Application procedure

Guidance on how to apply for a Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarship and details of the information that must be included in an application. The next round of applications opens in spring 2017.

Application procedure overview

There are three elements in the application procedure:

  1. A short application form and extended statement, which must be submitted by a nominated principal applicant. The principal applicant should be the person who would have overall responsibility for the management of the award and for preparing annual progress reports. He or she is likely to be the dean of the relevant faculty, the head of a graduate school, or the head of a school. Once a principal applicant has been nominated, we will give them access to the online application system.
  2. A supporting statement from a designated representative of the applying university. The designated representative should be the pro-vice-chancellor for research, or someone holding a similar role.
  3. Institutional approval of the application, following the applicant university’s normal procedure for approving Leverhulme Trust applications.

Information to be provided by the principal applicant

The principal applicant will be asked to provide a statement in the application addressing the following issues and providing any other relevant key information:

  • The rationale behind the choice of research subject area for doctoral scholarships
  • The relationship between the proposed Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships and any current doctoral training awards in the chosen research subject area or related disciplines
  • How the proposed Leverhulme Doctoral Scholarships would provide added value in the chosen research subject area and to the university
  • The legacy that will be delivered for the university’s research in the chosen research subject area and details of how the university intends to sustain this beyond the three years of the Leverhulme grant
  • Details of any relevant additional financial or other support or resources to be provided by the university during the grant
  • Relevant information about key academic staff likely to be involved (such as the number of their doctoral supervisees) and about general research capacity in this area
  • The proposed mode of selecting the Leverhulme Doctoral Scholars to ensure that those candidates chosen have an outstanding academic record and the potential to complete their doctoral studies successfully.

The maximum length of the statement is ten sides of A4 (font size 11pt or greater).

Information to be provided in the supporting statement

The designated representative will be asked to provide a 500-word statement explaining why the research subject area is deemed to be of importance to the university and giving key information about the university’s research capacity in this area (for example, numbers of staff and doctoral students, and grant income).

Before making an application

Before beginning an application, please read the following essential guidance: