Emeritus Fellowships

Providing research expenses of up to £22,000 over up to two years to enable senior researchers who have retired from an academic post to complete a research project and prepare the results for publication. 


The maximum value of a Fellowship is £22,000.

Eligible costs

  • Travel and subsistence costs for periods away from home
  • The employment of a research, clerical or secretarial assistant to support (rather than conduct) the work of the applicant
  • Photocopies
  • Photographic expenses
  • Office or laboratory consumables.

There is no provision for a personal maintenance allowance or remuneration for the applicant under this scheme. Please ensure that applications do not include any ineligible costs.


Fellowships are tenable for between 3 and 24 months, and the current round of awards must commence between 1 August 2019 and 1 July 2020.

Eligibility and application information

Please read the following before submitting an application.


If your query has not been answered in these pages please contact Jane McVeigh (020 7042 9861), Bridget Kerr (020 7042 9862) or Andreas Heiner (020 7042 9863).

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Previous awards

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Assessment criteria

Find out what criteria the Trust uses to assess funding applications: read our approach to grant-making