor Matthew Simon Turner
    University of Warwick
    Active sheets

    Professor Yang Zhang
    University of Sheffield
    Advanced imaging based diagnostics for fire and firebrands studies 

  • Humanities

    Professor Carola Boehm
    Staffordshire University
    University art-schools as drivers for cultural and economic growth

    Professor Clare Hemmings
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Archival interventions

    Professor Josef Lössl
    Cardiff University
    How to interpret early Christian key writings in the twenty-first century

    Dr Sarah Miller-Davenport
    University of Sheffield
    Capital of the world: New York City and the end of the twentieth century

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Emma Alleyne
    University of Kent
    Understanding why adults abuse animals: theory and evidence-based practice

    Dr Angelique Chettiparambil Rajan
    University of Reading
    Investigating migrant networks through immersive observation and learning

    Dr Adam Fishwick
    De Montfort University
    Methodological innovation for comparative labour research in Argentina and Chile

  • Sciences

    Professor Jürg Bähler
    University College London
    Acquiring key methods with short-lived killifish to launch new line of research

    Dr Ioannis Brilakis
    University of Cambridge
    Digitising the built environment

    Professor Debra Mills
    Bangor University
    Linking gene expression with social brain activity

    Dr Hazel Nichols
    Liverpool John Moores University
    The scent of sociality: chemical communication in a cooperative breeder

    Professor Gabriel Paternain
    University of Cambridge
    New directions in geometric inverse problems: microlocal and statistical aspects

    Dr Dan Read
    Cardiff University
    Semiconductor spintronics and in situ measurement

    Professor Alfried Vogler
    Imperial College London
    Genomic and phylogenetic tools for studying speciesnumbers on Earth

    Dr Alexander Voss
    University of St Andrews
    Why that now? Accounts of causality in computing

  • Humanities

    Dr Jalal Al-Tamimi
    Newcastle University
    From articulation to speech recognition in investigating the Arabic sound system

    Ms Jane Arnfield
    Northumbria University
    An interdisciplinary framing and conceptualisation of (auto)biographical theatre

    Dr Kathy Conklin
    University of Nottingham
    Linguistic patterns in first and second language acquisition: does input matter?

    Dr Fiona Handyside
    University of Exeter
    French girlhoods on screen: emotions and/of places

    Dr Alexandra Livarda
    University of Nottingham
    Shaping the archaeology of culinary practices

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Rory Cormac
    University of Nottingham
    Does covert action work? Evaluating the impact of deniable interventionism

    Dr Jule Mulder
    University of Bristol
    Vulnerable consumers and the law in financially uncertain times

    Professor Jennifer Roberts
    University of Sheffield
    Commuting as an economic behaviour in the US and the UK

    Dr Kate Skinner
    University of Birmingham
    Learning, leveraging and living with the law: gender activism in Ghana 1957–92

    Dr Julia Steinberger
    University of Leeds
    The golden thread: energy in social development and resource services

  • Sciences

    Professor Jens Eggers
    University of Bristol
    Microfluidics: fundamental problems and applications

    Dr Kyle Dexter
    University of Edinburgh
    Relative influence of environment vs. tree species on forest ecosystem function

    Dr Elliot Freeman
    City, University of London
    Individual differences in perceptual synchronisation

    Professor Gideon Henderson
    University of Oxford
    Unlocking understanding of soil processes with new geochemical tools

    Professor Frank Keller
    University of Edinburgh
    Eye-tracking for knowledge acquisition in language and vision

    Dr Andrew MacColl
    University of Nottingham
    Genome analysis for evolutionary ecology

    Professor Peter Symonds
    University of Manchester
    New contexts for representation theory

  • Humanities

    Dr Mark Jago
    University of Nottingham
    Developing truthmaker semantics

    Dr Catherine Jones
    University of Aberdeen
    Historiography of anatomy in the northern European Atlantic world, c. 1650–1800

    Professor Graham Mort
    Lancaster University
    Taking liberties: ideals of freedom in contemporary South Africa

    Dr Abigail Ward
    University of Nottingham
    In dialogue with the past: legacies of the transatlantic trade in Canada’s modern-day slavery

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Myria Georgiou
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Communicating the digital city: comparative outlooks and co-creative methods

    Dr Daniel O’Neill
    University of Leeds
    Full employment and sustainability: towards a political ecological economics

  • Sciences

    Dr Sarah Boulton
    University of Plymouth
    Bedrock river erosion in the temperate zone: a case study from New Zealand

    Dr Ian Garrard
    Brunel University London
    Exploiting the potential of Brazilian natural products with a novel separations technology

    Dr Diane Maclagan
    University of Warwick
    Combinatorial algebraic geometry: foundations of tropical geometry

    Dr Matteo Spagnolo
    University of Aberdeen
    Thermochronology applications to glacial geomorphology and palaeoclimate studies

  • Humanities

    Dr David Farrier
    University of Edinburgh
    Unexpected encounters with deep time in contemporary poetry

    Dr Chloe Marshall
    University College London
    How much sign language can adults learn in just a few minutes?

    Dr Sinead O’Sullivan
    Queen’s University Belfast
    Encoding knowledge in the textual culture of the early Middle Ages

    Professor Mark Pearce
    University of Nottingham
    Forging a new approach to ancient metal studies

    Professor Shengfeng Qin
    Northumbria University
    Transforming emotional design principles into crowdsourcing platform design

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Tobias Kelly
    University of Edinburgh
    Human rights and global justice

    Dr Roy Maconachie
    University of Bath
    Mining conflict, North and South: deepening the governance debate

  • Sciences

    Professor Michael Anderson
    University of Manchester
    Monte Carlo and MD calculations of crystal growth in nanoporous materials

    Dr Jason Bruce
    University of Manchester
    The protective effects of insulin during experimental pancreatitis

    Dr David Coomes
    University of Cambridge
    A spectranomic approach to anthropogenic change in tropical forests

    Dr Fabienne Marret
    University of Liverpool
    Exploiting dinocysts as tracers of oceanic conditions in the SW Pacific

  • Humanities

    Dr Stephanie Dennison
    University of Leeds
    Brazilian film culture in the context of world cinema

    Mr Geoff Ryman
    University of Manchester
    Developing Africa’s literature of the fantastic

    Dr Renee Timmers
    University of Sheffield
    The role of cross-modal information in inter-performer musical communication

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Philippe Cullet
    SOAS, University of London
    Sanitation in India: understanding a complex and controversial human right

    Professor Maleiha Malik
    King’s College London
    Transnational discrimination law: Vietnam and the ASEAN

    Dr Simon Raby
    University of Kent
    Understanding sustainable growth and performance in the context of small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs): a UK–Canada comparative perspective

    Dr Fern Terris-Prestholt
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    Stimulating demand for HIV prevention: consolidating a decade of research

  • Sciences

    Dr Camilla Benfield 
    Royal Veterinary College, University of London 
    Using evolutionary bioinformatics to reveal host-virus interactions and ecology – Australia 

    Professor James Brasington 
    Queen Mary, University of London 
    From point clouds to processes: multidimensional models of river forms and flows – New Zealand, USA, Japan 

    Dr Deirdre Gribbin 
    Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 
    Music for ScreenPlay interactive video wall which reduces anxiety in hospital waiting spaces – Canada 

    Dr Jonathan Keeling 
    University of St Andrews 
    Collective critical behaviour in many-body quantum optics – USA 

    Dr Catherine Merry 
    University of Manchester 
    Glycosaminoglycans – towards a European network of excellence – Sweden 

    Dr Simon Mudd 
    University of Edinburgh 
    Impact of changing climate and sediment supply on coastal wetland survival – Italy 

    Professor Mark Viney 
    University of Bristol 
    Learning a new transgenesis technique to discover gene function in nematode worm parasites – USA 

  • Humanities

    Professor Sandy Black 
    University of the Arts London 
    Application of mathematical concepts of topology to 3D knitting technology – New Zealand, Australia, Japan 

    Dr Claudia Glatz 
    University of Glasgow 
    Highland encounters: practice, perception and power in the mountains of the ancient Middle East – USA 

    Dr Ceri Morgan 
    University of Keele 
    Heartlands/pays du Coeur: imagining and representing Quebec’s ‘regions’ – Canada 

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Peter Cox 
    University of Chester 
    Developing cross-disciplinary research into bicycling and the environment – Germany 

    Professor Oliver James 
    University of Exeter 
    Citizens and public services: voice, choice and service delivery mechanisms – USA 

    Professor Ann Light 
    Northumbria University 
    Designing to age well: age, agency and social wellbeing – Australia 

    Dr Bryan Maddox 
    University of East Anglia 
    Ecological frameworks in educational testing – Canada 

  • Sciences

    Dr Stephen Alexander Rolfe
    University of Sheffield
    What role do cytokinins play in clubroot disease?

    Professor Attila Sik
    University of Birmingham
    Role of interneurons to control network patterns during behaviour

    Dr Margaret Watson
    University of Aberdeen
    Innovating knowledge translation for pharmacy practice and medicines safety

  • Humanities

    Professor Jane Ginsborg
    Royal Northern College of Music
    Interactive music performance research: cross-cultural collaborations

    Dr Patricia MacCormack
    Anglia Ruskin University
    Collaboration with University of California Santa Barbara as The Animal Catalyst Network on Animality, Philosophy and Ethics

    Professor Frank Trentmann
    Birkbeck, University of London
    Cultures of energy: materiality and transitions in twentieth-century history

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Rosalind Edwards
    University of Southampton
    ‘Mixed’ families: exploring fresh conceptual insights and fathering in New Zealand

    Dr Alaric Hall
    University of Leeds
    Constructing crisis: Icelandic cultural responses to the 2008 financial crisis

    Professor Matthias Klaes
    University of Dundee
    History of economics collections in the digital age

    Dr Susan Pickard
    University of Liverpool
    Collaboration with US colleagues in sociological research on ageing

    Professor Matthew Weait
    Birkbeck, University of London
    Safer sex/unsafe law: HIV exposure liability and the meaning of risk

    Dr Alex Wright
    Open University
    Bridging the academic/practitioner divide: strategy as performativity

  • Sciences

    Professor Neil Cameron
    Durham University
    Next generation biomaterials from controlled architecture polymers

    Professor Jaimie Dick
    Queen’s University Belfast
    Functional responses as predictors of the ecological impacts of invasive species

    Dr Mirella Lapata
    University of Edinburgh
    Learning grounded semantic representations

    Professor Michael Tretyakov
    University of Nottingham
    Numerical methods for infinite dimensional stochastic equations

    Professor David Wild
    University of Warwick
    Bayesian computation in systems and synthetic biology

  • Humanities

    Dr Rachel Beckles Willson
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    Reconfiguring music, and listening again to the Ottomans

    Dr Ilker Evrim Binbas
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    The Timurid Republic of Letters: radicals and freethinkers in late Medieval Islamic history

    Dr Frank Shovlin
    University of Liverpool
    Touchstones: John McGahern's classical style

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Andrew Dugmore
    University of Edinburgh
    Global approaches to human ecodynamics 

    Professor Simon Hix
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    Electoral systems and legislative politics

    Professor Gill Kirton
    Queen Mary, University of London
    Gender, diversity and employment relations

  • Sciences

    Dr David Lloyd Davies
    University of Leicester
    Novel luminescent materials 

    Professor M A Osipov
    University of Strathclyde
    Molecular models for unconventional smectics 

    Professor Jane E Raymond
    Bangor University
    Visual psychology and its link to visual art 

    Professor Keke Zhang
    University of Exeter
    Shapes/dynamics of ellipsoidal planets 

  • Humanities

    Dr Mark Hutchings
    University of Reading
    Anglo-Spanish diplomacy and exchange, 1580-1625 

    Professor Sharon Macdonald
    University of Manchester
    Ethnography and the exhibition of minority cultural heritage in China

    Dr Sreenath Nair
    University of Lincoln
    Restoration of breath 

    Dr Daniel Williams
    Swansea University
    Internal colonialism and ethnic culture 

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Jack Anderson
    Queen's University Belfast
    Financial crime and corruption in sport 

    Dr Christopher Millett
    Imperial College London
    Evaluation of tobacco control strategies in India 

    Professor Michael Thomas
    Birkbeck, University of London
    Educational neuroscience: enhancing learning 

    Mr Alistair Tough
    University of Glasgow
    Record keeping systems for good governance,

    Dr David Whyte
    University of Liverpool
    New challenges to corporate accountability 


Ina Berg  DPhil
Lecturer in Mediterranean Archaeology
University of Manchester
Conceptualising the sea: knowledge, meaning and living space

Paul Bou-Habib  PhD
Lecturer in Political Theory
University of Essex
Justice between age groups

Crispin Branfoot  PhD
Senior Lecturer in South Asian Art and Archaeology
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London
Construction, renovation, conservation: the Hindu temple in Tamil South India, 1870-1920

Carla Crifó DPhil
Lecturer in Law
University of Leicester
Academic civil procedure in England and the USA

Laura Doan  PhD
Professor of Cultural History and Sexuality Studies
University of Manchester
Disturbing practices: history and theory

Claire E Honess  PhD
Senior Lecturer in Italian
University of Leeds
Vita nova and Convivio: theology, politics and poetics

J Simon Rofe  PhD
Lecturer in International Relations and Director of Distance Learning
University of Leicester
Presidential peacemaking in the 20th century

Sandra Shefelbine PhD
Senior Lecturer, Department of Bioengineering
Imperial College London
Molecular modelling of osteogenesis imperfecta

Sirin Sung  PhD
Lecturer in Social Policy
Queen’s University Belfast
Gender and the welfare state in the UK and US: work-family balance issues

Laura Tunbridge  PhD
Senior Lecturer in Music
University of Manchester
Migrations of the Lied, 1918-39


Iain Coldham  PhD
Professor of Synthetic Organic Chemistry
University of Sheffield
Dynamics of interconversion of organolithiums

Helen Drake  PhD
Senior Lecturer in French and European Studies
Loughborough University
Learned friends? France and Britain today

Ian Fairchild  PhD
Professor of Physical Geography
University of Birmingham
Activating the speleothem archives

Francesco Giglio  Dr iuris DPhil
Senior Lecturer in Law
University of Manchester
Advanced studies in Roman law 

Katherine Hampshire  PhD
Senior Lecturer in Anthropology
Durham University
Child mobility: moving forward

Mieko Kanno  DPhil
Senior Lecturer in Music
Durham University
Performance and musical formation

Donna Landry  PhD
Professor of English and American Literature and Director of the Centre for Studies in the Long Eighteenth Century
University of Kent
Hoofprinting: Evliya Çelebi and Lady Anne Blunt

Wendy Magee PhD
International Fellow in Music Therapy
Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, London
Music technology in therapeutic and health settings

Anastasia Nesvetailova PhD
Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy
City University
Financial innovation and crisis: towards a framework of systemic illiquidity

Peter Schroeder PhD
Senior Lecturer, Department of History
University College London
War, the state and international law in early modern Europe

Malcolm Thomas PhD
Senior Lecturer and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts
Aberystwyth University    
International comparative perspectives on health


Donna Berlin
Movement Tutor
Stepping – the new rhythm of Youth Culture

David Burslem  PhD
Reader in Plant Sciences
University of Aberdeen
Maintenance of forest biodiversity in New Zealand

Anuj Dawar  PhD
Reader in Logic
University of Cambridge
Logic, databases and verification

Daniel Dorling  PhD
Professor of Human Geography
University of Sheffield
The transformation of equality in the rich world

Eleanor Fisher  PhD
Lecturer in International Development
Swansea University
Communities and coastal resource management

Nina Hallowell  DPhil
Reader in Social Sciences and Public Health
University of Edinburgh
Cancer genetics: understanding lay and expert views

Simon Harley  PhD FRSE
Professor, School of Geosciences
University of Edinburgh
Improving monazite microanalysis

Nathan Hughes  PhD
Lecturer in Social Policy
University of Birmingham
Antisocial behaviour: new policies, new profession

Elizabeth T Hurren  PhD
Senior Lecturer in the History of Medicine 
Oxford Brookes University
Dying for Victorian medicine: English anatomy and its trade in the dead poor, 1870-1929

Robert Istepanian  PhD
Professor of Data Communications
Kingston University, London
A study on UK and Canadian perspectives on mobile healthcare systems and applications

Eric Kaufmann  PhD
Reader in Politics and Sociology
Birkbeck College, University of London
Religion and identity in international politics

Shan Zhong  PhD
Senior Lecturer, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering
The University of Manchester
Low Reynolds-number propulsion

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