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Grant listings

Select a scheme, to find listings of current and past grant holders, their institutions and research projects.

  • Sciences

    Miss Madelaine Cherie Constance
    Master of Energy
    New Zealand
    Miss Karys Dickson
    Non-coercive form methods in PDEs
    Miss Georga-Marie Hooton
    MSc in Geology
    Mr Ethan Kensett
    Masters in Physics and Astronomy: Science for Energy and Sustainability
    The Netherlands
    Ms Lucía Menéndez-Pidal
    The problem of time in loop quantum cosmology
    Miss Elisa Mogollon Perez
    Munich Graduate School for Evolution, Ecology and Systematics Masters

  • Humanities

    Ms Maria-Pia Aquilina
    Living on a monument: communities, heritage, and liveability in Valletta, Malta
    Mr Hugo Bell
    MMus Composition
    The Netherlands
    Mr Fintan Calpin
    What was the Kootenay School? Experimental poetry and the Canadian settler state
    Mr Hardeep Dhindsa
    White British identity on the grand tour and the inheritance of a classical past, 1756–1815
    Dr Samuel Dolbear
    The lines between their names: a generational investigation around Walter Benjamin
    Miss Florence Forte
    Isotta Nogarola’s Latin dialogue(s) on the equal or unequal sin of Eve and Adam, c. 1451
    Mrs Anne Grasselli
    The harmonised whole: Wassily Kandinsky and principles in visual perception from Jugendstil through Der Blaue Reiter
    Mr Antonio Iacoviello
    History-writing and collective identity in early Hellenistic Athens
    Miss Tirivashe Jele
    Africanising the Mfecane
    South Africa
    Mr Grant Lewis
    Understanding Venetian Patronage: contextualising Titian’s early career
    Mr Tom McLean
    Liturgy: given, celebrated, internalised. Connecting theology, performance and prayer
    Mr Valters Negribs
    Ascetic literature in early Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina traditions
    Miss Vladislava Predelina
    Master of Fine Art
    The Netherlands
    Miss Bethany Privitera
    MA Film
    Ms Linda Rocchi
    Atimia: dishonour, disfranchisement and civic disability in Hellenistic and Roman Greece
    Miss Rebecca Rowson
    Emotions and colour
    Miss Jessica Georgia Shales
    The Arthur of the Bretons: developing three neglected Breton texts of key importance to medieval Arthurian Studies
    Mr Joe Shaughnessy
    Literary internationalism and Southern Africa, 1900–1950
    South Africa
    Mr Andrew Williams
    MPhil in History / The trading community of Kingston, Jamaica, 1770–1800

  • Social Sciences

    Mr Mihai Tudor Balinisteanu
    The origin of rhythm in mutual entrainment
    Senegal and Ecuador
    Ms Chantal Victoria Bright
    Water security, peace and fragility in Liberia: an African ecofeminist approach
    Liberia and Senegal
    Miss Rachel Chowings
    Global Studies Programme
    Germany, Argentina and India
    Mr Patrick Longmate
    MA in Peacebuilding
    Miss Lauren Whiteley
    MA in International Relations, Global Health & Cultural Diplomacy

  • Sciences

    Ms Daisy Buzzoni
    Local disturbance effects on tropical coral symbioses in a warming ocean

    Miss Sarah Cawthorne
    Master of Science Communication
    New Zealand

    Miss Jasmine Onstad
    Masters in Mind and Brain

    Mr Adrianos Skaros
    A functional dissection of the genetic circuits selected in anatomically modern humans

  • Humanities

    Ms Stephanie Azzarello
    Elite patronage and the business of spirituality: commissioning religious art in Renaissance Florence

    Dr Flaminia Bartolini
    The construction of the other: Italo-African memory and identity at the ex-Colonial Museum in Rome

    Mr Michael Bax
    Language and prestige in sixteenth-century Mexico

    Ms Lily Bickers
    Masters in Classics
    The Netherlands

    Dr James Brown
    Expressivism and the normativity of well-being

    Ms Alice Clinch
    Of earth and stone: material culture and natural science in the ancient Mediterranean

    Mr Samuel Ellis
    The language of legitimacy: constitutional justification through the use of stereotypes, metaphors and nomenclature

    Ms Jessica Fischer
    The weight of numbers in social policymaking – risk, aggregation and wronging

    Dr Tom Grant
    The impact of Christianisation on Old Norse Skaldic poetry, c. 870–1350
    The Netherlands

    Dr Alec Hinshelwood
    The work of human hands: Marx on humanity as solidarity

    Miss Andrea Celeste La Forgia
    MFA Fine Art
    The Netherlands

    Dr Tara McEvoy
    Selective memory: the modern Irish literary anthology

    Mr Jack Newman
    Algorithmic autodetection of anti-corruption practices in England and the low countries c. 1322–1384

    Dr Fraser Raeburn
    Soldiers without borders: new comparative approaches to foreign fighter mobilisation
    The Netherlands

    Mr Nigel Smith
    Masters in Classical Music Instrumental Performance

    Mr Alexander Thomas
    Russian actionism: expropriating the territories of art

    Miss Hayley Tonner
    Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Music 

  • Social Sciences

    Miss Tanya Basi
    Masters in Economics and Psychology 

    Mr George Hill
    LLM Programme in Comparative, European and International Laws 

    Ms Mimi Howard
    Periodising capital in the twentieth century: from German sociology to developmentalism

    Miss Lucy Millichamp
    MSc in Architecture 

    Ms Stephanie Neal
    Masters in Industrial Ecology
    The Netherlands

    Mr Tomas Percival
    The right to (in)security: resisting punitive geographies
    The Netherlands

    Mr Samuel Richardson
    MSc in Management of Public Policy

    Ms Daphne Rutnam
    Masters in Economics

    Miss Zuzanna Schoennett
    Masters in Anthropology

    Mr Christoph Sponsel
    Towards a theory of civil conflict peace negotiations

    Dr Cyd Sturgess
    Trans/Missions: the politics of identity and precarity in transgender film festivals in Amsterdam, Berlin and Sheffield
    The Netherlands

    Miss Ella Waite
    Master of Sustainability

  • Sciences

    Mr Piero Amodio
    How complex is cephalopods’ cognition?

    Mr Ahmed Ibrahim
    Composite membrane optimisation for intermediate temperature polymer electrolyte fuel cells (IT-PEFCs)

    Miss Ellen Miller
    Masters in Resources, Environment and Sustainability

    Miss Jemima Scrase
    The significance of matriarchal experience for effective leadership in African elephant societies

    Ms Lauren Seex
    Female dominance in three species of lemur, an agent-based model
    The Netherlands

    Mr Asfand Tanwear
    Fabrication of spintronic memristor device for futuristic neuromorphic computing

  • Humanities

    Mr Pawel Borowski
    Civic communities in the Western Roman Empire in the first to third century CE

    Dr Chloe Bray
    Ancient Greek landscape between the intelligible and unintelligible

    Miss Georgina Brinkman
    Artistic research
    The Netherlands

    Dr Thomas Chadwick
    Agency and ancestry: women, memory and ethnic identity in the German and Norman realms, 900–1250

    Ms Rosy Head
    Masters in Arts and Politics

    Dr Kamila Kocialkowska
    The aesthetics of censorship and the Russian avant-garde: abstraction beyond art

    Mr James Laing
    Being with others: on love, other minds and the self-conscious emotions
    Republic of Ireland

    Mr William Langley
    Masters in Journalism
    Hong Kong SAR, China

    Ms Cordelia Loughlin
    Corso di Diploma Accademico di Secondo Livello, Canto – DCSL06

    Mr Rowan Mellor
    Meeting the collective impact challenge

    Mr Alexander Millar
    Master of Fine Art

    Mr David Olbrich
    The theory of conscience: practical commitment, duty and choice

    Mr Eóin Parkinson
    An archaeology of knowledge: knowledge creation and the development of prehistoric studies in early twentieth-century Europe

    Dr Edgar Phillips
    Practical reason in the phenomenology of action

    Mr Daniel Rhodes
    W.B. Yeats, radium and field poetics
    Republic of Ireland

    Mr Matthew Rogers
    Master of Music Orchesterdirigieren

    Dr Bastiaan Willems
    Communities of violence: public execution in Germany 1945

    Dr Eric Wolever
    The idea of the west in the long twelfth century

  • Social Sciences

    Ms Lucinda Cadzow
    Taming giants? Influence and cooperation international taxation 

    Ms Sophia Hoffinger
    From ‘responsibility to remember’ to the ‘right to boycott’: the Palestinian boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement, German-Palestinian solidarity and the contest over rights

    Miss Aaliyah Lawal
    Masters in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences
    The Netherlands

    Dr Deborah Madden
    Víctimas, violencia y violación: female-voiced testimonies of sexual violence in Francoist Spain, 1936–1975

    Mr Ronan McLaughlin
    Masters in EU International Relations and Diplomacy Studies

    Ms Annarita Papeschi
    Affectual apparata

    Dr Jonathan D Smith
    How environmental social movements use religious creativity in Indonesia

    Mrs Zaira Solomons
    Access and participation and the role of African indigenous knowledge at university
    South Africa

    Mrs Rachel Tough
    PhD International Development – curating memory: dealing with the past at the War Remnants Museum

    Ms Sarah Walker
    Snakes and ladders: navigating the Italian reception system as ‘minors’ to create a better future as ‘adults’

  • Sciences

    Dr Benjamin Chandler
    A multi-method, glacial-geological and geophysical approach to exploring moraines

    Mr Joshua Lambert
    Between island and mainland: new theory for non-oceanic islands and an empirical test in the ‘Galápagos of Africa’
    The Netherlands

    Miss Lucy Millington
    The conservation value of regenerating forest for endangered primates in Peru

    Mr Adam Powell
    Masters in Physics

    Miss Umaira Shuaib
    Oxides as battery materials

    Mr Ektoras Yiannakas
    Investigating novel ligand scaffolds for the development of an alkyne cross metathesis selective catalyst

  • Humanities

    Mr Benjamin Allport
    Communication and community in high medieval Norway: a social network analysis of high medieval Norwegian sources

    Mr Julian Bacharach
    Agents in time: perspective, tense and the first person

    Miss Alice Beazer
    Masters Research Training Program in Social Sciences

    Ms Anna Caceres
    Masters in Governance of Migration and Diversity since 1945
    The Netherlands

    Mr Alexander Collin
    Decision making under conditions of non-knowledge in late- and post-Hanseatic city governments 1557–1669
    The Netherlands

    Ms Amandine Coquaz
    Listening to Montreal: a creative exploration of the city’s linguistic common grounds

    Dr Sophie Corser
    The reader’s Joyce: Ulysses, authorship and the authority of the reader
    Republic of Ireland

    Mr Alex Donnelly
    Disability as enablement: new perspectives on conflict and reconciliation

    Dr Alberto Esu
    Timê for Timai: honour and civic performance in classical and Hellenistic Greece

    Ms Ellen Finn
    Moving, making, meaning: manuports in the archaeology of the Bronze Age Aegean 

    Mr Samuel Grinsell
    A history of estuary ports and the North Sea, c. 1800–1914

    Mr Jack Hughes
    MMus in Music Technology and Digital Media

    Dr Alison John
    Greek in late antique Gaul

    Mr Jamie Kane
    Masters in Fine Art
    The Netherlands

    Mr Ryan Kemp
    Speaking truth to power in high medieval Europe

    Mr Seán Morgan-Rooney
    Piano Duo Artist Diploma
    The Netherlands

    Ms Frances Myatt
    Masters in Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literatur (Comparative Literature) with Lateinische Philologie (Latin)

    Miss Josie Perry
    Masters in Fine Art
    The Netherlands

    Mr Michael Aidan Pope
    Converting to Christianity in early modern Iberia: the cultural functions of baptism

    Ms Laura Silva
    Emotional demands: the expressive domain of emotions

    Miss Lauren Spencer
    Masters in Fine Art

    Mr Peter Taggart
    Masters in Russian Studies

  • Social Sciences

    Ms Katie Connan
    The role of states in the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse by their own citizens in peacekeeping settings 
    South Africa

    Ms Elizabeth Gasson
    Using eye movements to understand the sources of reading comprehension difficulties during silent text reading

    Mr Scott Nichol
    Masters in European Studies

    Ms Sinead O'Connor
    Masters in International Relations

    Dr Amy Louise Paine
    Humour in children's close relationships

  • Sciences

    Miss Savanna Browne-Wilkinson  
    Masters in life science and technology – The Netherlands

    Mr Alexander Fairley 
    The discrete structure of quadrics – Germany

    Miss Sophie Keeling 
    Masters in neuroscience – Germany

    Mr Darius Riahy 
    Suppression of mortal germline phenotype in C. elegans by ecologically relevant microorganisms – France

    Ms Emma Seal 
    Environment, development and peace: sustainable natural resource management – Costa Rica

  • Humanities

    Mr Peter Brown 
    The emergence of globalised trade in medieval China – China

    Miss Eloise Gillow 
    Intensive painting programme – Spain

    Mr Thomas Goff 
    National Master in orchestral conducting – The Netherlands

    Miss Lucy Rhiannon Hinnie 
    Digitising the Bannatyne MS, c. 1568 – Canada

    Miss Honey Jones-Hughes 
    Master in fine art – The Netherlands

    Ms Lucille Junkere 
    The colours of Jamaica – Jamaica

    Miss Bethan Morgan-Williams 
    Masters in composition – The Netherlands

    Ms Francesca Petrizzo 
    Tancred – the lives and afterlives of a Hauteville crusader – Italy

    Ms Nefeli Piree Iliou 
    An eastern Roman landed gentry? Roman villas, farms and villages of Roman Epirus in Northern Greece, c. 2 BCE–5 CE – Greece

    Mr James Dylan Sargan 
    Space-time and the manuscript: 4D modelling and medieval books – Canada

    Mr Christoph Schmidhuber 
    Slavery in early Iraq – France

    Mr Daniel George William Smith 
    Crossing borders: critical dialogues for the development of disability theology – Germany

    Ms Rebecca Van Hove 
    Law and the gods: re-assessing the notion of divine law in ancient Greece – France

    Miss Aya Van Renterghem 
    Approaching alphabets in the Middle Ages: the Irish involvement – The Netherlands

    Ms Emma Welton 
    Masters in literature – Sweden

    Ms Teresa Witcombe
    ‘The secret ways of the Moors’: imagining Islam in Toledo, 1085–1247 – Spain

  • Social Sciences

    Miss Hannah Arkell 
    Masters in architecture: winding filament fabrication for fibrous structures – Denmark

    Eleanor Harrison 
    How can conditional cash transfers improve health behaviours in rural Kenya? – Kenya

    Ms Melody Sylvia Howse  
    ‘You will be recorded’: the role of mobile cameras in civilian/police encounters – Germany

    Ms Camille Jacob 
    English and the Algerian Sahara: discourses, practices and identities – Algeria

    Mr Robert Jarvis 
    Double masters in international affairs – China

    Mr David Pollard 
    Developing social cognition in evolving adolescent social networks – The Netherlands 

    Miss Shannon Russell 
    Masters in law – Canada

    Miss Meghana Shukla 
    Governance of disaster risk reduction for flooding: analysing vulnerability assessments and adaptation in Surat, India – Japan

  • Sciences

    Ms Connie Allen
    Male African savanna elephant sociobiology – Botswana

    Miss Elise Gallois
    Cassiope tetragona growth rate as a proxy of climate change on Ellesmere Island – Canada

    Miss Emily Hill
    Thesis in environmental toxicology – Norway

    Miss Ashlea Kemp
    Searching for exotic dark matter candidates using the DEAP-3600 detector – Canada

    Mr Daniel Martinez
    Investigation into loop quantum gravity – France

    Mr Connor McKnight
    Environmental toxicology and chemistry – Norway

    Mr Patrick Morris
    On problems in extremal and probabilistic combinatorics – Germany

    Mr Gavin Tolometti
    Volcanic lava fields, and their potential for field analogues study – Canada

  • Humanities

    Miss Chloë Abbott
    Stockhausen aus Licht-Performance ¬ Masters in music – The Netherlands

    Miss Poppy Field
    Advanced sculpture – Italy

    Dr Siobhan Hearne
    The regulation of sexuality in the Baltic provinces, 1900–1918 – Latvia

    Dr Sean Hewitt
    Natural history and the Irish Revival – Republic of Ireland

    Mr Alexander Holland
    Culturally mapping the Liber de Exemplis in late-medieval Europe – Austria

    Mr Matthew Holman
    Frank O’Hara east and west – Germany

    Mr James Hutton
    What kind of laws are Kant’s laws of the mind? – Germany

    Dr Alexandre Johnston
    Divine and human causation in Greek tragedy and modern thought – Italy

    Mr Rob Jones
    Masters in music composition – The Netherlands

    Dr Young-Chae Kim
    Agrarian legislation during the Roman Revolution – Italy

    Dr Jack Quin
    W B Yeats, Ireland and the language of sculpture, 1880–1940 – Republic of Ireland

    Mr Nicholas Thomas
    Masters in fine art – The Netherlands

  • Social Sciences

    Mr Bolaji Balogun
    Poland, power, and black Atlanticism: whose identity? – Poland

    Miss Georgia Banjo
    Sciences Po-PKU Dual Masters in international security – France and China

    Ms Catherine Higham
    Masters in law – Canada 

    Dr Tobias Houlton
    Study of hard to soft tissue relationships in sub-Saharan Africans: the mouth – South Africa

    Mr Alexander Stronell
    Sciences Po-MGIMO Dual Master’s degree in international relations – France and Russian Federation

  • Sciences 

    Dr Tom Bullock
    Harnessing incompatibility: the standard quantum limit and tight error bounds – Finland

    Mr Anthony Carter
    1,8-Naphthalimide based ligands for supramolecular lanthanide spintronics – Germany

    Miss Emma Doherty
    Master of biological anthropology – Australia

    Ms Rosie Drinkwater
    Doctoral research in a novel method to assess the effects of forest degradation on mammal diversity – Denmark and Malaysia

    Mr Luke McClean
    MRes in coevolution of a little known brood parasite and its host: the honeyguide – South Africa

    Dr Joanne Sampson
    Complex nanomaterials from cyclic peptides – Australia

    Miss Helen Scott
    Masters in brain and cognitive sciences – The Netherlands

  • Humanities 

    Dr Anna Cant
    The sound of modernity: radio education in rural Colombia, 1960–1980 – Colombia

    Dr Silvia Espelt Bombin
    Making peace in the Brazilian Amazon and the Guianas, 1600–1820 – Portugal

    Miss Anna Fernandez De Paco
    Directing documentary and narrative film – Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Mr David Jervis
    Masters in orchestral performance – Germany

    Mr James Norrie
    Transforming ideology and the cult of saints in the eleventh century – Italy

    Mr Samuel O’Donoghue
    The holocaust in Spanish culture under Franco – Spain

    Miss Isabel Stokholm
    Doctoral research on fathers and sons? Uncovering cross-generational relations in the Russian art world – Russia

  • Social Sciences 

    Mr William Altoft
    Masters of science in international development studies – Norway

    Mr Matthew Bamber
    Doctoral research in a comparative study of Islamic State’s contemporary state-building strategy across Iraq, Syria, Libya and Nigeria – Switzerland

    Ms Antonia Foldes
    MA in European studies – Poland

    Mr Benjamin Lawrence
    Doctoral research in Cambodia’s competing constitutional sites and spirits – Cambodia

    Miss Caitlin McCormack
    MSc in rural development and natural resource management – Sweden

    Mr Stephen Millar
    Sounding dissent: music, resistance, and Irish Republicanism – Republic of Ireland

    Ms Philippa Morgan
    Doctoral research in international politics – China

    Ms Densua Mumford
    Doctoral studies in empowering international parliaments: the East African legislative assembly – Switzerland

    Ms Martha Nicholson
    MA in public health sciences – Sweden

    Dr Natalie Papanastasiou
    European governance as scalecraft – The Netherlands

    Mr Benjamin Radley
    Doctoral research in foreign direct investment and capitalist development in the Democratic Republic of the Congo – Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Mr Adam Wood
    Doctoral research on Italy’s school-building programme: designing space for people? – Italy and Australia

  • Sciences

    Mr Benjamin Bhawal
    Development of catalytic directing groups for remote C-H functionalisation – Germany

    Miss Michelle Buchan
    Geology MSc majoring in palaeobiology and palaeoclimatology – Finland

    Mr Shaun Eaves
    Determining the cause of past, abrupt climate change in the southern hemisphere – New Zealand

    Miss Franziska Elsner-Gearing
    Erasmus Mundus Masters in evolutionary biology – The Netherlands and Germany

    Miss Adele Faulkner
    Development of molecular motors as responsive, adaptive, multitasking catalysts – The Netherlands

    Miss Joanna Hutchinson
    Universality of critical phenomena – India

    Ms Eleanor Ratcliffe
    The role of memories in restorative experiences of favourite places – Finland

  • Humanities

    Mr Doug Battersby
    1 year visiting postgraduate research; focus on Irish modernist literature – Republic of Ireland

    Mr David Callander
    New perspectives on the study of narrative: evidence from early British poetry – Germany

    Mr Cole Collins
    Collecting and cutting: representations of women in Kurt Schwitters’ collages – Germany

    Mr Edward Love
    Old Coptic: the evolution of a writing system and demise of a textual culture – Germany

    Mr Victor Petrov
    Welcome to Cyberia! Bulgarian computers, cybernetics and the world – Bulgaria

    Ms Sarah Sharp
    In foreign soil: death abroad in Scottish literature and travel writing 1790–1850 – New Zealand

    Mr Jan Vandeburie
    The influence of the Paris masters at the curia, 1198–1227 – Italy

  • Social Sciences

    Miss Lila Beesley
    MA cultural anthropology and development sociology – The Netherlands

    Ms Solange Fontana
    Living with conflict: a story of social networks, identity, mobility and violence – DR Congo

    Mr Ryan Hartley
    Japan’s political economy with the Mekong sub-region: hegemony already made? – Japan

    Ms Mina Lavender-Kehoe
    Purikura and the social gaze – Japan

    Mr Steven Marcos
    The social construct of childhood disability in an Egyptian context – Egypt

    Mrs Emma Sabzalieva
    Influences on the development of higher education in central Asia – Canada

    Mrs Manuela Zechner
    From mobility to migration in crisis Europe: young people’s networks of transnational organisation and care – Germany

  • Sciences

    Mr Joseph Kelly 
    Integrated bi-national master of international nature conservation – Germany and New Zealand 

    Dr Sophie Patterson 
    Criminalisation of HIV non-disclosure; a threat to women’s health and rights – Canada 

    Mr Jack Pryor 
    Hypothalamic neuronal activity and the molecular mechanisms underlying obesity – Australia

    Ms Nadia Sanchez Martin 
    MSc Architektur und Stadtplanung – Germany 

  • Humanities

    Mr Adam Clifford 
    Cours Professionel, École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq – France 

    Ms Amy De’Ath 
    New feminist poetry and political affect – Canada 

    Dr Anthony Ellis 
    Greek Gods and history: the intellectual history of Herodotus between renaissance humanism and modern anthropology – Switzerland 

    Ms Alison Garden 
    Haunting a transnational landscape: the ghost of Roger Casement in literature – Ireland 

    Mrs Maria Hadjiathanasiou 
    Cyprus in Europe: visual culture in Cyprus under British colonial rule – Cyprus 

    Miss Victoria Harrild 
    Master of Chamber Music (MMus) – Germany 

    Miss Chloe Ireton 
    Ethiopian royal vassals: black itinerancy in the Iberian Atlantic – Colombia, Mexico and Spain 

    Mr Jonathan Roskilly 
    MA in Musical Performance (with Minor in Contemporary Music) – Switzerland 

    Dr Andrew Stephenson 
    Kant’s model of the mind: perception, misperception, anthropology – Germany 

    Dr Graeme Ward 
    Reading Orosius in the Carolingian world – Austria 

    Miss Helen Woolston 
    MA in Animation – Estonia 

  • Social Sciences

    Miss Gwen Burnyeat 
    MA in Social Anthropology – Colombia 

    Ms Emanuelle Degli Esposti 
    Reflections of power, subjectivity and the self in the Iraqi Shi’a – Iran 

    Dr Heba Elsayed 
    Three years after the uprising: are young Egyptians still active users of new information technologies? – Egypt 

    Mr Jonathan Gladstone 
    Suboptimal savings decisions: a lab and field approach – Canada 

    Dr Stephanie Law 
    Interjudicial relations in international law: theoretical and case-based analyses – Canada

    Mrs Ailie Tam 
    Investigating the negotiation of intimate relationships within social spaces in rural Uganda – Uganda 

    Mr Neil James Wilson 
    The urbanisation of forced displacement – Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda 

    Dr Emily Wilson-Smith 
    Investigating the impact of a menstrual hygiene programme on rural Ugandan girls’ school absenteeism – Uganda


Mr Alastair Barford – Italy
Drawing programme, Charles H Cecil Studios

Mr Fadil Elobeid – France
International security with regional specialisation on North and East Africa

Mr Geoff Gilfillan – Botswana
Acoustic communication as a tool to manage the conflict between lions and people

Mr Grant Gulczynski – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Doctor of Liberal Arts in Filmmaking

Ms Sharon Hook – Australia
Can clusterin slow the propagation of amyloid lateral sclerosis (ALS)?

Mr Steven Kerr – Canada
Three-dimensional quantum gravity and the AdS/CFT correspondence

Mr Muhammad Khan – Pakistan
MA Islamic Studies and research and production of contextually relevant material

Mr Heider Nasralla – Denmark
European solo trombone traditions

Miss Grace Newcombe – Switzerland
MA Early Music (Medieval and Renaissance)

Miss Natalia Petrovskaia – Italy
The Italian convergence of the encyclopaedic traditions of Honorius Augustodunensis and Isidore of Seville

Mr Edward Richmond – France
Catalysts for direct asymmetric SN1 reactions of alcohols

Miss Jennifer Rodriguez – Spain
The marketing of women’s writing in the twenty-first century Spanish nation-state

Mr Thomas Smith – Germany
English petitions to the papacy in the thirteenth century 1198–1304

Ms Tracy Underwood – France
Evaluating and improving advanced lung radiotherapy techniques

Mr Jayson Young – Sweden
Laboratory for sustainable architectural production

  • Sciences

    Dr James Frost
    Hydrogen bond-mediated enantio- and regioselective oxyfunctionalisation reaction – Germany

    Dr Thomas Liffen
    The impacts of forest clear-cutting on greenhouse gas production in boreal lakes – Sweden

    Mr James Robinson
    Investigating coral reef community dynamics in response to environmental change – Canada

  • Humanities

    Miss Emily Duggan
    Professional Masters in Editorial, Economic and Technical Translation – France

    Miss Sarah Jeffery
    MMus in Recorder - newborn: a new inter-disciplinary repertoire – Netherlands

    Miss Perri MacKenzie
    Masters in Fine Art – Netherlands

    Miss Catherine Moir
    An investigation into Ernst Bloch's Hegel reception –Germany

    Mr Christopher Mourant
    ADAM: the networks of an International Review – France and Germany

    Mr Douglas Murdoch
    MMus in Orchestral Performance – Germany

    Ms Silva Nurmio
    New methodologies for the study of grammatical number and other aspects of the morphology and morphosyntax of Welsh – Germany

    Dr Christabelle Peters
    Race, mixedness, and the formation of Angolan national identity – Portugal and Angola

    Miss Danica Summerlin
    The relationship of the 'old' and 'new' laws in the later-twelfth century – Germany

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Caroline Phillips
    Dietary adaptation of early homo and pan troglodytes – South Africa

    Miss Jessica White
    Masters in International Affairs / International Development – France

    Mrs Heidi Yung
    DPhil Political Studies (by research) – South Africa

  • Sciences

    Miss Natasha Shea MSc in Architecture – Switzerland

  • Humanities

    Mr Jack Adler-McKean MMus in Music (tuba performance) – Germany

    Miss Jenny Coombes MA in Music Performance (viola) – Switzerland

    Mr Marshall Craig Worldviews and national identity in China, Korea, and Japan, 1592-1598 – Japan

    Miss Tanya Filer History of the secret in Argentina, 1946-2010 – Argentina

    Ms Jennifer Tennant Exorcising postmodernism: Russian and Chinese contemporary fiction – France

  • Social Sciences

    Miss Sally Beckenham The internalisation of the human rights norm in India – India

    Miss Bouchra Chakroune MA in International Affairs – Italy

    Ms Aisha Dasgupta Influence of HIV infection and ART access on childbearing intentions in N. Malawi – Malawi

    Mr Neil Graham MA in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies – Israel

    Mr Nicholas Isard MA in European Studies – Spain and Belgium

    Miss Zahrah Nesbitt-Ahmed Domestic service and social relations in Lagos – Nigeria

    Mr Benjamin Noble Morals, legislation reform in post-Soviet states – Russia

    Miss Lindsey Roots Masters in Applied Economics – South Africa

    Ms Laura Vittet-Adamson Muslim community building and positive Islam in postgenocide Rwanda – Rwanda


Dominic Childs  BMus
Master’s degree in solo saxophone playing – Germany

Caroline Clason  BSc
Meltwater-enhanced sliding of Greenland glaciers – Canada

Matthew Cuffe  BSc
Master’s in clinical neuropsychology – Australia

Samuel Everett  BA MA
Parallel lives: Algerian Jews and Berbers in France – France

Katherine Griffith  BSc
International organisations MBA – Switzerland

Luke Halpin  BSc
Master’s in resource and environmental management – Canada

Vashti Hunter  BMus MMus
Degree in solo performance (cello) – Germany

Neil Ketchley  BA MSc MRes
Arab studies, medieval and modern – Syria

Maeve McClenaghan  BA
Master’s in international law and human rights- Costa Rica

Jessica Oddy  BA PGCE
Erasmus Mundus master’s in international humanitarian assistance and social cohesion – Spain

Alicia Ongay-Perez  BA
Master’s in conceptual design in context –Netherlands

Susan Phasey  HND MSc
Postharvest status in the Palestinian territories – Palestine

Neil Smith  BA 
Postgraduate course in composition – Germany

Steven Sylvester  BSc MSc
Deriving the potential of natural puna vegetation – Peru

Peter Tomlin  BA MPhil
Sociality and referential communication in baboons – South Africa


Claire Allan  MA 
Masters in applied development economics - South Africa

Melanie Blewett  BA
Masters in environmental technology and international affairs - Austria

Anya Boyd  MEng
Masters in energy studies and development– South Africa

Katherine Brooks  BA MA
Self Portraits of Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1797-1861) – Japan

Zuzana Burivalova  BA
Masters in environmental sciences – Switzerland

Matthew Burke  BSc PhD
Controls on Esker sedimentary architecture – Canada

Timothy Elwell-Sutton  BA MPhil
Economic development and chronic disease in China – Hong Kong

Abigail Lockey  BSc MArch
The unspoken city – Brazil

Saul Mullard  BA Mst DPhil
The Sikkimese Palace collection – India

Jennifer Noble  MChem
The formation of carbon dioxide in molecular cores – France

Caroline Ritchie  BA MMus
MA in Spezialisierter Musikalischer Performance – Switzerland

Jamila Rodrigues  BA
MMus Choreography – South Africa

Ben Russell  BA MSt
The sarcophagus trade in the Roman Empire – Italy

Christopher White  BA
Masters of environmental and resource economics – Australia

Justin Yeoman  MChem PhD    
Role of RNA in heterochromatin formation - India


Sam Chapman  BMus    
Historical performance on early plucked instruments – Switzerland

Sarah Cunningham  BA    
Training as a director of motion picture photography – France

Samuel Denton  HNC/Certificate in Contemporary Dance    
Dance Apprentice Network Across Europe (D.A.N.C.E) – Germany

Alex Grainger  BA MSc    
How do political transitions affect religious institutions – East Timor

Hazel Haddon  BA    
Middle East studies MA – Egypt

Simon Hewitt Jones  BMus DipRAM    
Two year performance diploma in Berlin – Germany

Alexandra Jenkins  BA    
MA in international affairs – Italy

Stephan Licha  BA MA    
The kirigami of medieval Japanese Sôtô Zen – Japan

Calum Maciver  MA MSci    
Quintus Smyrnaeus among epic predecessors – Switzerland

Louis Phipps  BSc
The status of Gyps vultures in NW Province – South Africa

Cathryn Poulton  BSc MBBS    
A new syndrome with congenital microcephaly and infantile diabetes – the Netherlands

Joseph Powell  BA    
Economic partnership agreements in Uganda – Uganda 

Paul Rollier  BA DREI    
The lived politics of Islam: Kashmiris in Pakistan – Pakistan

Jeanne Salje  MBiochem 
Investigating bacterial plasmid-DNA segregation using cryoelectron tomography – Japan

Holly Stephens  BA    
MA in Korean studies – South Korea

David Symington  BSc    
MA in international relations – Italy

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