Why the Leverhulme Trust?

Application forms for Research Project Grants and International Networks require applicants to explain why they are applying to the Trust. Peer reviewers and Trust Board members place considerable weight on your reply, so give very careful thought to what you write and take note of the following six tips:

  • Consult “Our approach to grant making” on the Trust’s website to determine if your project fits the type of research we are seeking to fund.
  • Do not simply cut and paste text from our website – we know what our own website says!
  • Do not just repeat what you have said elsewhere on the application form – duplicating information is not a good use of the space.
  • Do answer the question. Don’t use the space to say something not relevant to the question.
  • Avoid writing purely descriptive text about the research project or about the skills of the research team. You can address these points elsewhere in the application.
  • Consider carefully whether the Trust really is the best recipient for your application – it may be that other funders are more suitable for the type of research you wish to undertake.