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Associated costs/research expenses

The notes below respond to common questions about including associated costs and research expenses in an application. Some guidance applies only to particular schemes – we have indicated where this is the case.

1. Can I increase the budget of my application on moving from the Outline Application stage to the Detailed Application stage?

Increases to Associated Costs are not possible.

Applies to: Research Project Grants

2. What can be included under equipment?

Essential items of equipment costing up to £1,000 each may be included, but explicit justification is required for each item. This should explain the function and necessity of the equipment for the proposed research. For Philip Leverhulme Prize holders only, computer hardware up to a total value of £2,500 may be purchased where this is for the exclusive and direct benefit of the prize-holder’s own research. Specific rules apply to the purchase of equipment for the Leverhulme Research Centre and Leverhulme International Professorship schemes – please see the scheme pages.

Applies to: Research Project Grants, Research Fellowships, Early Career Fellowships, Emeritus Fellowships, Philip Leverhulme Prizes, Research Leadership Awards

3. For overseas field work, can I purchase a vehicle, where this is cheaper than hire costs?

Yes, but the vehicle must be sold at the end of the award and the funds returned to the Trust.

Applies to: all schemes

4. Should inflationary increases be built into associated costs?


Applies to: Research Project Grants

5. Will the Trust pay recruitment costs?

Yes, but only for essential external advertising.

Applies to: all schemes

6. Does the Trust fund the cost of open access publishing?

Yes, this is a permissible cost and should be included either within the 25% associated costs allowable on Research Project Grants and Research Programme Grants or within the research expenses category for fellowships. However, open access charges should only be incurred during the period of a Leverhulme award (rather than being built into a budget but with anticipated expenditure after the research and award has concluded). If these costs are not incurred during the life of the grant, the funds cannot be switched to any other budget heading, and must be returned to the Trust.

Applies to: all schemes

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