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Early Career Fellowships 2018


Dr Fabrizio Alberti 
University of Warwick 
Engineering a yeast cell factory for production of high value meroterpenoids

Dr Francesca Arrigo 
University of Strathclyde 
Don’t look back – non-backtracking walks in complex networks

Dr Daniel Barrios-O’Neill 
University of Exeter 
Towards a systematic understanding of habitat structure and trophic interactions

Dr Christopher Cooney 
University of Sheffield 
Sexual signal divergence and the cycle of speciation

Dr Gabrielle Davidson 
University of Cambridge
Interactions between microbiome, cognition and behaviour in a wild population

Dr Bart de Nijs 
University of Cambridge 
Nanoplasmonic ultra-confinement of light for sensing, activation and reactions

Dr Claire Donnelly 
University of Cambridge 
Domain wall dynamics in three dimensional magnetic nanostructures

Dr Liam Dougherty 
University of Liverpool 
Understanding the link between mate choice and the environment

Dr Lloyd Fletcher 
University of Southampton 
Imaging impact: image-based methods for dynamically testing bone

Dr Heye Freymuth 
University of Cambridge 
Fluid flow in the mantle beneath volcanic arcs: timescales and mechanisms

Dr Wiebke Gandhi 
University of Reading 
Learning to expect failure – unravelling dynamic processes in the human brain

Dr Gyorgy Pal Geher 
University of Reading 
Entanglement entropy in quantum spin chains

Dr Susana Gomes 
University of Warwick 
Parameter estimation in macroscopic models for pedestrian dynamics

Dr Samantha Gregory 
Aston University 
Memory enrichment by social context: a virtual reality EEG research project.

Dr Kelly Jakubowski 
Durham University 
Prevalence, features, and retrieval of music-evoked autobiographical memories

Dr Charlotte Kenchington 
University of Cambridge 
Constraining biological diversity in Ediacaran ecosystems

Dr Jaehoon Kim 
University of Warwick 
Embeddings and packings in graphs

Dr Christopher Lancefield 
University of St Andrews 
Unravelling the chemistry that drives lignocellulose degradation in nature

Dr Marjorie Lundgren 
Lancaster University 
Assessing the potential for C2 photosynthesis to boost crop productivity

Mr Christopher Markou 
University of Cambridge 
Artificial intelligence, technological change, and legal evolution

Dr Lucia Marti Prats 
University of Cambridge 
How does alcohol soothe you? Neural and cellular basis of coping

Dr Alice Mason 
University of Warwick 
From encoding to retrieval: how memory drives risky choice

Dr Charlie McTernan 
University of Cambridge 
Controlling the temporal evolution of molecular capsules

Dr Alison Ming 
University of Cambridge 
Capturing the complexity of atmospheric chemistry with mathematics

Dr Paul-Antoine Moreau 
University of Glasgow 
Quantum technologies in high dimension

Dr Jonathan Noel 
University of Warwick 
Hypergraphs limits, percolation and extremal set theory

Dr Oluwafunmilola Ola 
University of Exeter 
Functional nanocomposites as durable electrochemical energy storage devices

Dr Thomas Phillips
Durham University 
Fingerprinting structural inheritance: its styles and expression in rift systems

Dr Ed Pope 
Durham University 
Explaining turbidity current runout distances using field measurements

Dr Jordi Prat Camps 
University of Sussex 
Spatial sound modulation by acoustic metamaterials

Dr Thomas Puschel 
University of Oxford 
This study has teeth: exploring human origins and climate change through time 

Dr Jason Sanders 
University of Cambridge 
Dynamics of the inner Milky Way with Gaia

Dr Sara Sangtarash 
Lancaster University 
Quantum engineering of high-performance molecular-scale thermoelectricity

Dr Joshua Silverstone 
University of Bristol 
Silicon quantum computing: light work with long waves

Dr Audrey Verma 
Newcastle University 
Digital afterlives of nature: online resistance and responses to ecological loss

Dr Yinan Wang 
University of Warwick 
Modelling and aerodynamic control of large and flexible wind turbine

Dr Thomas Whale
Unviersity of Warwick
Untangling chemical and topographical impacts on heterogeneous ice nucleation


Dr Dominic Alford-Duguid 
University of Oxford 
On the epistemic significance of perceptual structure

Dr Caroline Ashcroft 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Technological determinism in Cold War political thought

Dr Michelle Assay (Eshghpour) 
University of Huddersfield 
Shakespeare and censorship: Soviet and post-Soviet music,theatre and film

Dr Matteo Barbato 
University of Birmingham 
Anti-political-establishment ideology in Athenian democracy

Dr Georgina Barker 
University College London 
Classical ‘lesbians’ in the Russian imagination

Dr Caroline Barron Birkbeck 
University of London 
Fake inscriptions and the eighteenth century art market

Dr Doug Battersby 
University of Bristol 
The heart of modernist fiction: 1899–1938

Dr Kavita Bhanot 
University of Leicester 
Beyond the nation: British self and Punjabi (m)other in British Asian literature

Dr Gonul Bozoglu 
Newcastle University 
Living with a hostile history: Greek-Istanbulite memory cultures

Dr Thea Buckley 
Queen’s University Belfast 
South Indian Shakespeares: reimagining art forms and identities 

Dr Andrew Buskell 
University of Cambridge
Counting cultures: the metaphysics of cultural individuality

Dr Lucy Campbell 
University of Warwick 
Epistemological pluralism

Dr William Carruthers 
University of East Anglia 
Making global heritage: Afro-Asianism and the archaeological survey of India

Dr Marta Bianca Maria Celati 
University of Warwick 
The ‘mirror’ of history. prince and tyrant in Italian Renaissance literature

Ms Magdalen Connolly
University of Cambridge
Jewish, Muslim and Christian Middle Arabic folk tales from the Ottoman Period

Dr Arabella Currie 
University of Exeter 
William Golding and the classics

Dr Rachel Delman 
University of York 
Women and the built environment in late medieval England

Dr Polly Dickson 
Durham University 
Reading doodles: From E T A Hoffmann to Oscar Wilde

Dr Lorna Dillon
University of Ulster 
The symbolic in processes of transitional justice: textile art in Latin America

Dr Yuval Evri 
King’s College London 
Between partitions and translations: reviving Andalusian visions in Palestine

Dr Natalie Ferris 
University of Edinburgh 
Technicities of illusion: dynamism and deception in post-war literature 

Dr Matthew Gotham 
University of Oxford 
The semantics and pragmatics of individuation

Dr Laxshmi Greaves 
Cardiff University 
The Rāmāyaṇa in art: the development of epic imagery, fifth to ninth centuries CE

Dr Benjamin Harriman 
University of Edinburgh 
Physics, ethics and the unity of Stoic philosophy

Dr Julia Hartley 
University of Warwick 
West-Eastern encounters: Iran in French Literature, 1829–1908

Dr Florence Hazrat 
University of Sheffield 
Pause for thought: the role of brackets in experiencing Renaissance literature

Dr Siobhan Hearne 
Durham University 
Masculinity and sexuality in the late imperial Russian military, 1890–1917

Dr Ben Holgate 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Money in the digital age: cyber-capital, culture, consumption & world literature

Dr Nick Hughes 
University of Oxford 
Dilemmic epistemology

Dr Katarzyna Kosior 
Northumbria University 
Kingship, elective monarchy and masculinity in Poland–Lithuania, 1573–1733

Dr Matthew Laube 
Birkbeck, University of London 
Sound, violence and the emotions in the Dutch revolt

Dr Yang Liu 
University of Cambridge 
Realistic decision theory

Dr Livia Lupi 
University of Warwick 
The rhetoric of architectural painting in early renaissance Italy

Dr Pippa Marland 
University of Leeds 
The pen and the plough: modern British nature writing and the farm

Ms Noreen Masud 
Durham University 
Speaking flat: aesthetics of flatness in twentieth-century literature

Dr Daniel Matore 
Royal Holloway, University of London 
Contrapuntal modernism: fugal thinking in twentieth-century literature

Dr Onya McCausland 
University College London 
From coal mine waste to landscape painting: new British earths

Dr Megan C. McNamee 
School of Advanced Study, University of London 
Numeracy and representation in medieval Europe

Dr Stephen Millar 
Cardiff University 
Performing paramilitarism: music, conflict, and Ulster Loyalism

Dr Robin Mills 
Queen Mary, University of London 
The Scottish Enlightenment explains the gods, c.1740–c.1830

Dr Nathaniel Morris 
University College London 
Communal militias, Indian autonomy and the Mexican state, 1850 to the present

Dr Francesca Mussi 
Northumbria University 
Truth-telling/story-telling: literary and critical perspectives on Canada’s TRC

Dr Alexa Neale 
University of Sussex 
Black books: the institutional memory of hanging and mercy at the Home Office

Dr Samuel O’Donoghue 
University of Warwick 
The struggle for Holocaust consciousness in Franco’s Spain

Dr Luke O’Sullivan 
King’s College London 
Doubtful truth-telling in early modern France

Dr Maria Pavlova 
University of Warwick 
The renaissance knight: war, nobility and virtue from Pulci to Ariosto, 1461–1532

Dr Emma Payne 
King’s College London 
The evolution of technology and the interpretation of classical sculpture

Dr Alessandra Petrocchi 
University of Oxford 
Encounters with the East: Hindu-Arabic numerals in renaissance Italy

Dr Matthew Phillips 
Royal Holloway, University of London 
Depressive texts: mental well-being and the modern French novel

Dr Benjamin Pope 
University of Manchester 
The oppression of the nobility: town, country and identity in medieval Germany

Dr Theo Reeves-Evison 
Birmingham City University 
Speculative natures: contemporary art and interventionist ecology

Dr Justin Rivest 
University of Cambridge 
The state and the charitable distribution of drugs in Old Regime France

Dr Maria Roca Lizarazu 
University of Birmingham 
Dis-/integration: reimagining togetherness in recent German-language literature

Dr Maria Raquel Rojo Carrillo 
University of Cambridge 
Plainchant in medieval Iberia: from the Old Hispanic rite to the Roman rite

Dr Devani Singh 
University of Oxford 
To the reader: the English preface in print, c. 1475–1623

Dr Giulia Smith 
University of Oxford 
Landscape, identity and belonging in post-imperial Britain

Dr Ian Stewart 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Language and race in British imperial and international thought, 1784–1914

Dr Michael Sugarman 
University of Bristol 
Fluid urbanism: water, inequality and the making of Asia’s port cities

Dr Justine Trombley 
University of Nottingham 
The condemnation of heretical texts in the late middle ages 

Dr Michael Yat Him Tsang 
Newcastle University 
World literature Influences on twentieth-century Chinese and Japanese literary scenes

Dr David Veevers 
Queen Mary, University of London 
Transnational constitutions: Asian governance in a global world, 1600–1750

Dr Jenny Watson 
University of Edinburgh 
Restless earth: landscapes of extra-concentrationary violence after 1945

Ms Callie Hannah Wilkinson 
University of Warwick 
Secrecy and transparency in the English East India Company, 1784–1834

Dr Nicola Williams 
Lancaster University 
Quality of life transplantation: philosophical and policy questions

Dr Yanling Yang 
Loughborough University 
Film co-productions as soft power for the UK and China

Social Sciences

Dr Alexandra Abello Colak 
London School of Economics and Political Science 
Systems of urban violence in the Americas

Dr Hanna Baumann 
University College London 
Urban dis/connections: infrastructures of refugee integration in Beirut & Berlin

Dr Carrie Benjamin 
University of Warwick 
Multisensory encounters with whiteness: public space, race and the senses

Dr Josh Bowsher 
Brunel University London 
Accounting for the past: the neoliberal logics of transitional justice

Dr Ekaterina Braginskaia 
University of Bristol 
Minority faith and civil society responses to refugee integration in Britain

Dr Sarah Burton 
City, University of London 
Ambivalence, power, and ‘the cosmopolitan intellectual’

Dr Benjamin Chemouni 
University of Cambridge 
The legacy of rebel organisational culture in post-conflict governance

Dr Licia Cianetti 
Royal Holloway, University of London 
What happened to the multicultural city? Effects of nativism and austerity

Dr Katherine Collins 
University of Oxford 
Knowledge for liberation? The participatory vision of Freire, Fals-Borda, Rahman

Dr Maggie Dwyer 
University of Edinburgh 
Peacekeeping veterans: deployment effects on African soldiers and communities

Dr Cara Jardine 
University of Strathclyde 
Corners of community: exploring the role of the ‘outside’ in prison life

Dr Matthias Kranke 
University of Warwick 
Pitching expertise: how international organisations establish their authority

Dr Don Lee 
University of Nottingham 
Rise of populist parties and assessment of representative democracy in Asia

Dr Jasper Montana 
University of Oxford 
Grappling with governance systems: biodiversity in the UK Overseas Territories

Dr Poorna Mysoor 
University of Oxford 
Achieving copyright balance through the structure of tangible property

Dr Jack Palmer 
University of Leeds 
Zygmunt Bauman and the West: exile, culture, dialogue

Dr Alida Payson 
Cardiff University 
Charity shop country: conviviality and survival in austerity Britain

Miss Juliana Pistorius 
University of Huddersfield 
Operatic migrations: coloniality and adaptation in the ‘new’ South Africa

Dr Uma Pradhan 
University of Oxford 
(Re)-constructing the state: rebuilding schools in post-earthquake Nepal

Dr Robert Pralat 
University of Cambridge 
Technologies of desire: a comparative study of IVF and PrEP

Dr Deborah Ralls 
University of Manchester 
Redefining education for a social solidarity urban economy: becoming relational 

Dr Kombola Ramadhani Mussa
Cardiff University 
Language, mobility and identity among the Zigula (Somali Bantu)

Dr Anne-Line Rodriguez 
Queen Mary, University of London 
EU governmentality of migration and the ethics of Islamic reformism in Senegal

Dr Lindsay Sawyer 
University of Sheffield 
Power, authority and land: an intra-city comparison of urban processes in Lagos

Dr Matthew Thompson 
University of Liverpool 
Reimagining the city: new municipalism and the future of economic democracy

Dr Ophélie Véron 
University of Sheffield 
Is the alternative city a just city? 

Dr Sanne Weber 
University of Birmingham 
Gendering reconciliation: local reintegration from an international perspective

Dr William Wheeler 
University of Manchester 
Seeking asylum in the UK: an ethnography of destitute lives ruled by paper

Ms Anahi Wiedenbrug 
University of Oxford 
Banking for the public interest 

Dr Thorsten Wojczewski 
King’s College London 
Populism in Indian and US foreign policy: the politics of representing the people

Dr Sally Shinan Zhu 
University of Glasgow 
Shifting paradigms of material property relations in cyber-sharing-economies

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