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Non-financial questions

The notes below respond to common non-financial questions. Some guidance applies only to particular schemes – we have indicated where this is the case.

1. What is the Trust’s definition of an independent referee?

A referee may not come from the same institution as that of an applicant or co-applicant, and each referee should come from a different institution from each other. The referee should not be formally connected with the proposed project.

Applies to: all schemes

2. Can a referee be based in an overseas institution?


Applies to: all schemes

3. Can I employ a researcher who does not have a PhD?

Yes. However, if the person you have identified is completing a PhD please ensure his or her thesis has been submitted before starting work on the project. Anyone registered for PhD studies during the award would only be eligible for fees and maintenance, not for a salary.

Applies to: Research Project Grants, Research Programme Grants

4. If I cannot start work on the project on the date given in my application, would the Trust agree to a delayed start date?

Yes. However, the Trust does not normally allow for delays of over six months.

Applies to: Research Project Grants, Research Programme Grants, International Networks

5. Can I employ several researchers all working part-time on the project?

Yes, providing at least one is working for at least fifty per cent of the time in each grant year.

Applies to: Research Project Grants, Research Programme Grants

6. Can I request funds for a PhD student registered overseas?

No, PhD students registered overseas are not permitted.

Applies to: Research Project Grants, Research Programme Grants

7. Can I employ a local researcher?

Yes, a local researcher can be employed where the research is taking place outside the UK and it is more appropriate to employ personnel local to the area, rather than to employ a UK-based researcher to travel to the region.

Applies to: all schemes

8. Does the Trust have a policy on open access publishing?

Yes, the Trust Board has resolved to make no stipulations regarding mandatory archiving or open access publication for Leverhulme grant holders.

Applies to: all schemes

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