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  • Sciences

    Dr Paolo Annibale
    University of St Andrews
    Bottom-up nanoscale control of compartmentalised cellular signalling: geometry and finesse

    Dr Oscar Branson
    University of Cambridge
    Building shells: towards a mechanistic understanding of biomineralisation

    Dr Hannah Christensen
    University of Oxford
    Seamless uncertainty quantification for earth-system prediction (SUQCES)

    Dr Cecilia D’Angelo
    University of Southampton
    Adaptation to ocean warming: nature-based solutions from the world’s most heat tolerant reef corals

    Dr Nina Hatch
    University of Nottingham
    Using orphan stars to understand dark matter and dark energy

    Dr Zhugen Yang
    Cranfield University
    Sensing wastewater for real time public health

  • Humanities

    Dr Rachel Crellin
    University of Leicester
    A new history of bronze: crafting, leadership and violence in a metallic world

    Dr Saima Nasar
    University of Bristol
    Welfare citizenship and intersectional feminism in Britain, 1940–2000

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Federica Genovese
    University of Essex
    Varieties of climate vulnerability: assessing socio-economic and political risks in the Anthropocene

    Dr Eleanor Power
    London School of Economics and Political Science
    ‘Reputational poverty traps’ and the reproduction of social inequality in South Asia and the world

    Dr Mayur Suresh
    SOAS University of London
    The social life of law in authoritarian India


Dr Roxane Andersen
University of the Highlands and Islands
Developing a new understanding of blanket bog resilience – from molecules to landscapes

Dr Tine Buffel
University of Manchester
Urbanisation and population ageing: an interdisciplinary approach to understanding ‘ageing in place’

Dr Mulaika Hijjas
SOAS, University of London
Mapping Sumatra's manuscript cultures

Dr Timo Jütten
University of Essex
Competition and competitiveness

Dr Nicolas Laurand
University of Strathclyde
Lasers and photonics of the future: self-assembled optically active resonators

Professor Erin McClymont
Durham University
Unlocking evidence for Antarctic sea-ice evolution from a novel biological archive

Dr Gareth Millington
University of York
Archiving the inner city: race and the politics of urban memory

Dr Thomas Montenegro-Johnson
University of Birmingham
Shape-transforming active microfluidics

Dr Zlatko Papic
University of Leeds
Quantum many-body scars: a new paradigm of order amidst quantum chaos

Dr Tyler Stevenson
University of Glasgow
Epigenomic regulation of seasonal life history transitions

Dr Matthew Struebig
University of Kent
The empty forest syndrome: reversing socioecological drivers of defaunation in the tropics

Dr Chris Venditti
University of Reading
The evolutionary and biogeographical routes to hominin diversity

Dr Silke Weinfurtner
University of Nottingham
Early universe and black hole simulators

Dr Okan Yurduseven
Queen's University Belfast
Developing solutions to acute threats: compressive imaging for real-time security screening

  • Sciences

    Dr Andrew Biggin
    University of Liverpool
    Shaping the Earth: defining planetary evolution using palaeomagnetism

    Dr Clare Burrage
    University of Nottingham
    New searches for dark energy

    Dr Sergi Garcia-Manyes
    King’s College London
    Mechanochemical biology: a force to be reckoned with

    Dr Philip King
    University of St Andrews
    Engineered quantum states via atomic-scale assembly of artificial 2D heterostructures

    Dr Nathan Lepora
    University of Bristol
    A biomimetic forebrain for robot touch

    Dr Carolyn McGettigan
    Royal Holloway, University of London
    SONOVOX: the social neuroscience of voices

    Dr Kou Murayama
    University of Reading
    An integrative theory of interest: How can we motivate ourselves without extrinsic incentives?

    Dr Julia Steinberger
    University of Leeds
    Living well within limits (LiLi)

    Professor David Tosh
    University of Bath
    The Cretaceous-Paleogene mass extinction – severity, recovery, and biogeography

  • Humanities

    Dr Dagmar Divjak
    University of Sheffield
    Out of our minds: optimising language learning with discriminative algorithms

    Dr Gordon Noble
    University of Aberdeen
    Comparative kingship: the early medieval Kingdoms of Northern Britain and Ireland

    Dr Timothy Stanton
    University of York
    Rethinking civil society: history, theory, critique

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Emily Keightley
    Loughborough University
    Migrant memory and the post-colonial imagination (MMPI): British Asian memory, identity and community after partition

  • Sciences

    Dr Gordon Florence
    University of St Andrews
    Natural product drug discovery: design and development of novel trypanosoma brucei inhibitors    

    Dr Feliciano Giustino
    University of Oxford
    Multiphysics modelling of solar energy harvesting in biomimetic photovoltaics    

    Professor Martin Hairer
    University of Warwick
    Singular stochastic PDEs    

    Dr Stuart Humphries
    University of Hull
    Form and function in a microbial world    

    Dr Michelle Moram
    Imperial College London
    Material solutions for a developing world    

    Dr Louise Natrajan
    University of Manchester
    Imaging protocols to identify actinide speciation and migration in the environment by optical spectroscopy    

    Dr Jennifer Read
    Newcastle University
    Man, mantis and machine: the computation of 3D vision    

    Dr Jurriaan Ton
    University of Sheffield
    Priming plant defence: from its onset to transgenerational maintenance    

  • Humanities

    Dr Friederike Lüpke
    School of Oriental and African Studies
    Crossroads – investigating the unexplored side of multilingualism    

    Professor James Mark
    University of Exeter
    1989 after 1989: representing revolution in a globalised world    

    Dr William Pettigrew
    University of Kent    
    Corporations and cultural hybridisation: English overseas trading companies in the seventeenth century and the development of a global dialogue about governance

  • Social Sciences

    Professor Clare Bambra
    Durham University
    Local health inequalities in an age of austerity: the Stockton-on-Tees study    

    Dr Graham Cookson
    King’s College London
    Delivering ‘better for less’: improving productivity in the public services    

  • Sciences

    Professor Matthew Baylis
    University of Liverpool
    Predicting the effects of climate change on infectious diseases of animals

    Dr Robert Peter Freckleton
    University of Sheffield
    Forecasting the ecological consequences of environmental change

    Dr Chris Jiggins
    University of Cambridge
    Population genetics and evo-devo of phenotype and behaviour

    Professor Tavi Murray
    University of Swansea
    Stability of the Greenland ice sheet

    Dr Peter M Topping
    University of Warwick
    Geometric flows 

    Dr Reidun Twarock
    University of York
    Mathematical virology: A novel approach to the structure and assembly of viruses 

    Dr Rein V Ulijn
    University of Manchester
    Bio-inspired self-assembly of complex nanomaterials 

    Dr Klaus-Peter Zauner
    University of Southampton
    Tailoring computing paradigms to physical implementation

    Dr Klaus Zuberbühler
    University of St Andrews
    Primate minds and the foundations for language 

  • Social Sciences

    Dr Wenzel Geissler
    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
    Trial communities 

    Dr Rana S R Mitter
    University of Oxford
    The persistence of conflict: China's war with Japan and its impact, memory and legacy, 1931 to the present

    Professor Gareth Robert Stansfield
    University of Exeter
    Ethnopolitics in a globalised world

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