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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Information for applicants and grant holders. The Trust will continue to review our policies and will update this page when we have new information.

If you are applying for a Grant, Award or Fellowship

  • All our funding schemes and calls remain open for applications. Generally, application, shortlisting and decision dates will not change but if they do, changes will be notified on the Home page of the website, the relevant scheme page and via the Trust’s Twitter account @LeverhulmeTrust

If you hold a Trust Grant, Award or Fellowship

If you have paid costs for an event, fieldwork or travel which has been cancelled, and these costs cannot be reimbursed or claimed for under insurance, you can claim these against your grant.

If you will need to rebook an event, fieldwork or travel at a later date, then these costs can be charged to your grant. In the first instance we would expect these costs to be managed within the existing budget.

We will generally allow requests to extend your grant if you do not need additional costs, but we do ask that you apply only when you are certain of the length of extension required.

You can also opt to delay the start of a new award or suspend a current award, if this would be a better option to manage your research.

We do however, require you to email grants@leverhulme.ac.uk and request any of the changes listed above.

If you require a costed extension to your Trust Grant, Award or Fellowship

The Trust Board have agreed a contingency fund to provide costed extensions, where required, for grant holders impacted by COVID-19. We expect to be processing applications to the fund for some years, as this is a long-term issue and one that impacts schemes and disciplines in different ways. However, we do not want to process multiple applications for the same award so we ask grant holders to apply only when they are in the final six months of their award and are therefore certain of the support they require. The only exception to this is where there is a risk of losing staff because contracts cannot be extended, or posts cannot be advertised, without confirmed extensions and funding in place.

To apply for a costed extension please contact us on grants@leverhulme.ac.uk and we will advise you of the process to follow. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Please note:
We do expect grant holders to have explored making savings and managing their budget by using unspent funds before applying for a costed extension. While there is a high degree of flexibility in how funds can be used in Trust awards, changes to your budget should still be approved by us. Please email grants@leverhulme.ac.uk to request these changes.

Applications for second costed extensions will not generally be supported, although consideration will be given to ensuring doctoral students are able to complete their studies. Further no-cost extensions (at the end of the costed extension period) may be considered. Grant holders should contact the appropriate Grant Manager to discuss their case in the first instance.

If you hold an Academy Award

You may apply to the Trust for a costed extension if you hold a British Academy, Royal Society or Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship or an APEX Award that is funded by the Leverhulme Trust AND the delivery of your research has been compromised by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Applications for a costed extension of up to 3 months, or exceptionally up to 6 months where your research has been significantly affected, will be considered. Please email grants@leverhulme.ac.uk marked FAO Academy Awards, copying in the relevant Academy contact for your award, and we will then advise you of the process to follow. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Applications for no-cost extensions will continue to be considered by the relevant Academy.

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