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Early Career Fellowship 2017


Dr Joanna Baker
University of Reading
Natural selection from genotypes to phenotypes

Mr Denis Bandurin
University of Manchester
Electron hydrodynamics in graphene, fundamentals and applications

Dr Tom Bishop
University of Liverpool
Stay warm and pass the salt: thermal and chemical constraints on biodiversity

Dr B Helen Burgess
University of St Andrews
Vortex scaling and universality far from equilibrium

Dr Ajay Chandra
University of Warwick
Renormalisation and statistical behaviour of singular stochastic PDE

Dr Franck Courbon
University of Cambridge
Extending and characterising the capability of hardware data-extraction techniques

Dr Kristen Crandell
Bangor University
Sky-diving for dinner: the foraging biology of the pied kingfisher

Dr Volker Deringer
University of Cambridge
In silico design of amorphous functional materials

Mr Michael Dicker
University of Bristol
Autocatalytic fuel systems to power a new generation of machines

Dr Emily Draper
University of Glasgow
Aligning self-assembled materials for wearable electronics

Dr Michele Ducceschi
University of Edinburgh
The acoustics of early and modern double basses: a physics-based investigation

Dr Kirsty Dunn
University of Lancaster
Mapping the origins of early social processing

Dr Kristaps Ermanis
University of Cambridge
Reaction invention and smart catalyst design from computation and experiment

Dr Ines Hahn
University of Manchester
Coordinating microtubule dynamics during neuronal development and ageing

Mr Christopher Halcrow
University of Leeds
Scattering skyrmions – hunting for surprises in the Skyrme model

Dr Thomas Halliday
University of Birmingham
Quantifying bias in fossil evolutionary trees: the origin of placental mammals

Dr Ardern Hulme-Beaman
University of Liverpool
From wolf to dog: reconstructing their role in early human societies

Dr Matthew Jenner
University of Warwick
Mapping protein–protein interactions in modular polyketide synthases

Dr Angeliki Katsenou
University of Bristol
Perceptual video analysis for deep compression

Dr Charlotte Kirchhelle
University of Oxford
From edge to organ: the role of cell geometry in plant morphogenesis

Dr Arunandan Kumar
University of St Andrews
Light engineered matter by strong coupling

Dr Chunyi Li
University of Warwick
Birational geometry, Bogomolov inequalities and Bridgeland stability

Dr Emma Liu
University of Cambridge
Sulphide saturation in mafic magmas: implications for sulphur and metal outgassing

Dr Rair Macedo
University of Glasgow
Advanced magnetic media for next generation THz multifunctional devices

Dr Amlan Kumar Pal
University of St Andrews
Photochemical self-assembly of light harvesting chromophores to form discrete supramolecules

Dr Ubaid Ali Qadri
University of Cambridge
Optimising ignition in unsteady reacting flows

Dr Thomas Ranner
University of Leeds
A numerical analysis and simulation framework for biological locomotion insights

Dr Reuben Rideaux
University of Cambridge
Perceiving in depth: the intersection of minds and machines

Dr Hatef Sadeghi
University of Lancaster
Quantum and phonon interference in molecular-scale thermoelectric materials

Dr Marta Shahbazi Alonso
University of Cambridge
Manipulating stem cell potential: functional impact on the architecture of embryonic and adult epithelial tissues

Dr Sergii Strelchuk
University of Cambridge
Quantum algorithms and entanglement structure for emerging quantum computers

Dr Stineke van Houte
University of Exeter
Roles and consequences of CRISPR-Cas in plasmid–plasmid competition

Dr Ziri Younsi
University College London
New frontiers in black hole physics: polarised scattering radiation transport

Dr Dongda Zhang
University of Cambridge
Algal biorefinery for sustainable biofuels and high-value bioproducts production


Dr Niall Allsopp
University of Exeter
Writing ritual experience in early modern England

Dr Ciaran Arthur
Queen's University Belfast
Obscurity and Textual concealment in early medieval England

Dr Josefine Baark
University of Warwick
Reassessing transcultural techne: miniature mechanised aesthetics, 1730–1830

Dr Hjoerdis Becker-Lindenthal
University of Cambridge
Kierkegaard’s reception of Johannes Tauler. Rheno-Flemish mysticism and its existential reinterpretation

Dr Diana Berruezo-Sánchez
University of Oxford
Revaluating minorities: black slaves’ poetry in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Spain

Dr Kate Boehme
University of Leicester
Princely states in British India: rethinking the economics of empire, 1857–1947

Miss Emma Butcher
University of Leicester
War and the culture of childhood in the nineteenth century

Dr Benjamin Cartlidge
University of Liverpool
The voices of Athenaeus: between quotation culture and cognitive narratology

Dr Emily Cock
Cardiff University
Fragile faces: disfigurement in Britain and its colonies, 1600–1850

Dr Richard Cole
University College London
Bureaucracy and old Norse literature

Dr Andrew Cooper
University College London
The road not taken: Kant and organised systems

Dr Christopher Cotter
University of Edinburgh
A comparative study of unbelief in Northern Ireland and Scotland

Dr Nicholas Stefan Drofiak
University of Warwick
Performing indigenous identities, memory and belonging in the Russian far north

Dr Luca Fenoglio
University of Leicester
'A head for a tooth': violence in fascist Italy's path to a Mediterranean empire

Miss Maria Giulia Genghini
King's College London
Jesuit re-invention of scriptural commentary in the new world (JDUEO)

Dr Calbert Graham
University of Cambridge
Unmasking origin: automated native language identification by L2 speech analysis

Dr Andrew Green
University of Glasgow
Sonic trajectories of censorship in Mexico

Mr Jerome Greenfield
King's College London
The transformation of the French state, 1789–1870

Dr Devyani Gupta
University of Leeds
The domestic and global history of British Indian opium, c.1800–1930

Dr Diarmuid Hester
University of Cambridge
Culture and waste in New York City: ephemera, realia, rejectamenta

Dr Simon Hewitt
University of Leeds
Nothing of consequence? An investigation of a neglected position in logic

Dr Pamela Hunt
University of Oxford
Going out into the world: mobilities in postsocialist Chinese literature

Dr Alexander Hutton
King's College London
In search of provincial England: place and regional identity, 1918–2018

Dr Marko Ilic
University College London
Contemporary art and activism in the post-Yugoslav space

Dr Grazia Ingravalle
Brunel University London
Whose film heritage? Postcolonial perspectives on film archives and museums

Dr Kyle Jasmin
Birkbeck, University of London
Thinking and talking space: abstract auditory concepts in language and the brain

Dr Ceren Kabukcu
University of Liverpool
Before farming: prehistoric plant use in the Taurus-Zagros arc of Southwest Asia

Dr Zubin Kanga
Royal Holloway, University of London
Collaborative strategies in new works exploring musician–technology Interactions

Dr Jonathan Kasstan
Queen Mary, University of London
Universals of grammatical change in language obsolescence

Dr Eugenia Kelbert
University of East Anglia
Translation and cross-lingual stylistic transfer

Dr David Kennerley
Queen Mary, University of London
A sonic history of Chartism: music, sound and politics in Britain, c. 1838–1848

Dr Roisín Laing
Durham University
The savage-child and nineteenth-century evolutionism: an Australian perspective

Dr Yvonne Liao
University of Oxford
Dissonant empires: musical venues in China's treaty ports, 1880s–1940s

Dr Gregory Lippiatt
University of East Anglia
The crusading diaspora: French baronial government in the Mediterranean, 1204–1287

Dr Emma Loftus
University of Cambridge
Coastal origins: earliest human occupation of the shoreline

Dr Hane Maung
University of Manchester
Suicide, disorder, and causal judgements: a philosophical investigation

Dr Innes McCartney
Bournemouth University
Echoes from the deep: modern reflections on our maritime past

Dr Fraser McNair
University of Leeds
The changing authority of kings and bishops: France, c. 900–1100

Dr Nathaniel Miller
University of Cambridge
The poetics of Sunnism: Arabic literary networks in the crusades-era Mediterranean

Dr Benjamin Molineaux Ress
University of Edinburgh
Digital methods in new world language change: words and sounds in older Mapudungun

Dr Michelle Nicholson Sanz
Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
Making waves: assessing contemporary collaborative performances of water

Dr Olena Palko
Birkbeck, University of London
Contested minorities: a transnational history of the Polish-Soviet borderlands, 1918–1939

Ms Olga Petri
University of Cambridge
Beastly St. Petersburg: humans and other animals in imperial Russia

Dr Harriet Phillips
Queen Mary, University of London
Common knowledge: inventing popular culture in early modern England

Dr Naomi Pullin
University of Cambridge
Female foes: conflict, dispute and identity in the early modern British Atlantic

Dr Camilla Røstvik
University of St Andrews
‘The painters are in’ – The art history of menstruation since 1950

Dr Neal Shasore
University of Liverpool
Civic centre: architecture and the municipal project in Britain, 1919–1979

Dr Claudia Soares
Queen Mary, University of London
An emotional history of institutional childcare in Britain, Australia and Canada

Dr Heidi Stoner
Durham University
Sculpture in the early medieval Irish Sea, c. 800–1000: interlacing traditions

Dr Lizzie Swarbrick
University of Edinburgh
The art and architecture of Roslin church

Dr Helena Taylor
University of Exeter
Savantes and salonnières: women and classics in early modern France

Dr Laura Tisdall
Queen Mary, University of London
Adolescents’ conceptions of adulthood in Britain, c. 1950–present day

Dr Mara van der Lugt
University of St Andrews
The theodicean turn: pessimism and the problem of evil in the early enlightenment

Dr Romans Vaters
University of Cambridge
Nationalist anti-Zionism in Israel: the making of a dissident ideology

Dr James West
Northumbria University
Black media architecture: race, journalism and the built environment in Chicago

Dr Thomas White
University of Oxford
Written in trees: horticulture and applied philosophy in the late middle ages

Dr Sean Willcock
Birkbeck, University of London
Aesthetics in extremis: the rise of Victorian violence

Social Sciences

Dr Joanna Allan
Durham University
Powering conflict and resistance: experiences and representations of energy

Mr Grigori Asmolov
King's College London
Participatory warfare: the role of ICTs in modern conflicts

Dr Samuel Burgum
University of Sheffield
Re-taking the alpha territory: squatting and London’s housing crisis

Dr Sydney Calkin
Durham University
Abortion access beyond the nation-state: changing geographies of reproduction

Dr Eray Cayli
London School of Economics and Political Science
Catastrophe, urban renewal, and architectural activism in contemporary Turkey

Ms Spela Drnovsek Zorko
University of Warwick
Toward a diasporic postsocialism: race, migration, and genealogies of encounter

Mr Casper Laing Ebbensgaard
Queen Mary, University of London
Luminous verticality: the changing geographies of East London at night

Dr Elizaveta Fouksman
University of Oxford
Moral logics of labour, income and (re)distribution: a southern African case

Dr Morteza Hashemi
University of Edinburgh
Integration through blood donation: post-secular implications of British Shia immigrants’ civic engagement

Dr Rachel Humphris
University of Birmingham
Welcoming cities: understanding sanctuary in securitised states

Ms Saba Hussain
University of Warwick
(Re)constructions of teacher identities under the counter-terrorism agenda: a governmentality perspective

Dr Gillian Kennedy
King's College London
New diaspora networks? Changing patterns of political engagement among Egyptians

Dr Nikolas Kirby
University of Oxford
Trust, distrust and the legitimacy of government

Dr Eszter Kovacs
University of Cambridge
Contesting the marginality of rural areas: the future of land in Eastern Europe

Dr Scott Lavery
University of Sheffield
Capitalising on the European crisis: new geographies of economic power in the EU

Dr Sabina Lawreniuk
Royal Holloway, University of London
Moral geographies of work and activism in Cambodian garment supply chains

Dr Georg Löfflmann
University of Warwick
The enemy inside the gates: anti-elite hostility and the political agency of the ‘everyday’ in Europe and the USA

Dr Elisa Lopez Lucia
University of Portsmouth
The politics of knowledge: security politics and the 'remaking' of West Africa

Dr C Laura Lovin
University of Strathclyde
Rethinking education: young migrants, citizenship, and inclusive communities

Dr Edyta Materka
Queen Mary, University of London
Peasant struggles in the age of disaster capitalism

Dr Marco Meyer
University of York
Where credit is due: the credit system from the perspective of global justice

Dr Elizabeth Morrow
King's College London
Brexit and voice: the impact of the referendum on right-wing activism

Dr Burcu Ozcelik
University of Cambridge
Resurgence or resilience? Religious nationalism, democracy and violence

Dr Robtel Neajai Pailey
University of Oxford
The socio-economic development implications of race-based citizenship in Liberia

Dr Jon Schubert
Brunel University London
The afterlives of oil-backed infrastructures in an Angolan port city

Dr Miranda Sheild Johansson
University College London
Becoming a tax payer: fiscal expansion and economic subjectivities in Bolivia

Dr Maurice Stierl
University of Warwick
The EU’s contested forms of border governance in the Mediterranean Sea

Dr Thomas Swann
Loughborough University
Participatory constitutions: intercultural communication and political consensus

Dr Lisa Tilley
Queen Mary, University of London
Race, intimacy, and extraction on an internal frontier

Ms Susanne Verheul
University of Oxford
Performing professionalism: law, order, and repression within state institutions

Dr Gabrielle Watson
University of Oxford
Keywords: criminal justice discourse and institutional performance

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