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Early Career Fellowships 2019


Dr Deonie Allen
University of Strathclyde
Looking back for the future through archives of airborne microplastic pollution

Dr Miguel Anaya
University of Cambridge
Light management in confined ABX3 perovskite based light-emitting devices

Dr Tobias Barker
University of Warwick
Symmetry and boundary effects for the Navier-Stokes equations

Dr Anna Bobak
University of Stirling
Development of individual differences in face processing

Dr David Boldrin
University of Glasgow
New caloric materials for energy efficient refrigeration

Dr Luke Bridgestock
University of Cambridge
Tracing weathering and erosion using barium isotopes

Dr Salvatore Butera
University of Glasgow
Analog models of quantum fields and their background

Dr Bipasha Chakraborty
University of Cambridge
Search for doubly-heavy exotic mesons using lattice QCD

Dr Thomas Clements
University of Birmingham
Tackling taphonomic biases of mass extinction aftermath and recovery

Dr Matthias Ehrhardt
University of Bath
A continuous approach to machine learning for image reconstruction

Dr Samuel Ellis
University of Exeter
The evolution of menopause in whales

Dr Thomas Elsden
University of Leicester
Resonating magnetic field lines: a process for energy transfer at Earth/Mercury

Dr Marina Escalera Zamudio
University of Oxford
Detecting parallel evolution in RNA viruses to forecast virulence emergence

Dr Emrys Evans
University of Cambridge
A radical step change for next-generation organic electronics

Dr Kayn Forbes
University of East Anglia
Quantum theory for advanced molecular photonics: structured light and plasmonics

Dr Sudeep Kumar Ghosh
University of Kent
Dynamics based characterisation of topology in superconductors

Dr Tim Greenfield
University of Cambridge
Tectonic structure and earthquake hazard in Sulawesi and Kalimantan, Indonesia

Dr Nicholas Hedger
University of Reading
Spatial and temporal aspects of social attention

Dr Alexander Iveson
Durham University
Fluorine in magmas: how does it control critical metals and leaching potential?

Dr Michael James
University of York
Enantioselective charge-transfer organocatalysis

Dr Minkyung Kang
University of Warwick
Artificial photosynthesis: from fundamentals to design of a new platform

Dr Martin Kleppmann
University of Cambridge
Security and resilience of collaborative applications

Dr Amit Kumar
University of St Andrews
New directions in catalysis for sustainable organic synthesis and energy storage

Dr Anne Marie Labandera Nadeau
University of Birmingham
Interactome and methylated targets of the plant O2-sensing protein VRN2

Dr Adrien Lefauve
University of Cambridge
Turbulent mixing and structures in stratified shear flows

Dr Jingwei Liang
University of Cambridge
Geometry based adaptive acceleration for non-smooth optimisation

Dr Xuan Liang
University of Cambridge
Caderin adhesion in de novo polarisation of epithelial tubes

Dr Xuanli Luo
University of Nottingham
Electrically-modulated quasicrystals to enable room temperature hydrogen storage

Dr Charles Malleson
University of Surrey
Animo – tracking and understanding animal motion in the wild

Dr Elena Maters
University of Cambridge
Unravelling the role of volcanic ash in sulphur chemistry in the atmosphere

Dr Davide Michieletto
University of Edinburgh
Topologically active polymers

Dr Robert Mok
University of Cambridge
Organising knowledge for intelligent behaviour across cognitive domains

Dr Caitlin Newport
University of Oxford
Impact of sensory pollution on the ecology and navigational behaviour of fish

Dr Giulia Orioli
University of Birmingham
The ontogeny of peripersonal spatial representation in human infancy

Mrs Kadi Saar
University of Cambridge
Physical basis for single cell proteomics

Dr Madeleine Seale
University of Oxford
The mechanical impact of dehydration on plant growth and development

Dr Shiwani Singh
University of Warwick
A new class of multiscale models for polymeric fluid dynamics

Dr Luke Wilkinson
University of York
Paddlewheel-porphyrin conjugates for molecular electronics and solar harvesting

Dr Qian Yang
University of Manchester
Molecular transport through angstrom-size artificial channels


Dr David Anderson
Queen Mary, University of London
‘Declinism’: nostalgia and decay in British and German post-war culture

Dr Will Atkin
University of Nottingham
Romanticism and resistance: French surrealism under Nazi occupation, 1940–1945

Dr Bernardo Ballesteros Petrella
University of Oxford
Homer and Babylonian epic: transmission, composition and performance

Dr Hannah Boast
University of Warwick
Water crisis and world literature

Dr Philip Booth
Manchester Metropolitan University
The golden age of Holy Land pilgrimage, 1000–1330: history and legacy

Dr Dorothee Boulanger
University of Oxford
Contemporary griots: writing the revolution in Africa

Dr Mary Boyle
University of Oxford
Whose middle ages? Anglo-German medievalism in the long nineteenth century

Dr Paul Breeze
King's College London
Dispersal of hominins across Asia – species interactions and climate

Dr Andrea Brock
University of St Andrews
Building the Eternal City: the challenge and allure of Rome’s riverine landscape

Dr James Cahill
King's College London
Ovid’s Metamorphoses and contemporary art

Dr Owen Coggins
Brunel University London
Ambiguity, controversy and the politics of marginal religiosity in black metal

Dr Pedro Correa Martín-Arroyo
Royal Holloway, University of London
The allied policies of relief and rehabilitation in French North Africa, 1940–1947

Dr Claudia Daniotti
University of Warwick
Morally ambiguous ancient women in European art, c. 1350–1620

Dr Lawrence Davies
Newcastle University
Global blues: performance, politics and meaning, 1980–2016

Dr Beatrijs de Groot
University of Edinburgh
Economies of innovation: tracing the potter’s wheel in Iron Age southern Europe

Dr Allison Deutsch
Birkbeck, University of London
Impressionism beyond visuality

Dr Hajni Elias
University of Cambridge
The Southwest Silk Road: cultural transmission in Southeast Asia

Dr Jay Emery
University of Sheffield
Geographies of alienation: class, affect and politics in post-industrial towns

Ms Elizabeth Fisher
Northumbria University
Negotiating modernism: experimental/expanded practice in the rural north 1945–1980

Dr Edward Gillin
University of Leeds
The state of science: governing knowledge of nature in Victorian Britain

Dr Sofia Gotti
University of Cambridge
Pop, political resistance and sexual liberation in Latin America 

Dr Thomas Gould
University of East Anglia
The graphic turn: drawing in modern poetry and philosophy

Dr Alexander Greenberg
University College London
Belief in philosophy and the criminal law

Dr Sarah Greer
University of Oxford
Embodying dynasties: remembering the past at royal tombs in the medieval west

Dr Arianna Gullo
Newcastle University
Ekphrasis and epigram in the Age of Justinian

Dr Rye Holmboe
University of East Anglia
Thinking in pictures: art and interiority in the work of Marion Milner

Dr Sarah Irving
Edge Hill University
The 1927 Palestine earthquake: environment, disasters and British colonialism

Dr Erin Johnson-Williams
Durham University
Audible incarceration: singing communal religion in colonial concentration camps

Dr Radha Kapuria
University of Sheffield
Subverting borders: musicians, nationalism and memory in Punjab, 1947–1991

Dr Nicola Elizabeth Kirkby
Royal Holloway, University of London
Infrastructure and entanglement in nineteenth-century British literary culture

Dr Roberta Klimt
King's College London
A European English: Milton and the 'questione della lingua'

Dr Michael Loader
University of Glasgow
Centre-periphery relations in flux: national politics in the Soviet borderlands

Dr Anna Maguire
Queen Mary, University of London
British refugee charities and refugee experience, 1951–2000 

Dr Daniel Mann
King's College London
Shooting the desert: cinema, conflict and desert landscapes

Dr Tommaso Mari
University of Cambridge
How did the Romans actually speak? Spoken Latin in records of Church gatherings

Dr Daria Mattingly
University of Cambridge
Jews in the 1932–1933 famine in Ukraine: perpetrators, bystanders, victims

Dr Erika Melek Delgado
King's College London
Children of the slave trade, 1808–1864

Ms Katie Moffat
University of Warwick
Digital strategies for a transnational Sámi media culture

Mr Alex Moran
University of Oxford
Naive realism and physical reality

Dr Oliver Morgan
University of Cambridge
The poetry of reply in early modern England

Dr Niccolo' Mugnai
University of Oxford
Building, living and experiencing urban spaces in the Greco-Roman world

Dr Hannah-Rose Murray
University of Edinburgh
Daguerreotyped on my heart: African American visual and textual resistance

Dr Mathelinda Nabugodi
University of Cambridge
Translation and composition in Percy Shelley's poetic practice

Dr Ethan Nowak
King's College London
Silencing and solidarity: a defence of the value of linguistic diversity

Dr Imogen Peck
University of Warwick
Almanacs and their annotators in the Atlantic world, 1545–1775

Dr Julia Peetz
University of Warwick
Performing Anglo-American relations: exceptionalism, myth, identity

Dr Jose Perez Diez
University of Leeds
The circulation of Spanish books and their impact on English drama, 1604–1625

Dr Matthieu Pignot
Durham University
Augustine and the making of Christian practice, 400–1000

Dr George Potts
University of Oxford
Charlie Chaplin among the poets

Dr Michael Robinson
University of Liverpool
Disability, welfare and ageing: first world war veterans of the British Empire 

Dr Katherine Roscoe
University of Liverpool
How convicts connected the world: unfree labour on British and Imperial dockyards

Ms Hannah Silva
Queen Mary, University of London
Analysing poetry in performance

Dr Simran Singh
University of Liverpool
The stage and the ring: music and boxing in London

Dr Stephen Spencer
King's College London
Information dissemination and contested memory: The Third Crusade, 1187–1300

Dr Anastasia Stylianou
University of East Anglia
Transnational Anglo-Hellenic networks during England’s long reformations

Dr Justin Tackett
University of Warwick
Hearing pictures: poetics, intertitles and the afterlives of silent film

Dr Natasha Tanna
University College London
Decolonial feminisms in contemporary Latin American literature

Dr Deniz Turker
University of Cambridge
Woven archaeologies: collecting Mediterranean embroideries, 1870–1950

Dr Layli Uddin
King's College London
Red Islam: socialist internationalism and Islam in South Asia, 1920–1978

Dr Marc Volovici
Birkbeck, University of London
Dirty laundry: self-criticism and dissent in twentieth-century Jewish politics

Dr Kate Wadsworth
Guildhall School of Music and Drama
The flexible text: reuniting oral and written traditions in nineteenth-century music

Dr Brian Wallace
University of Manchester
Gods from machines: technology and magic in nineteenth-century imperial encounters

Dr Nicole Willson
University of Central Lancashire
Fanm Rebèl: recovering the histories of Haiti's women revolutionaries

Dr Toby Young
Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Transforming the operatic voice

Dr Lydia Zeldenrust
University of York
Continental connections: European bestselling romances in England, c. 1400–1600

Social Sciences

Dr Benjamin Abrams
University College London
Resistance to populism: a comparative study of Hungary, Turkey and the USA

Dr Farah Ahmed
University of Cambridge
Rethinking Islamic education for British Muslim children

Mr James Angel
King's College London
Peer-to-peer power: rewiring social reproduction through energy trading

Dr Paula Arcari
Edge Hill University
The visual consumption of animals: challenging persistent binaries

Dr Alexander Baker
University of Sheffield
The globalisation of eviction enforcement

Dr Hanifi Bariş
University of Aberdeen
Council democracy as a mode of autonomy: a comparative approach 

Dr Rhys Crilley
University of Glasgow
Narratives of nuclear weapons: how emotions shape deterrence and disarmament

Mr Archie Davies
University of Sheffield
Re-thinking political ecology from the Northeast of Brazil

Dr Alexander Gagatsis
University of Cambridge
Musical trails as cognitive pathways: memories and practices of jazz culture

Dr Soudeh Ghaffari
Newcastle University
Muslim women refugees: post-traumatic healing via collective religious rituals

Dr Andrea Ghelfi
University of Nottingham
Politics of matter: agroecological farming between science and society

Dr Steph Grohmann
University of Edinburgh
Ethical capital: virtue, subjectivity and the changing face of welfare

Dr Katalin Halasz
Brunel University London
Affective whiteness: racialising Hungarian national identity

Dr Ella Harris
Birkbeck, University of London
Navigating class tourism with interactive documentary

Dr Nicholas Jepson
University of Manchester
Debt, sovereignty and development along China’s Belt and Road

Dr Azeezat Johnson
Queen Mary, University of London
Home-making in Brexit Britain: black women and the British grammar of race

Dr Javier Moreno Zacarés
University of Warwick
The origins of housing bubbles: historical pathways of property speculation in the UK, Germany and Spain

Dr Patrick O'Hare
University of Manchester
The ethics of socio-material transformation in the plastic economy

Dr Guilherme Orlandini Heurich
University College London
CODE.ANTH: language, learning and programming in computational culture

Dr Sarah Peck
Northumbria University
Deterritorialised responsibilities: diaspora, civil society and development 

Dr Niranjana Ramesh
London School of Economics and Political Science
Coastal city: materialising subaltern geographies at the urban margins

Dr Alice Rees
University of Edinburgh
Pragmatic priming in children: from comprehension to production

Dr Bethany Rex
University of Warwick
Restructuring museum provision under austerity: a change in form and function?

Dr Marton Ribary
University of Surrey
Computational modelling of law – sustainable legal AI from Roman legal sources

Dr Matthew Richmond
London School of Economics and Political Science
Distributed governance: the management of unruly spaces in São Paulo

Mrs Lena Rose
University of Oxford
Christianity on trial: asylum, conversion and the modern-nation state

Dr Daniel Salisbury
King's College London
Embargo neutralised? How targets circumvent, breach or respond to arms embargoes

Ms Laura Aileen Sauls
University of Sheffield
Envisioning forests past and future: contested earth observation in Mesoamerica

Dr Rebecca Sutton
University of Edinburgh
Frontline land: the everyday life of international humanitarian law

Dr Madeleine Thompson
University of Keele
Global therapeutic networks: mapping the new disconnects between place and care

Dr Maria Tomlinson
University of Sheffield
Menstruation and the media: reducing stigma and tackling period poverty

Dr Bregje van Veelen
University of Edinburgh
Imagining the future to dismantle the present: governing a 'just transition'

Dr Thomas Verbeek
University of Sheffield
Cleaner air at all costs? A social justice perspective on urban air pollution

Dr Tomas Wallenius
University of Oxford
Citizens and aliens. Decolonisation and the origins of the European migration order

Dr James Weinberg
University of Sheffield
Political life at the apex: governance and policy-making in an age of distrust

Dr Christina Woolner
University of Cambridge
The poetry of politics: transforming political subjectivities in Somaliland

Dr Wei Zheng
University of Manchester
Can spatial decentralisation achieve sustainable urbanisation?

Dr Marcos Zunino
University of Edinburgh
Subaltern international criminal law during the Cold War and its influence today

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