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Artist in Residence Grants, Jony Easterby
Centre for Alternative Technology
Former Scheme

Living landscape and protection 

For the last decade I have been living and working in the mountains of West Wales; where I developed a passion for and knowledge of land use, ecology and biodiversity, inspiring and feeding my work. 

An artist with an international portfolio, I have had the chance to work in a diverse range of landscapes. This has allowed me the opportunity to travel, explore and respond to new places and spaces. Although I am living and working in the landscape of the Dyfi valley, I have not yet had the opportunity to work with the landscape.

Through the Leverhulme Trust’s Artists in Residence scheme, the Center for Alternative Technology’s (CAT) Biology Department intend to provide studio space and support me to work creatively and explore through a variety of media, the theoretical and practical methods employed by the department in their landscape scale approach of the management of ecosystems and their processes. I will work with staff, students and a network of landowners, farmers and foresters in the local area.

Working within the Dyfi valley, a UNESCO awarded ‘Biosphere’ (an area in which people work to balance the conservation of biodiversity with its sustainable use), has motivated an increasing focus in my artwork on the changing perceptions of land use, and its implications on the abundance and distribution of biodiversity. Until now however this has been restricted to my own limited personal inquiries, formal education, or partially through other projects outside the region.

The Centre for Alternative Technology, CAT has for a very long time been a place that has inspired me. Visiting the place as a young art student twenty years ago I was struck by the forward looking approach to alternative energy along side designs for living a more sustainable lifestyle. I have subsequently made use of both renewable energy technologies and sustainable building techniques on many previous projects. This has been reflected in my work over the years.

Basing myself at CAT, internationally renowned for its research, monitoring, education and information exchange related to local, national and global issues of conservation and development, I hope will provide me with the professional and academic network for wider dialogue, investigation and hands on experimentation.


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